Saturday, June 15, 2013

OOTD weekend duds...remembering DAD.

Weekends are usually a casual affair in The Humble Bungalow.
Walking gear, a bathrobe, comfy clothes and not necessarily in that order...
this post is a mish mash of thoughts and bounces around rather hap hazardly...

We went out with our BFF's for dinner Friday...
I wore capri's from Tulipe Noire
by Lisette
my trusty and true denim jacket by Blue Willis
white tank from H and M
Franco Sarto sandals
I think the scarf was purchased at Macy's
( a trip when Mother and I shopped Seattle until we very nearly dropped!)

My hair is going grey before my very eyes...
I had a cut this week before
 my hairdresser went off to NY for a Bumble and Bumble training session...
I think she wants to add more highlights but I am holding firm.
(for now)
~ ~ ~
We bit the bullet and bought a new stove.
After months of problems with no timer or self cleaning program I decided that it was time!
Honestly I think Mr. HB was the one who pushed for the replacement...
~ ~ ~
it arrived this morning and I was up bright and early 
showered and ready to receive the delivery

It works!
and I think it looks great.

GE Cafe series
I like the commercial look of those nobs!

~ I think I will refer to this expenditure as my retirement gift! ~
it could be a string of pearls
or a diamond ring 
I prefer to keep things simple
a stove is way more my style anyway.

Mr. HB bought a new battery powered lawn mower and I can use it as it has a push button start.
Lime green by Ryobi...
oh and while he was at it he bought a weed whacker...
I will stay far away from that tool as they scare the dickens out of me.
~ ~ ~
I received quite a few emails asking to see the Swarovski flip flops...

You can buy new soles when they wear out 
which I think is so handy 
especially when one considers that appliance companies no longer want to repair the things that they build and sell.

We really do live in a throw away society.

We happened to buy a new toaster...
on sale

matches the new Krups coffee maker

Walking a bit farther this morning...
think I'll have to buy some new shoes soon as the soles are looking thin!

Happy Father's Day.
I'll be remembering my Father
with fond regard and lots of love.
Oodles of memories 
and I get a bit choked up when I think of all the sacrifices that he made for our family.

He was one of a kind
a scholar
 tomato grower
avid reader
hard worker
natty dresser
member of the BPOE
husband to Mother
Dad to my sis and I...

an unselfish man
always put others' needs before his...


  1. lovely thoughts about your Dad x

    1. Thank you FF!
      I'm thrilled that you popped by today.

  2. Happy fathers day to your hubby and your dad. Love the new stove and toaster - how flash!!

    You are doing well on the walking. The grey hair problem is hard isn't it? Mine is quite grey, but I am still colouring it to hide it. I have decided that once I turn 50, then I will rethink growing it out. I know that when I retire there will be no more money to get it highlighted, so might as well make the change a few years before.

    Julie Q

    1. I am 58 and have just started to let it grow 50 I was not ready either!

  3. Such wonderful words and memories of your father. Lovely.
    Congratulations on your walking, and weight loss. I am
    spinning my wheels. Wanting to, but not doing it!!
    PS Stove is wonderful! Love the knobs.Toaster, too!

    1. I know what that's like...I waited years and finally I am doing it.
      You will not regret it may find that you feel and sleep better too.

  4. What a fun many things. I love your new appliances, my daughter has a similiar one from this series and loves it. And the toaster, great industrial look. Hair is always a problem, but I look so much better with color that I continue to keep it treated.

    1. You do suit being a red head with your complexion...

  5. Oh, shiny and lovely, I'd love a new cooker sometimes mine doesn't work for weeks on end, its a real pain.

    I miss my dad too,he was fun.

    1. I imagine that you might have one of those wonderful AGA's...
      my BFF has a green one and it is divine.

      You mentioned once that you enjoyed sailing with your must have great memories of those adventures.

  6. Wonderful new stove! I like your toaster too! We need a new one and I haven't been able to decide which to buy.

    I"m still struggling with the hair color issue. Right now, highlights to blend with hair turning white. It's a challenge!

    1. We looked at the Bodum toasters as they have a great style. Our son and wife have one and they love theirs...happy shopping!

  7. And I thought I was the only person in the world who wore a Blue Willis denim jacket!! Fun post. I wish we had a push button mower. It's fun to mow the lawn. We bought an old fashioned non powered one, but its a bit rusty and hard to push. Love your ne stove. You'll really enjoy it.

    1. I love their clothes! There is a shop in Sidney Baden Baden that sells them as well as Saint James fro France...very pricey but so well made and stylish!
      We used to own a push mower but it got too hard for me to use...I kept hurting my back.

  8. Great looking cooker,think of all those gourmet meals you will be able to cook once retired.My next cooker will be a wall one in a tower easier on my back.

    1. I made a pie for Mr. HB this afternoon and have cooked dinner in it twice now. Love it when evrything works as it should!

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  10. Oops, typo, so excited by stove, fabulous! Might you show us your inaugural meal? Speaking of typos, think you mean your Dad was a natty dresser, no? Your parents sound like quite the chic couple, among other lovely qualities.

    1. Too late...we ate it!
      I cooked some rice, green beans and ginger pork chops.
      Natty YES! My typing is terrible these days...but no excuse as the P is about as far away from the T as it could be!

  11. Oh the shine of your new kitchen appliances! Must motivate you to cook those " points " foods.
    We have a Miele tower. I like the design of it, and I like it, because it is totally made in Germany.
    These days, I get goosebumps, when I realize that so many things are produced in " suspicious " countries..

    1. Miele is the maker of our vacuum...I don't know if they export their stoves to Canada.
      Krups is a German company but I am not sure where their products are made.

  12. It sounds totally wrong to refer to those Swarovski beauties as thongs (in Australian) yet will have to find out what they call them in France yet strangely enough you don't see many French people wearing this style of footwear?!? They are gorgeous & your new stove is so shiny....HOWEVER I am now coveting a weed wacker....with every fibre of my being....although you will actually have to tell me what it is?! Rx

    1. A weed whacker is a trimmer that uses fishing type of line and cuts through weedy patches, tall grass and edges the lawn crisply.
      Flip Flops are worn mostly on the beach and casual events...I like them and opt to wear them when they may not be the "fashionable choice!"

  13. Your new stove is the "bizz" - love it... and your crystal embellished flip flops are great! Happy week to you.. x

  14. Dear L, I left a reply for you on FF's blog.
    You are an inspiration!