Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Salad daze...and Google Reader's demise.

Summertime is the season for freshly grown local produce...

the local markets are a riot of colour with freshly harvested vegetables on display.
I love looking at the baskets filled with bright red tomatoes and sunny yellow peppers
sprigs of green onions and ruffly heads of lettuce.

Simple glass jugs filled with country style flowers
and rubbing elbows with shoppers eager to get the pick of the crop

my eyes always wander to the market baskets that shoppers carry
looking to see what they have purchased and what I might have missed if I had been ther first!

"The early bird gets the worm."

Salads play a big part of our dinners from Spring until Fall.

Romaine lettuce is one of my favourites....
I dearly love a Caesar salad.

Since joining WW I have been unable to indulge in the rich and creamy clad romaine of my dreams...
way too many Points for all that dressing!
So I decided to compromise and create a lighter version that would allow me to still enjoy my favourite salad.

My new GE stove came with a griddle 
which is quite handy especially when one wants to grill something...

grilling lettuce elevates the flavour

it wilts a bit and has a delicious nutty flavour

I drizzled a wee bit of bottled low fat Caesar dressing on the warm romaine
(skipped the cheese and croutons)
enjoyed a small piece of chicken breast
which I marinated in a chipotle dressing
and some rice

A tasty dinner ~ Point Friendly
 after dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and headed outdoors in the sunshine for a walk.

The ocean was calm and flat like a mill pond...
a glorious evening scene.

 couples were sharing picnics on the beach
I noticed a bottle of wine and did not want to intrude on their moment
perhaps there was a proposal in the works
the mind does wander...

someone else was enjoying the calm sea on a lovely evening 
paddling has become a very popular sport here
apparently it is really good for the core muscles
and your balance improves.
The ocean is extremely cold in these parts so you do not want to fall in
this brave soul was wearing a swimsuit and looked dry!

I didn't walk as briskly as I usually do on my route
I soaked in all the beauty and stopped to take a few pictures and enjoy the views.

The Walk Meter App recorded the stats...
and I managed to walk 3.10 km in 43 minutes and burned 424 calories.
I love this APP!

~ ~ ~

I'd like to remind you that at the end of June Google Reader will cease to exist and any blogs that you might be following
including mine
will need to be followed by another method...
subscribe by email
or join Bloglovin like I did
I have found it so easy to transfer all the blogs to their site
I hope that you will continue to follow me on my path
the new chapter is about to begin...

Hope that your week is off to a great start.


  1. Beautiful photos Hostess! And grilled lettuce - so gourmet:). Have you tried making your dressings with yogurt? You might be able to get the creaminess you're looking for without using a bottled dressing.

    1. I have not tried this...will do some research as that sounds like a fab idea!
      Thank you Lisa!

  2. I will try the grilled lettuce for sure. I, too, would recommend a little Greek yogurt with lemon or whatever your fancy as a dressing replacement. I love your walking routes. So calm and beautiful!

    1. I have looked at the Greek Yogurts and cannot find one that is WW Point Friendly...any brands that you might suggest I try?

    2. Try Danone OIKOS or Silhouette lowfat. Weightwatchers has some middle-eastern recipes using Greek yogurt in one of their cookbooks.

  3. Grilled lettuce, I've never head of such a thing but will now give it a go. Oh I wish someone would come up with a good yog based dressing, that doesn't taste of yoghurt - challenge hostess!

    1. Tabitha... sounds like I have some homework to do!
      I'll report back if I find one that is tasty.

  4. I´ve missed this Google Reader ceasing thing ( not taken it seriously ). Is it global? Help needed. Thank you!

    1. The google reader following gadget will cease to exist and all the blogs that you might subscribe to in google reader will not appear after the end of June...
      Go to Bloglovin and register your log in...transfer all the blogs that you follow and then you will have their addresses saved and will be able to access them...and the same would be required for your followers that currently read your blog through reader...I hope you can do this soon :-)

  5. I make up my own yog/chive dressing (takes all of 10 mins;) for salads,might try it over the 'little gem' lettuce grilled.

    1. Here it is........

      200g tub of low fat greek yogurt
      1 dessertspoon lemon juice
      1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
      small handful chopped fresh parsley
      " " " " chives

      Pop into bowl yogurt/lemon juice and beat until smooth.
      Stir in mustard/parsley/chives.
      Pop into fridge until ready to serve.

      Easy peasy! will try with the grilled gem lettuce.

      Hope you are feeling better ready to enjoy your w/e.

    2. Thank you SO MUCH! I am going to make this soon.

  6. You are so fortunate to live in such an area--close to the sea.

    I also think yogurt is a great substitute for more calorie creaminess. We use a nonfat plain yogurt in place of sour cream on baked potatoes, boiled new potatoes, and, as salad dressing.

    I don't subscribe to your blog, but depend on the serendipity of remembering that it is here to read. Such a treat!

    1. Oh Susan I thank my lucky stars and Mr. HB for sharing my vision of living by the sea...
      now that we are no longer cruising on our Classic Chris Craft I NEED to breathe in the salty ocean air...
      there is something so restorative and soothing about the sea.

      Thank you for popping by...
      yogurt might just be the new super food!

  7. Beautiful walk! I love a real Caesar; like ice cream, prefer to indulge •very• occasionally with the full-fat version- but usually have a green salad with vinaigrette, no creamy dressings.

    1. We are kindred spirits...
      have a lovely holiday Duchesse!

  8. I'm going to try that grilled lettuce, have never heard of it. Buttermilk is also a good substitute for low cal salad dressings. You really live in such a gorgeous place, and I know you appreciate it which is always nice to see.

  9. I hope that you enjoy it Kathy...
    how is that gorgeous new grand daughter Pearl?
    You must be over the moon...
    I know how thrilled I was when Isla made her debut :-)