Sunday, May 27, 2012

OOTD and a new Land's End dress...

Let's be realistic do you dress up when you are ill?

The Hostess does not.
Mother on the other hand, does...
she looks like she could go to the theatre or a party when she's ailing.

Mother's theory is that if one is dressed well
then one naturally feels better.
Sorry Mom
I am not living up to that standard.

I like comfort and to be cozy when I am sidelined and in bed.

Do you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away?
I do.

Behold the simple black dress
Land's End 
this one is a keeper.

I will be wearing this a lot.
I can wear it with pearls
a funky necklace 
an armload of bangles
a scarf loosely tied at the neck
it can come to the farmer's market on Saturdays with my straw basket
 go to lunch with the gals
I could wear it on the boat and go beach combing 
tea with Mother
to work

I can wear this with flip flops or sandals
dress it up or dress it down.

It feels soft and easy to wear.
I'm excited about this super simple dress.

The best part is it was only $55
and if you shop their 30% sale this weekend you'll get free shipping!
(Land's End has no idea that I am promoting their products)

I am about to delve into the joy that is Country Living UK

Happy Sunday to you all.

Thanks for popping by...
until next time.



  1. A cold is miserable . . . stay in your comfiest, read a good book and dream about your next outing in your new Lands End frock . . .

  2. I consider it "dressing up" if I change out of my sleep shirt into a clean one. I think you look pretty splendid having even put on leggings.

  3. I admire your mother's fortitude, but no, no, I live in old pyjamas when I'm in need of comfort. Feel better soon.

  4. Great pick with the dress, that one will serve you well. Get better Hostess!

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon. I go for comfort--usually something fuzzy--when I'm not feeling well. You're right that the dress is very versatile.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. Your new dress looks like a versatile piece.

    Enjoy the Country Living UK - I just picked up that very issue and started it last night.

  7. Sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. And no, I don't dress up when I feel bad. I wear a comforting flannel nighty.
    Love the lands end dress. It looks so versatile.

  8. I do hope you are feeling better soon. No, I do not dress when feeling really bad. I want something soft and comfy. Love the dress. I may have to head over to Land's End. Enjoy your magazine, book and a nice cup of your Paris tea. Bonnie

  9. No there's no dressing up here. When I am feeling poorly and at home sick I might be able to do something in the garden,so I dress in my yoga pants and a tee shirt and rest, with maybe a pulling of weeds if it is nice outside and a walk to the letter box and a walk to the chook yard to collect the eggs. The only reason the chooks would be interested in the jewels would be to peck at them!

  10. I'm so lucky, I haven't been to the docs or had a cold for about 12 years!
    I rarely dress up, that's monthly occurrence for me, hope you shake it off soon.

    1. What's you secret for no colds for 12 years? I think we'd all love to know.

  11. Leslie: Sorry to hear you are ill, but like everything else - this too shall pass. I have a black dress like yours. It was too long, but for $14, I got it shortened and now it will get lots of summer wear. I will be a dress that will come with me to Victoria. It never wrinkles - well hardly ever - can be dressed up or down. I have a few pair of sandals that will work; jewellery; sweaters; tops and I can make it say what ever I want it too.
    Hopefully we sill sit across a tea table with out LBDs and laugh a lot and, who knows, tears might be shed. I believe tears are for washing our souls.
    Hope you are better by the time you get this quick note.
    Peg - I'm with your Mom! Never know, might get better in the snap of your fingers and an invite come along to go somewhere special!!

  12. Hostess, your top and leggings are very nice and your new dress as well.
    I have to say I am looking at the comments and am very impressed by Tabitha's lack of colds for 12 years. Can you tell us your secret, Tabitha? If you say Bourbon I will buy a bottle. Oh, and Hostess I like your magazine and you sound happy so that is good.


  13. I've got the same dress in a different color...I found it to be a bit oversized, so I ended up with a size medium...thats ok since I usually wear XL!! Great dress....

  14. Hi Leslie, Sorry to hear that you are unwell. I'm afraid that I prefer to rug up in something warm and comfy and snuggle under a warm throw when I'm not well, especially in Winter, but gosh, I do admire your Mother!
    Your black dress sounds perfect. Hope you will feel better soon.

  15. No way I'm all about comfort when I'm at home.

  16. I don't dress up in blouse, skirt and pearls when I'm ill, but I do try to wear "leisure chic" in that I wear a clean pair of yoga pants, white t-shirt, yummy cardigan, good socks and my watch. I also make sure to take a shower and wear a spritz of perfume - no lipgloss. But that's if it's in winter. In summer I usually wear a jersey maxi dress because it's soft and cozy like a nightgown. I also have a bottle of nice hand lotion nearby and a plethora of reading material, especially frivolous things like a chiclit novel or a fashion magazine.

  17. Even with a cold you are always well dressed ,even your bed is well dressed!

    I am a total slob,lolling in my bed,tousled hair,red piggy eyes urgggg you get the picture (laughing)

    Trust you are a tad better today.Ida

  18. I have had a sore throat and some coughing since yesterday - maybe I got it online from you ; )? After the work at the stable, I had a warm shower, changed into clean clothes, and it made me feel a bit better. So, as an answer to your question, shower and clean clothes is my " sick look ", that is if I´m up to it.
    By the way, have used that Eucerin cream ( night ) and it does no favors for me.
    Hopefully you are feeling better: )!

  19. Oh I do so empathize mette...
    clean clothes always!
    Love a hot shower or bath too.
    Hope you get better soon :-)

  20. I'm enjoying your blog. Reading it is one of my stress busters. The colors are soothing and you write beautifully.