Friday, May 4, 2012

Tulips two ways....

Lovely daughter came over and cooked Mr. HB and I
Thai prawns and coconut curry the other evening.
As usual it was splendiferous, tasty and such a pleasure not to have to cook on a weeknight.
(thank you lovely J!)

She wandered in after pausing at the porch
capturing a tulip moment...

She took this stunning image with her IPhone

I am thinking
this image would be so lovely
printed and framed and hung in our bungalow.

many petals make a great tulip

 IPhone version
taken today by the Hostess
frilly frothy
but not quite as exquisite
as lovely daughter's

two IPhones
two tulips
two ways
two days

 Native BC Dogwood in bloom.

Nature and beauty bring out the poetic
as they conspire to inspire 
 to put pen to paper 
and write...

plodding along
hovering on the edge
brushing up against the sides of reality
negotiating a highway
steering a true course
as it should be...

Lovely daughter and I are watching Real Housewives of Vancouver
far from our reality
it's a guilty pleasure
and we are fascinated by these women and their lifestyles
I can't keep wondering if the show is scripted or not
as they are not very kind to each other
I know very few women that behave in this way...

Are you watching and if so 
what do you think?

The weekend is nudging near
fingers crossed it will be a good one.

Tell me what you fabulous followers will be doing to amuse yourselves...


  1. I had to read the first line 4 times before I realized that your daughter didn't come over and cook you and her father! I'm tired this morning I guess. Her photo of the tulip is stunning! I want to paint it. Glad she cooked curry, instead of you two.

  2. They have a RHO Vancouver? I would love to see that.

    Why can't my iPhone take great photos like that. I must be doing something wrong.

    This weekend, Bill and I are going to a barbecue here in our town, then Sunday we have been invited to meet the daughter of some friends' of ours. She is in town from Switzerland and will be giving us lots of traveling ideas.

    Today, I am heading off to work at the winery. I consider it my exercise for the day because I am almost constantly in motion for 6 hours.

    Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for the beautiful flower shots.
    xo, A

    1. If you get an opportunity to watch please let me know what you think!
      I think it's great getting a workout while you work, personally I could benefit from that.
      Hope you have a fun weekend.

  3. I've never seen tulips like that before; they are spectacular! I was very pleased with the quality of most of my iphone photos on our trip. Now I know I can capture our travels without lugging along a bulky camera (even though I do enjoy playing with it at home).

    1. They remind me a bit of those peonies that you posted.
      Your IPhone photos are crisp and clear...packing light seems to work for you.

  4. I " got " the first sentence by first reading ; ), though I´m ready for bed right now.
    The tulip is impressive indeed. We have nothing like that over here. No planted tulips.
    If you happen to hop over to my blog, you will learn what my weekend plans are.
    Have a nice weekend yourself!

    1. mette you always are an inspiration for me.
      I feel that I share a kinship with you after our years of blogging.

      Hope that you slept well!

  5. Lovely post Leslie..poetic..Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.
    Jeanne xx

  6. Beautiful frilly tulips. I have watched Real Housewives of Vancouver myself out of curiosity .I wonderd the same thing myself about how much is scripted , probably quite a lot of it is . I would love to be driven around everywhere I go by limo too, I am sure my alcohol consumption would increase too if I idnt have to drive myself . Wonder if Ihad that kind of money if I would still have as much fun thrifting and looking in the stores with experience goods. Not alot planned this weekend . I am going to try out a new crepe dish . I prefer the savoury ones over the sweet ones so it will involve chicken. Have a great weekend yourself.Donna

    1. Oh my did I ever need spell check today !

    2. Donna they must script some of those episodes...
      they are just so crazy!

      Do you have a crepe pan?

    3. Yes I do , I have two , one is a Paderno which is perfect and just the right weight. I have another smaller one which I use to make appetizer crepes and crepe cups.They are just perfect with a glass of wine or three. Both my pans are designated only for crepes. I have lots of toys for entertaining . D

  7. YUM, your daughters "stunning image" would be enlarged onto my wall in a flash . . . The color yellow is a perfect springtime pick me up . . .

    1. Lynne our lovely daughter has won contests for her photographs and she continues to impress me with her artistic eye when staging her shots.

  8. What a special daughter. You are fortunate to live close to your daughter. The pictures are stunning. Enjoy your weekend. Bonnie

    1. Bonnie I am so grateful that we all live in the same city. I count my blessings!
      Hope that you have a great weekend too.

  9. Love Thai curries. Love the Tulip photos. I'm not doing too much, despite the fact that it's a long weekend here. Maybe some baking, definitely some crocheting as there is a grandchild due any day and I have not finished the baby shawl. The weather is perfect here , blue sky, little Autumn chill in the air. Have a lovely weekend Leslie. Jan x

    1. Oh waiting for a grandchild is exciting!
      Sounds like your weather is crisp and clear that shawl will come in handy.

  10. You are so right, these are breath-taking photos... you could make cards or a print from them. Wonderful how nature gives us the most vibrant images, just for the taking. Awesome in the original sense of the word.

    1. I hope that she will give me a printed image and then I can frame it...!

  11. Leslie: Thanks for the pics of the tulips - my favourite flower and they are beautiful this spring.
    I plan on doing some knitting, a wee titch of gardening, and tomorrow evening we are going to friends for dinner.
    Also going to try some new mystery writers.
    Still awaiting biopsy results, but I will continue with living.

    1. Peg
      Your weekend sounds full to the brim.
      I had 3 cups of your tea this afternoon...
      it helped me through a rough patch.

  12. So nice that you and your daughter are close, and spend time like this together.

    1. She's a lovely woman...
      feeling gratitude to be in this place at this time.

  13. wow those tulips are amazing. and the photo was taken with a phone, double amazing!

  14. Yes, that tulip shot would be lovely enlarged and framed - imagine how you'd enjoy it on a rainy November day. I spent today on my knees in the garden and am quite stiff - will I be able to walk tomorrow? We'll see!

  15. Yes would definitely frame it for the beauty of the tulip,and the happy memory of a special day. Ida