Thursday, June 6, 2013

Breakfast ~ 3 WW Points!

Our Weight Watchers leader spoke to us about starting our day with a satisfying breakfast.
One that stays with us and keeps us fueled for the morning, is gorgeous to look at, has a variety of food groups and is quick and easy to make.

My usual breakfast has 1 point
no fat yogurt and berries.

Wilt in a small amount of boiling water a handful of spinach and cherry tomatoes...
squish the tomatoes...

whisk up an egg with a fork
add a tablespoon of bacon bits
add to wilted veggies
cook until done.

 enjoy your new 3 point breakfast!

Feed your soul as well as your tummy!

The longer walks have provided an opportunity for quiet reflection
and the sleep that I experience each night is so restorative...
the calm and peace are a bonus.

My weight was down again but less than last week.
The pattern seems to be a smaller loss one week and a more significant one the following.
The meetings continue to make me laugh
as the women who are in my group have such a wonderful sense of humour.
The weeks' successes and failures are discussed in an open and supportive manner.

I cannot believe it took me this long to join WW.
If you are interested in losing weight in a healthy way this is a great program.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. I'd like to add that it's not necessary to speak at meetings. I've known women who postoponed going thinking they had to share personal information. Some people talk, others stay quiet and it's all fine. A great leader makes a difference; I've seen good ones and great ones-no duds. Great results!

    1. I feel free to speak...not too often or with any significant volume!

  2. Congratulations Hostess. I think I'll try that breakfast, as I'm getting bored with my usual.

    1. That seemed to be the message at our meeting...we all thrive on variety.

  3. That looks yummy!! Have to say I really do rate Weight Watchers.. It is almost a year now since I went to WW in Australia and lost around 20 llbs and happily I have to say that I have kept it off! It does work.... S x

    1. Wow I am impressed! I hope that I can do what you have done.

  4. You are counting WW points and I am counting fiber. (-: I am supposed to comsume 30 grams of fiber a day and it can be difficult but it does make for healtier eating. So happy to hear you like WW's I have heard that it is a wonderful program.

    1. Sounds like we both have put our healthy eating as a priority...
      good luck Adrienne.

  5. The spinach, egg and tomatoes is a great breakfast. I have been eating non-fat Greek yogurt with blueberries but I am hungry mid-morning. Your losses seem to be what I have experienced:substantial one week, then less the next. As time passes, the losses are smaller but more consistent. Keep going!

    1. I have an apple mid you have a snack?

  6. I am really glad you are finding it helpful. I love the meetings. Is Carol your leader? She was my original leader, and I sometimes fill in for her at Fairfield.

    Your new breakfast is great! Having some protein is essential to staying satisfied for longer. And those are all power foods. The yoghurt and berries is still a great snack, but not enough to last alone.

    Well done on your losses!

    1. Carol is not my leader...but she is a neighbour.
      Protein is key for has staying power.

      I think it would be fun if we had another VV Boutique shopping expedition and we need to toast Peg and have dinner in her name sometime soon.

  7. The spinach and tomatoe frittata sounds simple to make and good to eat. I will have to try it!

  8. Meeting in a group of like minded dieters must be a great encouragement to keep you on tract.