Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lovely Daughter's Father's Day Brunch...OOTD

Mr. HB was feted on Father's Day by our darling daughter and her significant other.
We dined in their urban loft....
I took a few snapshots to share with you.
The 400 square foot patio is through the sliding glass doors in the top right of the image.
Sunshine, teak chairs and potted plants await...

Rosenthal china 
Tapio Wirkkala glasses
Rosenthal stainless cutlery
Hans Olsen table and chairs

an inviting corner
I can imagine how pretty this would be at night

Tapio Wirkkala 
fruit salad
Weight Watchers friendly!
( I ate brunch instead of breakfast AND lunch)

~ The menu ~

fruit salad
scrambled eggs
crisp bacon
roasty potatoes

great conversation in a richly decorated atmosphere

Lovely daughter is a collector of bakelite bangles.
Rabbit Ears never looked so fashionable!

Dalia black Capri's
Eileen Fisher top
Majestic Paris linen loose jacket
Roots cross body bag
Franco Sarto sandals

I was so excited  
(I actually did a little happy dance)
when a co worker mentioned that I was looking slimmer...
her words were "Leslie you are wasting away!"
I confessed to my new regime and said thank you.
~ ~ ~
I have tried to keep my WW to just a few near and dear 
oh besides all you lovely readers of course 
 you know with you it's all out in the open.

I must close for now...
I'm busy here this week in The Humble Bungalow.

Be Well


  1. Your daughter has inherited her mother's wonderful taste. I love the collection of bangles and how she displayed them.

  2. Isn't it fun to see grown-up children establishing their own households according to their own taste? The 70's Scandinavian style is being revived and looks great. What an interesting collection of bracelets!

  3. You are looking exceptionally slim and stylish. And young. Retirement, your children, your husband, and WW, all agree with you!

  4. I agree that it is obvious that your daughter has inherited your flair. Her loft is lovely. I can see that brunch there would be an occasion. Congratulations on your weight loss. And, I wish you much happiness in retirement.

  5. Oh, I love how your daughter has displayed her bangles. I have some as well, and she has motivated me to get creative and display them. I don't have half as many as she does....at least not yet. How nice to have be complimented on your weight loss. I am tempted to try WW.

    Sue xo

  6. I am so surprised to see so much of Tapio Wirkkala and Scandinavian design at your daughter´s, although I know about her interest in them!
    Gosh, there sure are lots of bangles.
    True, you are soon a shadow of the earlier You, good : )!

  7. What a great place your daughter has designed for herself! And you add a stylish slim touch.

  8. You are definitely looking slim - and great! Love your daughter's place and also that she's a "collector". I began collecting certain things at in my 20's as well, and still have most of it, which gives me great pleasure.

  9. Mr H must have enjoyed his special Father's Day in such lovely surroundings,your daughter has created a delightful home.As others' said slim and looking good.

  10. I love your blog, you are quite an inspiration!

  11. Good for you for looking slimmer - losing weight is such hard work so I'm glad it is showing and you are feeling better. Your daughter's brunch looks delicious and I love her place (especially the bangle collection).