Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good news on the Battle of the Bulge!

There is a new energy in The Humble Bungalow
it is infiltrating the larder and the fridge.
A full toss out has occurred ridding the kitchen of "bad food"
or rather food that I need not encounter or be tempted to eat!

The fridge had a few scary jars of outdated items which I am ashamed to say should have been tossed months ago!
I cannot blame that on my cleaning lady.
It's my fault.

I am singing the praises of proteins and vegetables.
Every meal I eat has some protein and every meal has lots of vegetables.
I am eating full fats, olive oil, butter and avocado.
A small amount of nuts...almonds mostly, and some almond butter.

Snacks are fresh fruit and in moderation.
My apple a day has been paired with a teaspoon of almond butter for dipping.

Breakfast is 2 eggs scrambled and some veggies on the side...
or mixed into a frittata or omelet.

I am still clinging on to milk in my tea...
let's not be too punishing shall we?

So far those changes have taken place and I am sure there will be a few more to conquer.

Reading blogs and online information has been ongoing for a few weeks behind the scenes.
Starting slow, with small things,
changing what works and what appeals to my palate seems like a sensible place to begin.

Keeping things simple suits me.

Tackling the minefield...
of the grocery store is quite an undertaking.
Avoiding the center aisles and focusing on the outer aisles seems to work for the most part.
Farmer's Markets are so much easier and friendly too.

My Market basket is as old as the hills...

Sturdy, faithful and commodious.
The leather handles have softened with age.

Hooray for the Farmer's Markets!
I love all the fresh produce and the array of colours.
Chatting with the vendors
getting their suggestions of what to try
how to prepare and cook the veggies
makes shopping so much more enjoyable.

I've also been culling out those diet books that have been gathering dust on the shelves.

I do not want to see another diet book wasting space in our tiny bungalow.
Embracing a new way of eating
a mindful and conscious change is in the works for this overweight Hostess.

I may fail
I may succeed
I might falter
I may cheat
but I am going to give it a valiant try.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained...
well maybe the wrong quote because I want to be losing not gaining!

I have had some good news finally!
The scale reports that I am 9 pounds lighter.
This may not seem worthy of celebration 
but for me it is wonderful news.

It is the encouragement that I need to keep my eye on the prize
to keep me focused on eating healthy meals and keep walking.

I have stopped eating bread and sugars
only very limited amounts of dairy have passed these lips.
Mr. HB will still be eating breads and pastas.
He is not overweight and would not want to give up the things he enjoys.

I am retraining my brain to love better healthier foods.
My sister keeps saying eat healthy 80% of the time and 20% of the time you can splurge.
Well my sister is a size 2 so she knows what she is talking about
so an older sister can learn from a younger sibling.

We have started taking Mother out to The Oak Bay Marina for dinner
early weekday when the dining room is not too noisy
(Mother refuses to get hearing aids!)
we have one glass of wine each
and share 3 appetizers.
Mother insists on creme brulee for dessert 
so we order one 
and get three spoons.

I have 2 small spoonfuls and a decaf coffee.
It does not feel like I am on a diet
and it's a lovely treat.

I am not stuffed nor am I hungry
and we all enjoy spending time together.

Learning to eat in a restaurant setting is going to be an ongoing work in progress.
I have figured out that salads with added protein are my best friends on the menu.

I feel like I have been rambling on for far too long...

Can you tell I'm excited?


  1. Congratulations - 9 lbs lost is something to be very excited about, I would be! It seems your new way of eating and thinking about food is working well. Very happy for you.

  2. Congratulations on the 9 pounds!! Definitely something to be proud of!!
    I am going to follow your lead and lose whatever is in the fridge (and elsewhere!) that is not needed. My husband, while not overweight has a bit of a cholesterol and blood pressure issue, to put it mildly and as they say 'out of sight, out of mind'.

  3. Nine pounds?! Hurray for you! I really think focusing on healthy eating instead of "dieting" is the way to go. Finding what can satisfy cravings without eating the wrong foods is key. Eating fruit does it for me. You've chosen a good time of year to access fresh veggies. Farmers Markets are wonderful sources of fresh product.

  4. Yay for you that's amazing! The best part is it sounds like you have found a new way of eating which is making you very happy, you are not starving and you don't feel deprived. I think if our diet revolves around vegetables we just can't go wrong.
    I love that you threw out your diet books too, that must have felt great.

  5. Good for you! I still needed the support of Weight Watchers and enjoyed my meetings. Probably you have more discipline than I did.

  6. Congratulations! I can gain weight just looking at food. 'Embracing the salad side of the menu' in restaurants always helps. Keep up the good work.

