Monday, June 17, 2013

A Morning Rose Walk in The Humble Bungalow Garden

June is Rose month here in our Humble Bungalow Garden...
their blooms and scent fill me with JOY!

This gorgeous rose whose name escapes me is growing on a trellis beside the front door.

Joesph's Coat is by the back door

sweet and prolific bloomer
this rose does not cut well as it wilts within a day of picking...
pretty in place and the bees happily buzz about and have a picnic party...

White iceberg climber
on a trellis in the back garden.
I think every rose grower needs a reliable white rose.
I have a newly planted white rose which I am eager to see get established
because it is a David Austin rose with many many petals and a heady scent.

Graham Thomas a stalwart among roses
David Austin again and those petals are gorgeous...
not to mention the scent!

Gertrude Jekyll
another reliable David Austin...
watch out for her thorns as her stems are very prickly
wear your rose warrior gloves when trimming this specimen or you will get scratched!

Constance Spry
the rose on the front pergola as you enter our Humble Bungalow
she is putting on quite a show right now.

I hope that your week is filled with joy...
perhaps if you are feeling blue a posy of roses might be just the thing to perk you up.

I love roses...
oh and have you seen the peonies that are in bloom?

What's not to love about these frothy cups of beauty?

I have a Father's Day brunch post planned and some more scarf thoughts on the way soon
stay tuned...


  1. Beautiful! I *just* posted a picture of a peony this morning :) xx

  2. Wow, what roses, what a garden.

  3. So much color! What a lovely array of roses you have. And I love those peonies. One of my favorite flowers!

  4. You could call yourself Mrs. Rose from hereon.
    I am amazed about all the roses, not to forget all the other plants in your garden.
    A charming post!

  5. If you have room for another white climbing rose, the best one I know is 'White Cap'. Fragrant, floriferous, disease resistant, moderate grower ... it's practically perfect!

    I love that you have Constance Spry by your door. It's such a great rose!

  6. I can smell the heady scent from here,stunning photos.

  7. I love your roses. We have too much shade to grow them, but I can dream.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful roses. I love your color variety. I didn't know there could be such a vast difference in how long roses can last after cutting. I have one bush I should never cut at all.

  9. More sumptuous roses than I thought possible in one smallish garden. Sublime! Then, you snuck in the peonies... sigh.

  10. Your roses are so beautiful and les pivoines magnifiques. June is the month of lush, full-blown beauty. Just walking in the neighbourhood can bring so much joy. Are you looking forward to your retirement? You will miss students and staffrooms. I have never visited my old school since retirement but I see some former colleagues as friends. I was a stay-at-home mum before a teacher so retirement has not been such an adjustment. I hope that you enjoy your last days at school.

  11. Your garden is so delightful - a beautiful place to take a stroll. Lovely, lovely roses. And the peony! le sigh.

  12. What beautiful roses. I know they bring you joy.

    We have a few knockout roses (red and yellow) at our farm. I enjoy them also.

    Thinking of you on the occasion of your upcoming retirement!

  13. My son bought me my first David Austin rose for Mother's day- Brother Cadfael. Medium pink with a lovely fragrance. I am hoping to watch some of the Masteriece theatre shows of Brother Cadfael. I hear they are excellent. xox wendy from white rock

    1. What a fabulous gift!
      I must look that rose up online as I am not familiar with it.

  14. Do tell me of white roses! My iceberg and Pope John roses are great. My David Austins are more finicky!

    1. I find that David Austin roses are easy to keep happy. They do need lots of sunshine.
      We have poor clay soil and must fortify it regularly...all roses are thristy and love a banana peel or two at their feet. I am serious! They love them and I have it on good authority that they love rabbit food pellets... but we have raccoons and squirrels about not to mention the occassional rat so I do feed mine. I do sprinkle epsom salts once a month in the blooming season at the roots and water well...
      enjoy your blooms!