Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Linen scarf ~ a summer weight accessory

I love linen...
What is it about the fabric that speaks to me? Rather it shouts to me "Hostess!"
I love it for dish cloths, slip covers and pillows as well.

Currently I do not own any linen garments and am on the hunt for a dress to wear this summer.

A few years ago I owned a few really baggy billowy tops and a pair of wide legged trousers.
I am trying to get away from too much volume in my clothes these days.

You may recall that I recently purchased a white and black linen long scarf. The texture is an irregular weave and the scarf has not been laundered yet so it is very crisp ~ almost stiff.
I may hand wash this sooner rather than later as I can see that it may irritate my neck in the heat.

I'll be using Aveda Shampure to gently wash it and then hang to dry...ironing will be necessary but not on a regular basis ~ just after laundering.

The easiest way to wear a long scarf is wrap it around your neck
ends towards the back and bring them back to the front looping them through and letting the ends hang down.

Not being crazy about symmetry I like to have one end shorter than the other.
You can see how crisp this is as it stands up strongly rather than flowing softly.

This scarf was half price when I purchased it new and still it was a wee shock to my wallet...
nowhere near as dear as Hermes but up there with the Tilo one that I bought before Christmas.

Climbing Royal Sunset Rose
the perfect shade of apricot
which reminds me of orange sherbet
and our darling Isla!

Our two resident felines really miss us when we go out.
They are great company for each other though!

Our roof and gutter projects are finished and Mr. HB is working on the deck repairs...
he is building new railings in his spare time so I don't imagine our deck will be completed until mid summer.

 The Humble Bungalow Garden keeps me busy and out of mischief
of course there is an absolutely adorable 3 year old 
a red headed little Miss who loves to play and have tea parties!
All she needs to do is ask and Grammy will come ~ a~ running!

On the agenda this week...
a pedicure and a hair cut.

What have you got on your do list this week?
Hope things are ticking along nicely in your neck of the woods.


  1. With your black and white wardrobe, you must get a lot of wear with this scarf so it is worth the investment. I love the apricot coloured rose. I am getting my area rugs taken away for cleaning so I am doing the detailing work (washing ornaments, cleaning silver and blinds). Hair, eyebrows, pedicures...such is the life of the retired teacher!

    1. It fees so great to take charge and Spring Clean..everything looks so much better.
      Do you play music while you clean?

  2. Liking your classic, simple scarf!
    Half of the things on my agenda are checked, as the farrier was over on Monday, and I was to Hki today , had a blood test taken + took horse stuff ( leather ) to be repaired.
    And I finally cleaned up our small pond out of weeds and whatever - phew!
    Our big barn needs a big decluttering ( all MIL´s stuff still to be sorted out ).

    1. Sounds like you are Spring Cleaning too!
      I hope that you find a few lovely memento's from your MIL when you sort through her things...

  3. I like my scarf tails asymmetric as well! There's not too much on my list of activities this week. My little dog has hurt his back and the vet has recommended quiet, rest and no activity for him. Since he is glued to my leg with loyalty, I'll be reading and knitting a lot.

    1. It must be a challenge trying to keep a dog quiet! I hope he mends the meantime enjoy the rest!

  4. Your kitties look exactly like mine.

  5. Ooh, I like the scarf! Your kittehs are adorable.

  6. Love your scarf...such great colors. The cats look so cute together, such wonderful companions, sometimes I think I should get a little friend for Miss Twiggley, maybe some day.

  7. This week? grandchildren graduating pre-school and middle school. Picnics and Father's Day celebrations. Fun stuff. Love that linen scarf. I like wearing scarves in the summer also. Just a little bit of je ne se quois.

    1. It's an emotional time of year for school age children...parents, grandparents and the staff too!
      Sounds like you have a full calendar....enjoy!

  8. Love the linen scarf! I've never seen one tied that way--I will have to give it a try!

    1. Oh it's the easiest tie ever...
      I have another tie that is one of my popular posts which I alternate with this one.

  9. I successfully wash linen in any laundry detergent but if loosely-woven, place it in a mesh bag. Love it on the body but as soon as it's over 25 or so and humid, can't wear any long scarf around my neck. Perhaps you have less heat there?

    1. We have an ocean breeze most days and our temperatures are rarely stifling...
      I have several mesh bags and wonder how I managed to do laundrey before they were invented!

  10. Just back from my hair colouring session,tomorrow having a water softener installed.
    Linen is my choice of clothing for Summer/Autumn find it gets softer with age/washing making it easier to iron.The long scarves are my favourites,small silky ones don't work for me.

    1. Judith /ida...can you recommend a UK company that sells linen dresses perhaps?

  11. My agenda is blessedly packed for the next two weeks. I love summer and grasp every opportunity to travel and enjoy the outdoors. So, visiting my darling grandchild, Ronan, this weekend, followed by a week in Boston.

    Yesterday was a difficult day set off by a rude comment to me that I allowed to color the rest of my day. I then violated my primary rule- never shop when upset. Fortunately, the worst thing I did was to buy three scarves from H & M and a black T-shirt dress from a local store. Spent the afternoon styling the scarves with different things and occupying my mind. It did make me feel better and I didn't break the bank. However, I should know better.

  12. Isn't being a grammy the BEST?
    I am sorry to read that someone said something rude to you...people need to filter their thoughts before they utter them aloud.
    Seriously your shopping choices sound pretty great to harm done.
    Take care and I hope the rest of your week is fabulous.