Thursday, May 30, 2013

The book goes to....

I apologize but it's been a busy week and I am behind on my posting.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog,
I hope you know how much your feedback and emails mean to me...
it's often your voices that inspire my blog topics.

The selection committee of two...the Mother Daughter team have struggled with our decision.
What makes one feel beautiful is very personal.
Beauty is as one writer said..."in the eye of the beholder."

It would be wonderful if we all found our reflections those of beauty.
Being comfortable in one's skin
accepting ourselves for who we are
and confident enough to be content.
It may seem illusive and yet there are many aspects that radiate love and loveliness.

Now if only we could award all of the participants a book our job would be easy.
Jamie Cat Callan will autograph her new book and send it in the post.

We narrowed it down but we chose two of the commenters...A Well Styled Life and Little Sister.
Please email me at with your mailing addresses and I will forward them to Jamie Cat Callan as soon as I receive them.

I hope that you both will enjoy Jamie's book.
If you did not win a copy her book is available online and at a local book store soon.

I brewed a pot of tea when I received the Advanced Reading Copy of her book and found myself transported to Paris...
through the voices of the fabulous French Femmes who were profiled and interviewed in
Ooh La La! French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Everyday.

Look for beauty today...
it might be in the eyes of a child, the smile from a stranger, a weed blooming in the garden.


  1. Your teacup is so elegant. Don't you think that part of Paris is taking the time to create beauty around you and to notice the beauty in very ordinary things? I will buy the book because I love to read and reread books about France.

  2. Wonderful, really so poignant, love your teacup and saucer!

    Please do come and enter my giveaway from Segreto Finishes!
    Art by Karena

  3. Thank you so much. I love her books!! Your scarf and Breton top are so chic. I'll read and reread this book many times. I have a wonderful collection of books on French lifestyle, French fashion style and French women in general. I'm sure this will become a favorite!!

  4. I will look for this book and take it with me on a break at some point. It sounds delicious!

  5. Or, we might find beauty in the mix of black and white scarves and striped shirts:).

  6. Oooh congratulations to those lucky bloggers... I am definitely going to have a look at this book though - seems right up my "rue" ! Have a wonderful weekend. S x

  7. Bonjour
    Je ne suis pas a paris mais dans le sud de la France et nous sommes sœur de foulard ayant le méme que vous
    Bravo pour votre blog et votre gout.
    Bien amicalement

  8. Thing of beauty this sunny,warm morning is my wild orchard garden,sitting amongst the blossoms watching the Red Kites,Ravens (whoops have they escaped from the Tower of London!) hovering on the currents of bliss what more can a gel want?

    What ever plans you have for the w/e may they be warm & blissful.

  9. I like your black and white scarf! What is it? And, would you consider doing a post featuring the scarves that you own, highlighting your favorites? Also, do you wear them often?

  10. I love scarves and that black and white one is Hermes. It is one of my favourites as I love black and white.
    I have done many posts on scarves and if you look on the right hand side of my blog scroll down and ckick on the section that has all the labels go to "Scarves" you should be able to see all of them.
    I alternate between wearing pearls and scarves...
    Perhaps it's time for a new post. Thank you for the idea Susan!

  11. Hermes scarves is the actual label and there are 29 is the last widgit at the very bottom on the right!

  12. I love reading your blog and look forward to it daily. I try to have a little "serenity" time each day to unplug from routine and noise with a cup of tea or coffee and a few favorite blogs. Yours is the first I read.

    It is unseasonably warm this weekend in upstate NY so my lovely scarves hang waiting for a cooler opportunity. I do miss them in the summer. They always make me feel "dressed" as if I have put great care into my daily appearance. I agree with Susan's idea for a favorite scarves post. And do tell some of the ways you wear them. Have a lovely weekend.