  7. Excited - and well you SHOULD be! Your plan sounds wise and wonderful and your success confirms it. I have about 9 pounds to lose. Then I'll be satisfied. I've lost about 25 to date.

  8. Congratulations from me too!!
    Whatever way you find satisfying, is ok. Keeping it ( the food ) simple is a good aid as well. Bravo.

  9. Hooray, sounds like you're making great progress!! It's important to not feel deprived. We've been embracing simple eating too (and major cutback on breads, sugars). It's about building and maintaining the good habits...

  10. Sounds like your efforts are working . . . I think keeping it simple, making good choices, move a bit more and eat less is the best thing going . . . I heard on The View today eliminating diet/sugar soda we can lose 25 pounds in a year. Soda isn't a culprit for me but watching my sugar intake is a huge improvement to my waist line. I am happy for YOU!

  11. Nine pounds is nothing to sneeze at. I think it is great news; I am excited for you. All things in moderation. I have found the simpler the food the easier it is for me to cast away a few pounds. My husband is coming home tonight (out of town since Monday) we will have a little pasta. I'll let him have the majority and I take only a few noodles. It works for us. I am cheering you on while tackling the same issues. Bonnie

  12. 9 POUNDS!!!!! Congratulations!!! I am laughing as I drink my cranberry water! It is primarily because I can't drink plain water, but I did read the books!!
    Creme Brûlée! My favorite dessert!
    Good luck as you continue on. I do hope this is the motivation I need!

  13. Hooray, so glad it is working! I'm a few weeks into the same diet (ugh, hate that phrase) or rather nutrition plan and while not down as much on the scale I FEEL so much better that I don't care!

  14. Well done,9lbs over half way to 1 stone,great news so happy for you.Ida

  15. I am so pleased and excited for you! But the best part is that you are enjoying it! Keep up the great work!

    1. And I'll just bet that you've lost it from the mid section! That's where mine has gone from, more so than the rest of me

  16. That's great news to read, you have lost 9 pounds! The girls and I at work are going to cut out sugar and gluten in our diets. I know for me it wil be very hard because I'm such a carb queen. I like your approach to food and exercise....will be printing this post and giving it to the girls :)
    Thank-you for the post and wish you more success in your journey.

  17. 9 lbs is great! CONGRATS! i swear by mindful, compassionate eating. it is going to be the next big thing - i just know it! xo janet

  18. I have been eating much the same way for several months, and have also lost weight. My ultimate goal is to lose the belly fat (which means, further cutting down on the carbs and being more mindful when I'm eating out). Most of my food comes from the farmer's market.

  19. 9 pounds is huge. Congratulations. And it sounds as though you are starting to eat a lot like I do. The thing is, since my weight is at an OK level, I can add back in a little chocolate! You will too, when you get where you want to be, if you still crave it.

  20. After going to a healthy diet lecture a couple of weeks ago, I have been trying to eat this way too. I had to cut out a lifetime habit of artificial sweeteners and am working on eliminating any toxins from my diet. A 9 pounds loss is brilliant - I hope I can do that too. Please tell us how it is working as you go along - you are an inspiration.

  21. Please keep us posted on your journey because many of us are also on the same one. I, too, have given up "diets" and am embracing fresh whole foods in moderation. And no snacking for me unless I have cherries around. And lots of water. I have lost 8 lbs in the past few weeks and am determined to keep up a slow, steady loss. I just want to be healthy. It is almost summer here in Central New York and the farmer's markets begin mid-June--just what I need to help my plan. Good luck and be well.

  22. Good for you, dear Hostess! Having stumbled on virtually the same eating plan, I agree with all you say. I'd add one other tip: small dishes, with the food arranged on them as if for a photograph. And isn't the best thing how much better you feel thanks to all those vegetables? I love knowing that the more beautiful the food (dark leafy greens, bright orange sweet potatoes, deep red and purple berries) the better it is for me, so I can indulge in beauty while being good to myself. Love your marketing basket, too--


  23. 9lbs is definitely to be celebrated! And the getting rid of diet books. Been there, done that. They DONT work. It is all about a different headspace. Portion control, a little of what you like,not depriving yourself. Food is to be enjoyed as well as to nourish you. I have come to all these conclusions! I wish I could pass the wisdom on to my younger female friends - but everyone has to get there in their own time.

  24. Good for you . We're following the same food choices and I must tell you it works. It's not a diet and I'm so pleased with the results. From reading your blog I feel this was one area you really wanted to address and now it's happening.
    The garden looks beautiful and I love reading your blog.