Thursday, May 24, 2012


On my walk I saw something so strange that I had to look twice...
it was not a bird sighting or a whale spy hopping in the bay.
It was...
well you'll have to see it to believe it.

as seen
 on top of a man made rocky groyne
in the bay not too far from The Humble Bungalow.

Old love seat and chairs 
that someone has obviously dumped there.

In my opinion this is littering of the first order
it looks ridiculous 
makes our pristine waterfront look like a tip.

Bypassers were stopping their cars and hopping out to take pictures.
Some brave ladies, in heels no less...
scaled the rocks and logs and took photos of each other sitting 
on the
precariously perched pieces of furniture.

I stopped my walk to capture this image 
and then hastened on my merry way.

This must have been done under the cover of darkness
no one in their right mind would attempt this during daylight hours
I am sure there would be a substantial fined levied if the city caught them.

Maybe it was a Graduation prank...
there are lots of grad ceremonies going on and schools do try to "outdo" each other.
UBC engineers used to hang VW bugs from the Lion's Gate Bridge
at least they did that when I worked for UBC.
(that was back in the mid 70's)

Did your graduating class participate in any pranks?
I cannot remember what, if anything, my class did
but hey that was in 1973....
and we were still the peace and love generation.

Mr. HB and I were high school sweethearts
we've been together since I was 15 years old...
this is our song
and I am still in love with him....

Have a great Friday....


  1. LOVE that song! And I just adore Eric Clapton!!
    What an awful thing to do, even if it was a college prank. Such beautiful landscapes and scenery should never be soiled in that way, some folk really take for granted the beauty around us.

  2. Very impressed by the longevity of your marriage. I graduated a year before you and the pranks escape my memory, although there was a sofa for a few months on a bluff overlooking an interstate highway...and it captured my imagination. Who had hauled it there? Is there a chance it has washed up as part of the Japanese debris?

  3. I agree that it does sound like a prank. I graduated in 1973 too. We were a very small school and pranks were virtually non-existent. The only prank I ever saw (or heard) was when some boys threw some firecrackers into the girl's bathroom. Lame. . lol.

    After I graduated and moved to Florida, I was driving around a large, sidewalked lake. Out the corner of my eye, I saw someone running up the hill from the lake and they started running beside my car. I looked over the guy was TOTALLY naked!!!! I started laughing and he veered away from running back down the hill to the lake. Memories. . .haha.


    1. What a sight to see a naked jogger I would have laughed too!

  4. Layla is an incredibly romantic song, and a big favorite. Love the backstory too. I agree, seems like a prank.

  5. I remember the senior class ahead of mine "borrowing" the Bob's Big Boy figure from a local restaurant and placing it on the roof of our cafeteria. Congratulations on your long and happy marriage!

  6. Hi, an incredible story. I don't recall graduation pranks, but a Halloween one. Some mischievous went into a neighbor's barn and drove his tractor onto the roof of his house? How did they do it? Apparently they got lumber, slanted it from ground to roof and created a track to the roof. It was hillarious the next day to see that tractor on the farmer's roof! Love your romantic story and Layla!

    1. Getting a tractor on to the roof must have been quite the undertaking. Not to mention how heavy it would be, surprised that it didn't fall right through into the house!

  7. Back at ya, sweetie.
    Mr. HB

  8. Love Layla -- thanks for the reminder. Have a great weekend, Hostess!

  9. You never know. It might be an art installation:).

  10. Whatever the story, the picture is just great!
    When I met my hb, when he walked into the room, Carly Simon´s song " You´re so vain " was playing.
    Perfect song, perfect timing. I think of " that " song as our song.

    1. Maybe he was more confident than vain...
      he chose you so he must be quite clever.

  11. Loved the photo, had to take my glasses off to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was! Our high school prank was to repaint the bleachers after graduation, we never did as we almost got caught, but it was fun and brings back memories I haven't thought of in ages! Congrats to you and Mr. HB, loved that he commented btw! I bet you two are great fun, let me know if you ever come to Chicago!

    1. The friends we know who have been to Chicago rave about the city. Mr. HB would love to see the Frank Lloyd Wright prairie houses. While we have no immediate plans we do have a trip on our "bucket list"

  12. Greetings from another of the Class of '73 - Layla is one of my all time favs!

    I don't remember pranks per se, just lots of acting stupid and good fortune in living to tell about it :) I hate to see anyone throwing their junk away on the shoreline - prank or not.

  13. oh what a great idea for a blog post :-) asking commenters what their song is.
    ours is by Leonard Cohen In my secret life

  14. Oh I'll bet it was a graduation's probably all over facebook. I never did any kind of prank...too much of a rule follower and my kids seem to be the same. I suppose that's good, but i wonder sometimes about the fun we are missing?!

    1. I can think of other ways to have fun...
      I'm a rule abider too.

  15. That is wonderful that you are still in love with your High School sweetheart. I met my husband 40 years ago (in grade 9) and love him more every day. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  16. The sofas will be easily picked up and taken away but our beautiful waters are constantly bombarded with run off from cars and other sources of polution. Good for you for walking.