Thursday, May 10, 2012

French Vanilla Home

There's a lovely shop near to my home which I visit regularly.
French Vanilla Home carries a wide range of French inspired old and new things for the home.
It's a treasure trove.
French soaps and lotions, crockery, wire baskets, linens, candles, glasses and plates, totes and French market baskets. The furniture is vintage, distressed and worn, "shabby chic" which I happen to love.

                   Sheila arranges her stock with such flair that it's a rare day when I leave empty handed.

my last visit happened to be on a rainy day
we've been getting lots of rain
so it makes watering the garden quite effortless!

Sheila has introduced me to this lovely publication from Denmark.
Jeanne d'Arc Living
no advertisements 
fabulous features
gorgeous photographs
if you can find this magazine 
you will probably agree that it's worth keeping after reading.

In the reflection you can see the building across the street
this is where a fabulous consignment shop resides.

Good Things is another wonderful shop.

I have had great success consigning my household items with them 
and it's fun to walk in and peruse their wares.
You never know what you'll see
and the jewelry is always tempting!

Good Things is where I was recognized by the blog author Pondside.

It's fun shopping in places like these two gems.
I can't imagine how I would be able to restrain myself if I worked in either of these shops.
I'd probably be the number one shopper.

Do you have a favourite shop?
Tell me about it I'd love to know more.



  1. I hardly ever go to the shops, I do love Walton St in London, it has so many individual little shops Oh in Canada do you say shop rather than store?

    1. We usually say shops or boutiques for smaller stores and store for bigger stores. Or at least I do! :)

    2. We say shops for smaller retailers and stores for the big ones like The Bay or Home Depot.

  2. We too have similar shops over here in Finland, there is even one in our very own small village! Sadly the stuff is pretty much the same all over. Nice things, but things one can very well live without.
    In reality, I don´t n e e d anything. I just must try to keep that in my mind; )!
    So, right now, I don´t have a specific shop I visit.
    However, I might visit my jeweler every now and then, just for a chat, as he is our family friend.

    1. Having a jeweler friend is pretty handy! One could be tempted during a casual chat:-)

  3. Will keep those two beautiful shops in mind for a visit when I am in Victoria. Perhaps we can visit together.
    Have a lovely weekend. I certainly plan to, and I can hardly believe the relief I feel, even though the news may not be what I would have hoped for.
    My Mom's jewellery will come with me to Victoria - comfort is important both internally and externally.

    1. I hope to meet up with you when you are here, I hope to treat you to afternoon tea and loan you a Kate Morton novel. Will be nice to meet you.

  4. We also have many similar shops over here,some have closed down due to the recession in the smaller towns.
    They no longer hold any interest for me. My favourite shop/boutique is
    the one that sells Elm clothes,especially now the new collection has arrived! Ida

    1. Ida we do not have the Elm line of clothing here that I know of but I have seen their designs on the internet and they appeal to me.

  5. A browse in such places is always restorative and I admire how the owners seem to divine what we will like... I have found several here in my new city (Montréal) and there are more awaiting discovery. Yes, the recession has been tough on independent shopkeepers. so when buying, I always visit them first.

  6. It must be difficult to be a small shop keeper competing with the chain stores. You are wise to give them your business it helps keep them afloat.

  7. This made me smile! Today I set out to do only things that give me joy - after all, if one can't do this on one's birthday then WHEN?
    Sooo I was in this wee shop and had a lovely look around, which I enjoyed as always. From there I crossed the street and had a good time at Good Things. Along the water, after that, in the sunshine, to Super Chance in James Bay - what fun!