Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Orange Post...

This season I have been dreaming of oranges...
juicy vitamin C ~ tasty orange segments
bright orange totes
orange shoes

my dreams have spoken as I opted for a rich shade of orange at the Spa...
OPI "Duetsch you want me baby?" from the German collection.

a bit of a departure for me but not too "out there"

I have had the Hermes out to review my scarf collection
for I will be compiling a few scarf related posts soon...

I have several of these boxed cards.
If you ever needed ideas for a new way to wear your scarf you are sure to find it here.

I have never laundered my Hermes scarves...
I have hand washed other silk scarves both vintage and new ones.
Once with disasterous results...
all the dye ran together and ruined the scarf...
I should have added lots of salt to keep the colour from running 
but I had no idea that it was not colorfast...
it was a vintage Balenciaga!

I've borrowed this book from a co worker
I am into it for a few chapters and so far it's got me hooked
 I read for a few minutes each night before I turn in.
~ ~ ~
I have been too busy to walk the past few evenings for various reasons...
food and eating has become a bit of a challenge 
 there are retirement parties and celebrations on the calendar...
I am trying hard to stay within the WW Points Plus allowance and I know this week I cannot expect to lose much ~ if any ~
I just need to be mindful.
I am in this for the long haul and it is a lifestyle change
 not a "diet."

There is a Ginger cat that has been coming by and meowing at our front door.
Our cats have been looking at it through the glass in the front door 
 they seem to be entertaining and communicating with it
 ~ cat chats! ~

I have been able to pat the cat and it is not thin and looks healthy.
I believe it belongs to a neighbour.

Have you been dreaming in colour?
What shade has been speaking to you?

I may still decide to take the plunge and buy an orange tote for summer...
I have seem a fabulous Ralph Lauren orange leather tote bag
on sale at our Hudson's Bay Co.

It would go great with my sandals and Lanvin scarf...
(said scarf is in a pic on the sidebar)

Have a delicious day my friends...


  1. Coral, orange, peach and apricot- I could wear these colors daily, paint all my rooms in varying shades and, of course, paint my toes and nails which I do-often. Mr. K would not be pleased if I redecorated the house in this hue, so I pleased myself, by painting the interior of my closet in a lovely peach. Cheers me up every time I put something away.

    Glad you are into WW for the long haul. I am too. Had a setback yesterday, but determined to pick back up and continue. You are so right- you can't say it is a diet, it is a lifetime change.

    1. What a terrific idea, to paint the inside of your closet! Stealing that idea!

    2. It certainly does entice me to keep it neat and tidy. And I had a light put in so I can see everything clearly. Even though it is rather small, I was able to fit a wall mirror and a small stand for makeup. Very multi purpose.

  2. After decades of having my Hermès scarves dry-cleaned, I read that many collectors wash them that I decided to try it. I've had great results, no running. How to is here:

    I began to do this after cleaners who assured me they knew how to handle them mashed the handrolled hems.

    Hang in with WW and don't beat yourself up.

  3. I love oranges - that is a great polish colour.

    Just try to pick power foods when you're at parties and celebrations - you can do it! There is never a time in our lives when there isn't some kind of special occasion; it's learning how to deal with these in a different way that will get you through! The best thing I do is remind myself, "It's about the people, not the food." Socialize with the food at your back!

  4. I'm not a fan of orange. It makes me look sickly but looks terrific on you. I don't use dry cleaners, unless its a tailored jacket or coat so I've not taken my scarves there. I hand wash most everything, but admit I've been afraid to wash my Hermes too!

  5. Lovely tootsies, mine are too gnarly to show on the blog!
    I am on a diet all the time, I ease up for some things and then go back on it again, it's the only way for some of us alas, I'd love to be able to stop watching my weight but I am genetically inclined to obesity so that's that.

  6. I love orange and have always wanted an orange bag, but I wear too much black and I'm afraid of the Halloween effect.

  7. Orange and coral are my favourite colours. Don't worry too much about points because you will only retire once. There is a "long haul" and you will be okay because the celebrations will be over, year-end will end and you will manage your walks.

  8. I needed an orange purse a few years ago, bought it on ebay and I love it. I think I was ahead of the orange curve. I have a Love hate relationship with WW. I just can't be obsessive about too many things at one time. Right now it's blogging. Somehow WW gets pushed aside. But I am exercising and seeing results from that.