Friday, May 18, 2012

Someone is sending me a message....

Oh dear....
someone is sending me a message.

I remember that when I got on the phone when the children were young that they would go to great lengths to get my attention...
those were the days before cordless phones.
I had a 20 foot cord and a box of "telephone toys" these toys were only used when Mommy was chatting on the phone.
I can still hear " Mommy I have to pee"
"Mommy Stewart is drawing on the wall"
"Mommy I 'm hungry"
or worse a loud crash and a scream.

Well my children have grown and moved out of the nest...
we do have a cat who will do anything to get our attention...

if you don't hear from me for awhile
it's Pepper's fault!

Hope that your weekend has some time for relaxation.

maybe you'll chat on the phone to a friend
go shopping or enjoy lunch out

That's what I have planned for tomorrow
then later in the weekend
plant some vegetable seeds and work in the garden.
Weather permitting.


  1. I know I keep saying his but I really love the rhythm of your blog,it is so calming.

  2. I enjoy your blog, also. Thanks for taking the time to write it.


  3. I agree with Tabitha, sometimes I read your posts more than once, as they do tend to be so calming. Hopefully a reflection of your life.

  4. Maybe Pepper should write a post...

  5. Have a great weekend!! I have that problem too - the menfolk ignore me until I get up to take a call!

  6. I love your 'newsy'posts always full of interesting tit bits.

    Off to a Diamond Jubilee concert on Saturday evening the villages are starting to put up bunting for their parties!!

    Have a relaxing weekend. Ida

  7. It is funny about the phone. I have very similar memories.
    And the thing seems to go on. Every single time I´m on the phone, Morty does the " naughty " thing against me. And I´m trapped. He cleverly waits for the right moment, and then...
    No shopping this weekend.
    Hoping you a successful tour : )!

  8. Timely given my post today Leslie...except for me it wasn't Pepper...but Patrick. :)
    Best wishes for a lovely weekend...
    Jeanne xx

  9. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I planted some vegetables seeds today, and also some starters. A cheater's garden. The sun today was lovely, but it's cooling down fast.