Friday, June 14, 2013

Just desserts...

Have you ever heard of the two bite brownie?
There is a bag of brownies sold at our local market that are wee...they are called two bite brownies and seriously they can be popped in your mouth quite easily...but I have not tasted a morsel for months!

there was a dinner party at a local eatery
put on by my colleagues to celebrate my retirement at the end of this month
and after dinner a beautiful looking dessert arrived...

I am calling this the two bite brownie
as I only took two small bites!
You can see that I had the waitress bring us all spoons so that we could share...
This brownie packed a punch of flavour and I am happy that I only had two bites
it was enough to satisfy!

For dinner I opted for the grilled chicken breast on asian style greens and a glass of white wine.

I walked from The Humble Bungalow to the restaurant.

I did not walk very fast though as I was wearing my Swarovski crystal encrusted flip flops!

I walked past this great garden
the owners have planted a vegetable garden in their front yard.
I love the pergola feature where they might choose to sit and perhaps sip a cup of tea or a glass of bubbly.

Have your self a fabulous weekend!
Stop and smell the roses...
they are perfection at this time of year.


  1. You are on your way! A taste of a dessert is enough and your walk to the restaurant more than compensated for your small indulgence. Actually, for me a small indulgence is often a big treat! How did you walk that far in flip-flops? I wore a pair of lovely turquoise shoes for the first time yesterday and blistered my heel. Walking is enjoyable when you look at other people's gardens and your feet don't hurt. Keep going!

  2. A gold star for your self discipline + the walk.Enjoy your weekend.

  3. What beautiful roses! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. What a fun post...a bit of everything. I love the garden and the brownie looks delicious! What a great start to the weekend.

  5. Good for you for your self-discipline!
    I could live on desserts ( did I actually write that ), some coffee and fruit. Please don´t tell ( ;

  6. Sharing desserts is the way to go. Most of the time I find I'm satisfied with just a bite or two, as long as I have an espresso or coffee to sip while everyone nibbles. I'm so envious of that fabulous pergola/vegetable garden, and of your lovely bouquet.

  7. I'm loving all the roses everywhere! I find if I have a small taste of chocolate, I need more and more. If I never touch it, I can resist. It's horrible. A real addiction.
    Have a lovely, sunny weekend.

  8. Well done! And many congratulations on your upcoming retirement!!

  9. Lovely garden! Congratulations on your retirement, just another two weeks to go!

  10. What aps is that you are using for the walks? I would really love to know. I think two bites were more than enough to appreciate the dessert and not fall into a sugary coma. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

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