Friday, June 7, 2013

The Humble Bungalow Roses and a teary farewell...

It's a wet Friday here in our neighbourhood and I grabbed my camera and popped outside to take a few snapshots.
Our garden has oodles of gorgeous roses and their fragrance wafts about mixing the scents of the various varieties...
Jude The Obscure, Constance Spry, Gertrude Jekyll and McCartney are a few in the front of the house...
heady and intoxicating and not at all dampened by a little moisture from above.

Gertrude Jekyll a David Austin rose

Constance Spry a heavily scented vigorous climber.

Hosta and Lady's Mantle
spattered with droplets of rain.

Rainy giant leaf of Hosta Sum and Substance.

The Calla Lilies are damp too...

My eyes have been moist with bittersweet tears this week
as we sold our beloved Chris Craft Constellation...
after almost 20 years of cruising and wonderful family holidays we decided that it was time to move on.

This picture of roses that I painted years ago used to hang in our main salon of the boat now hangs downstairs adjacent to the laundry room.

Our cozy salon where we spent many happy hours.

Summer roses were invited aboard.

Our lives have been richer because of our boating experience...

although it is sad to see her go
it opens up opportunities for different kinds of holidays
travel to ports farther than she could take us...

New York
perhaps the UK 
 there's always Paris!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. They say the happiest days for a boat owner, is the day they buy, and the day they sell. It sounds like that's not so for you. What a beautiful boat! I loved your posts from the sea! Ah well, I look forward to your ones from Paris!!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Oh how contradictory feelings you must have had the passed week.
    But, you made a wise decision and so great that your boat found a new owner so fast.
    You have the lovely memories of the boat for keeps, and now - as you wrote - a chance to do other things = Paris!

  3. Hi Hostess, sorry to see you so sad at letting your beloved boat go, but you must have so many precious memories. Time for another family to make memories of their own - how wonderful to think of all the fun that boat has seen and will see in the future!

  4. I can imagine you have enjoyed many days and nights with her. She is a beauty! Your future travels can be fun and adventurous too. You can go further and get there faster, which gives more time to stay and enjoy.

  5. It must indeed be bittersweet to part with such a beautiful boat. But as you've said...more freedom now to travel far and wide!

  6. Having grown up on the Great Lakes I know what a joy and how much work a boat is. Congratulations to both of you for the courage to venture out into a whole new world of travel, taking such beautiful memories with you.

  7. Change is so hard, even when you want it. I know that you will have lots of fabulous other types of adventures. And, you will always have wonderful memories of your time with sailing.

  8. Beautiful photos!
    Cherish the old but make new memories!

  9. You must have had lovely adventures cruising the coast. With your retirement, you will have lots of opportunity for new adventures.

  10. I've loved reading your posts about it, I get emotional when I get rid of a car so I know how you feel, I see all the memories wrapped up within it just dissipate into the ether.

  11. Hi, I am new here. I was fascinated by the wonderful roses and sorry for the melancholy owed to the changes in your life...

  12. I totally understand. I miss our boat terribly at times, and I'm also glad it's gone.

  13. Dear Leslie, Sometimes it is very hard making grown up choices. I would have cried buckets too. However, how lovely too the prospects of holidays further afield. Australia? Your roses are gorgeous! There is a lovely rose garden next to our old Parliament House — you have just given me the idea to take the family there and sniff all those fabulous old fashioned rise perfumes. love Lindaxxx

  14. Life is in constance flux of change,some down right horrid others bitter sweet like yours....grieve,with time
    I find you are always left with delightful memories.

    David Austin's beautiful gardens/nursery + the restaurant await your visit to the UK!!

  15. Sad to say goodbye to what has been a focus for so many happy holidays.However, there are so many places to go and see and you will have the time to plan and execute some serious travel to places in the world. If you come to the UK you must visit David Austin near me as you speak so often of their glorious roses!

    Best Wishes.