Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Tigara" ~ An Enchanting Garden

I would like to introduce you to a gorgeous garden.
This estate is located a stone's throw from the ocean in a tony area of Victoria.
It's location and the vast plot of land make for a stunning impression.
The arts and crafts home has been carefully restored and is imaculately maintained.

I want to focus on the garden which is constanty evolving the way most gardens the owners find new and exotic plants and refine the beds and borders. This garden is on the path of a herd of deer and has a resident bunny.
Lots of plants provide food for these creatures but with lush and dense plantings the casual observer rarely notices.
(the owners do!)

I hope that you enjoy these images...
can you imagine how much work this garden takes to keep it looking so pristine?
I know the owners well and they devote hundreds of hours tending to it...
a labour of love!

The front porch
and entryway
(designed by Mr. HB)

pergola with a climbing rose

look at the wicker furniture
~ ~ ~
perfect for relaxing and reading 
or just sitting and listening to the hum of the bees
as they buzz by 

the rose provides some dappled shade

taken from the upper window looking down on the rose

lush plantings

the granite masonry makes such a grand statement
I love the bulk of the stonework

rhodo's are favoured in this garden
and there are many varieties
some are over 20 feet tall!

pots with flowers spilling forth
found in many parts of the garden
add colour and interest

deer fencing surrounds an area where some plants are protected
rose growers do not appreciate deer nibbling all the blooms!

looking toward the ocean
lush green lawns
to the left a pond 
with carp and some goldfish
hiding among the lily pads and water Iris
those are the lucky ones that have not been eaten by the Great Blue Herons!

the garage

patio beside the garage
a hot spot that retains the heat
it has a very Mediterranean feel

a clever placement of a mirror
and some pretty flowers

more potted plants perk up the grey gravel drive
edged with granite

I got my finger in this picture!
the heritage tea house
covered with the rambler Kiftsgate 
which is just about to burst into full flower
weddings and parties have been held here.

the croquet lawn
has also been the setting for Marquis tents
last year's wedding 
the lawn was entirely covered by tents!

There are lots of opportunities to sit
 and admire the different parts of the garden

with a garden this vast one does need to sit
once in awhile and think 
even if it is to grab a mug of tea and a sandwich to fuel the body
so as to tackle the next task!

Have you enjoyed this visit to Tigara?

I hope that you will take the time to comment 
as I know the owners will be reading this blog and I am sure they would welcome your thoughts

Thank you S & P!


  1. Oh, it's divine! What a lovely setting, and thank you for taking us on a tour. I'd love to sit in any or all of those areas of the garden and just admire the views.

  2. beautiful leslie! and that kiftsgate rose! that is one of the gardens i visited while in england. i bet it is spectacular in person.

  3. What a lovely home. Love all the beautiful views in so many directions. It shows a labor of love.

  4. Just beautiful. That ocean vista across the lawn! And the rambler rose... Your friends have done a wonderful job.

  5. Enchanting and inviting. Take a bow.


  6. Very beautiful, the tea house is my favourite, that rose is stunning.

  7. My favorite spot is the view to the ocean : ) !

  8. Mr. HB did a great job on the entrance, and I always love a pergola, especially covered in blooming roses!

  9. It's a beautiful garden. I admire people who can see the possibilities...not just what is in front of them.

  10. I love the garden - what a beauty. The pergola is perfect and I can only imagine how beautiful the scent must be covered in roses like it is. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos.

  11. Very lovely! I have such respect for those who tend a garden as large (and beautiful) as this one.

    If not for (fear of) snakes, I would do more tending of our perennial gardens at our farm. I can't weed them unless my husband is there to assure me that no snakes are lurking (copperheads).

    Thank you for sharing these photos.

  12. I would love to sit and look out toward the water in that one photo. So beautiful. Yes it would make a lovely setting for a wedding or party. Mr. HB also designed a wonderful entrance.

  13. I would love to sit and look out toward the water in that one photo. So beautiful. Yes it would make a lovely setting for a wedding or party. Mr. HB also designed a wonderful entrance.

  14. Oh, my goodness it is luscious! So beautiful and inviting. Done on a very human scale. Love it.

  15. This is utterly beautiful. I want to live there! Thank you so much for sharing these photos.

    Tigara was the original name of the Inupiaq Eskimo settlement of Point Hope, Alaska, high above the Arctic Circle facing the Chukchi Sea. It's intriguing that the name should have found its way from such a chilly and austere spot to these abundant green gardens.

    1. My friend S told me that the second owner was Rev. Peter Trimble Rowe the first Epsicopal Minister to Alaska.

    2. Sorry to be so late responding to your kind reply; life just got away from me! Peter Trimble Rowe was not the first Episcopal minister to Alaska (others preceded him) but he was the first Episcopal Bishop of Alaska. That explains the name Tigara, I think. Thanks so much for this bit of information, and I hope you get to read this.

      Anna (Anonymous was the only possible choice from the menu; I don't mean to lurk!)

    3. Thanks Anna! I'd love for you to send me an email as to how you know so much about the subject. Perhaps you are related to the Bishop Rowe? My BFF was wondering about your knowledge as well. So please send me a message at

  16. Stunning, yet as Sandra said, accessible. Tiagra is something special.cThank you for the visit!

  17. Clever the way the eye is drawn towards the ocean,of course I want to play croquet on the lawn.

  18. A world unto itself. And beautifully, carefully tended. Thank you for sharing this.

  19. Hi there, I came across this site as I was searching for a wedding venue in Victoria. Do you have contact information and is this a space that can be rented for weddings? Thanks so much!

    1. You need to be family or friends of the owners to have a wedding here...
      there are many wonderful spots in Victoria in which to celebrate a wedding. I would suggest Abkhazi Gardens, Royal Roads, The Old England Inn if you want a beautiful garden venue.
      Please feel free to email me if you want to chat more about this as my daughter has a local wedding planner as one of her best friends.