Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hermes ~ the ultimate accessory

Accessories make the basic wardrobe POP!
You can own a few basics and add a few scarves or belts and shoes and you have more than a dozen outfits.

I do love pearls...they are luxe and I own more than a few strands.
Wear then in multitudes if you have them..

The best bang for your buck is a scarf...
vintage, new, designer brand or the ultimate....

For my money it is THE scarf to buy.
Wear it often, change up the tie.

choose a great colour palette
 a pattern that speaks to you
one that ignites passion

look at the features and fold accordingly

point to point

repeat the fold

and again

tie a knot

wrap around your neck
knot in front
ends go through each side
pull tight


longer double knot in front
loose ends

on the side

looks so casual and uncontrived...

if it looks too fussy
it is


Play with your scarves and you will get comfortable
I stand in front of the mirror and look to see that the tie matches the theme of the outfit and that it feels right.

Wear your scarves often
they do nothing languishing in a drawer or an orange box!
Tie one on a tote
drape one under the collar of a jacket
wear one with a swimsuit
( take it off before diving in!)
Wear two at a time
just wear them
if they are Hermes  ~ they cost you a small fortune
(if you earn a conservative salary like me)

With the weather getting warmer
I think I 'll be wrapping my Hermes around the brim of my straw hat....

There was a retirement event this evening
Thank you to all who attended
I have so much to be grateful for...

I was more than humbled tonight...
tears fell

I am sure there will be more in the days to follow.

~ ~ ~


  1. I just use the cowboy knot. Keeps the neck warm and so easy to do. People sometimes say its too casual a knot but I always say the scarves are for every occasion!

  2. I got rid of mine, bar one, which does indeed languish in the drawer!

  3. Admire the way you use/enjoy your scarves.The H's I did have are long gone.....maybe I should have kept one to tie around a Summer straw hat!

  4. I am fast becoming addicted to the Hermes scarf. Finally I understand the allure and how a beautiful piece of silk can transform any outfit.
    Your evening sounded lovely Hostess

  5. You are looking very trim. Can relate to the comment about colleague noticing your WW results. Congrats!! Have to get my head around losing a bit too for daughters wedding in 6 mths. A home wedding in the garden. Hope my roses put on a great show like your. Share your passion for gardening, scarves, grandchildren and am a teacher too. Enjoy your retirement festivities. Tonkath

    1. You've got a wonderful event to motivate you and just think of how much fun you'll have wearing a new dress. I love garden weddings...

  6. Hostess, you are evidently a fan! I wear mine less than ever, bothered by the weight. Will probably sell many.

  7. Oh you know I could never resist a post like this! Love that pattern on the H scarf! And I am with you, Hermes is worth the money, they are so gorgeous, well-made and (to me) automatic heirlooms. I splurged on my first 90cm last fall before my shopping ban and it still makes my heart stop when I see all the colors (Laboratoire du Temps in the blue/purple/turquoise colorway). XO, Jill

    1. Great that you splurged before the shopping ban...
      I feel the colourful Hermes are a great pick me up on a grey day too.

  8. Though I am not thrilled by Hermes scarves ( preferring warm shawls ), I´m happy that you find joy owning and wearing your´s.
    You wrote about the retirement event - your´s? So does this mean that you are now officially on retirement?
    If so, I wish you many happy days in the future. Enjoy : )!

    1. I have a few more workdays mette...and then it will be official!
      Thank you...

  9. Like Jill, I am in love with my Hermes scarves. They are true pieces of art and make a statement whenever they are worn. Right now, I "only" have three of them, but plan for more. Yes, they are a splurge, but they are not throwaway fashion.

    I have almost every scarf I've ever owned. I've found that I can have fewer and simpler scarves if I use scarves as accents.

  10. Thank you for your years of work, Hostess. I have a close relative on the spectrum. I know how important even one kind and supportive teacher can be, and by the thoughtfulness you demonstrate in your blogging, I am certain you have been that teacher during your career. Happy retirement.

  11. You are preaching to the choir. I'm a collector but for various reasons when I moved to Mexico I had to go close to two years with my beautiful foulards languishing in storage and only three (Proues, Le Bois de Bologne that has seen many, many better days, and a plisse Nuées Imaginaires I bought as my farewell to the United States) to tide me over, and I'm not even all that fond of the first two.

    So if you had to go two years with only three scarves, which would make your desert island list?