Sunday, June 9, 2013

OOTD ~ Hermes Scarf

My favourite Hermes scarf is black and white...
it might seem rather unfair loving one Hermes more than the rest but this one gets way more wear.
It goes with most everything in my wardrobe and is so easy to tie.

We took Mother out for a casual dinner Friday evening as it was her 86th birthday.

The weather was warm and sunny and the venue was right above the harbour on the windowside overlooking the docks...where Athena a 295 foot sailing vessel was moored.

I am shuddering a bit looking at my hair...
it is a week away from a trim and it desperately needs one!

New capri pants from Costco in a smaller size (!) by Dahlia
black jersey Tee by Carilyn Vaile
Clarks sandals
Hermes vintage series silk square

Simply tied in a square knot twice.

Easy peasy...

as requested I will be focusing on how I wear my scarves over the next little while...
 there will be garden posts too
as the roses are putting on a wonderful display and their beauty cannot be ignored.

How is your weekend?

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as sadly Google Reader will be gone in a few short weeks!


  1. So glad that you will be focusing on scarves and roses- two of my favorite subjects. A quiet weekend is on the agenda with very few must do's. Sometimes we just need a break.

  2. Scarves and roses, both get my vote! You're looking quite trim, hostess. That sailing ship Athena is a real beauty!

  3. Just finally got with the program and started using a blog reader (blgolovin'). So I'll be able to keep up with your blogs. Scarves and roses - sounds good to me. Love this little Hermes scarf.

  4. You are looking wonderful!! Love to see what you do with your scarves. I'm always eager for inventive ways to tie them!

  5. You look très chic. I am always looking for new ways with scarves so I am looking forward to your future blogs.

  6. I love your scarf! Black and white will always be a good looking classic. I wear one daily to keep my neck warm at work, and my rule for a scarf is, it has to work with a black and white wardrobe.

  7. You wear your scarves with such a delightful nonchalance.

  8. Congratulations on the smaller size. I often find Dahlia clothing at Winners...their trousers seem especially made to fit a post menopausal body...a little thicker in the waist and flatter in the bottom. I find they wash and wear well (the trousers, that is).