Monday, June 3, 2013

OOTD ~ Costco and cleaning the clutter.

Costco is about a 25 minute drive from The Humble Bungalow.
I make the trek several times a year.

I usually shop close to home but there are bargains to be found at Costco and I am keen to save money...and with retirement on the radar and a pension income I am trying to embrace thrift!
One step at a time...

You can see that I am still wearing my old clothes despite the weight loss
Mother thought my face looked thinner?
I am wearing scruffy Vera Wang Boyfriend Jeans
I love the word scruffy...
I think if I had a rag a muffin dog his name would be Scruffy!

I am barefoot in the picture 
fear not I did put on some walking shoes before I left the house.

I wore this pendant
the top and bottom diamonds are those from my 10th anniversary stud earrings
the rest of the diamonds are from an old ring.
I have very few necklaces other than pearls
of which I may be guilty of owning too many strands...

The summer gold has surfaced
these were a gift from Mr. HB years ago...
I still love wearing them.

I came home with oodles of fresh organic produce
treats for the staff at my school as I am on duty this week
some black capris in a smaller size to get me through June
and a light weight walking jacket.
I was hoping for some hanging baskets 
but sadly they were picked over and what was left looked like the dog's breakfast!

I've been cleaning and culling...
I know it's not glamourous but a necessity.
The CBC has been keeping me company.
I do this every Spring when I do a deep cleaning of The Humble Bungalow
I dust shelves and books
open and empty out drawers
look at what we have
decide if we will need or use it 
 recycle or donate to the charity shop what is in excess.
Two bags gone so far.
~ ~ ~

I realized that our every day drinking glasses were mismatched and scratched.
Rather ugly in fact, and old as the hills ~ but not in a vintage collectible kind of way...

I seized the opportunity to pop over to my favourite gift shop 

You must go and see for yourself 
this shop is fabulous!
Honestly I would never steer you in the wrong direction...
tell them The Hostess sent you.

 I found a dozen lovely French glasses made by a company that has been in business for over 500 years!
They are durable and nice to hold
I like the wee bees that adorn these simple vessels.

La Rochere makes a variety of designs
all sturdy and attractive and very French!

This is on my bedside waiting...

The sun is shining here in our neighbourhood
 I can already hear the hum of a lawnmower...

Hope that you enjoy your week.


  1. A big congratulations on your weight loss! That's impressive. My Costco schedule is similar to yours - just a few times a year but my partner, John, goes more frequently as he's got more time (being the retired one in our house).

    1. Welcome Janet!
      I hope that you will stop by you blog? I see that you live in sunny must be lovely at this time of year.

    2. I don't blog, but I love reading yours. This is the first time I've posted, but I wanted to encourage you with your weight loss. WW worked really well for me a few years ago and I got to my goal weight in a few months. I have no doubt that you will too now that you are seeing some good results.

      Weather's been mixed here on the coast, but I love the cooler climate.

  2. Love your new bee glasses! De-cluttering is a favourite task of mine and I'm planning on doing some this week.
    You are looking so well and I love your jewelry too.

    1. I spent a couple of hours attacking the dining room drawers and buffet today and a HUGE bag has been filled for the charity shop! I am tired and it feels good to sit down...
      my thoughts are strike while the iron is hot!
      De clutter de clutter...hi ho hi ho....

  3. You look wonderful! I used to have a set of those bee glasses but they got lost somewhere in a move. I'm de cluttering my wardrobe a bit and need to attack some cupboards too. Have a great week.

    1. Oh let's meet up this summer and I will introduce you to The Bungalow shop! You could replace your bee glasses in the wink of an eye!

  4. You look so cute! Love both the glasses and your sweather. Happy Day.

  5. I have those glasses, too. They go with my bees; excellent for water, ice tea,wine. Congrats on the new pants size.

    1. Do you have the stemmed Bee glasses for wine?
      I looked at them and thought I already have Riedel wine glasses and our wedding crystal...
      do I really NEED them?

  6. I have those same French glasses with the bees. Did you know that they have bee hives in Paris parks? Your face does look thinner in today's picture. With your "old" clothes and your curly coif, you look gamine.

    1. They have bee hives on the rooftops downtown here in Victoria and specifically at The Fairmont Empress!
      We really need to get on board with more hives in parks because of the colony collapse a few years just makes sense.

  7. I LOVE the bee glasses. I have eyed them for years. You would be surprised how many different sizes, vessels there are in this pattern.

    We use (and have for years) the Working Glass from Crate and Barrel. The large size holds a lot (I love iced tea) and the smaller size is handy for a sip of water or juice. AND, they have snap on lids that fit them for storage. I've even used them as containers for gifts--they hold a whole recipe of homemade cranberry sauce, and, since they are very inexpensive, they can go as part of the gift.

    Like you, we are cleaning out cupboards and closet and trying to assess what we really need to keep. I'm even giving a persian rug runner to my daughter in law and son today. I always preface my offers with--only take this if you really want it and like it--my feelings will not be hurt. Of course I'm pleased that the rug is going to be enjoyed and used by family.

  8. You look fabulous, Hostess.

    SSG xxx

  9. OK, love the mangos at Costco.

    Also loved The French Gardener. You're in for a treat. You are inspiring me with weight loss and new glasses. I wish I were as organized to attack the drawers. I find it hard to get it all together.


  10. I love those bee glasses. And would you believe I visited Bungalow for the first time ever last week and saw them there?
    I enjoyed reading The French Gardener. You are inspiring me to do a clean out of my cupboards and shelves, too. Perhaps once school is finished.

  11. Hostess I love your Vera Wang Boyfriend jeans, you look so casually chic! The bee glasses are adorable too!

  12. Oh, now that school is out I too need to do a good clean out. It always feels so good. Love the sweet glasses. Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  13. Oh, the glasses with the bee are so charming. Isn't the produce at Costco wonderful?

  14. Congrats on your weight loss! I am starting today. Do you find you tend to eat the same foods on the plan? It just takes time to figure out the total point value of each food. Let me know any special foods that have been working for you. You look great and sound wonderful ,more energy is a great feeling! Love the bee glasses ,they look strong. What sizes and shapes did you purchase. Have a great day and sorry for all the questions,you inspire me!

  15. Oh, I have the same bee glasses! I like that they are open stock and easy to replace, though they are super durable. Mme. La-bas, I've visited the hives in Parc Georges-Brassens in Paris; in the fall they host a honey festival and sell their products.

  16. Great glasses and congrats on the weight loss! I love the scruffy jeans look. I read that you are trying Weight Watchers, you have inspired me to give them a go!