Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pepper and Roses...

While I was out and about Pepper obviously ran around the Bungalow amusing herself and leaving in her wake
a few ducks no longer in a row!

One Duck down

Two Ducks down...

Pepper has a lot of energy plus she's inquisitive.
She's fit and treats the bungalow as if it were her playground.

I should have guessed that when we brought her home she would be ruling the roost!

playing in the wine rack
there were no bottles of wine so it was open season...

attacking the box

helping me fold the laundry!

She's got "purr"-sonality
and our lives have been enriched since she came into our world.

She's just so adorable even when she's sleeping...

she's rarely far from my side
she'd been watching over me during my cold
(here she's shying away from the camera)

she's great company
a pretty good little feline

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort ~
James Herriot

This magnificent bloom is David Austin's Abraham Darby.
The scent is sweet and heady
bringing in a few of these roses can send an intoxicating fragrant wafting around The Humble Bungalow.

Bourbon rose
I have forgotten it's name
another heavy scented specimen...
very thorny stems though so one needs to exercise caution when pruning or cutting...
wear long rose warrior gloves!

The roses and peonies are putting on a show
and the blue bells are fading...
there's a bunch of garden chores calling 
and in the nick of time my gardener is back.

Having "help" in the garden is very new to me
  I suppose when one gets to a "certain age" one needs to be mindful of how much and how long one toils
years back I could work for 6 or 8 hours with a couple of small breaks for tea and food...

these days I am lucky if I can do 4 hours before flagging...

Oh well I mustn't beat myself up
I must just accept my limitations 
and try to do so with a modicum of grace.

I think that I have become a "high maintenance" woman.
Not that I like the sound of this
but I fear it's true...

It is costing more to maintain The Humble Bungalow
not to mention what I spend at the hairdressers!

I suppose there will come a day when we give up on "Keeping Up Appearances."
but then would we start to resemble "Grey Gardens?"

perish the thought.....

Keep Smiling
and Press on...


  1. Your posts on Pepper and the David Austen roses always cheer me up and remind me of my mother's house on Whidbey Island, which isn't too far from you.

    Did Pepper put the ducks back where they belong?

    1. Pepper is on a mission to knock the ducks down....and she doesn't pick up after herself!
      We hear the jets practicing their touch and go's from Whidbey Island often. I've never visited the island but must get over there someday. The San Juan Islands are charming pristine spots to visit.

  2. Your roses are magnificent. I've always had a gardener, mowing the lawn is quite a job here, I'm a spot of light weeding chapette myself.

    1. We have a very small lawn, sounds like you must have quite the expanse of green. I'd love to see more of your garden Tabitha, really please give us a peek!

  3. I envy the David Austen roses. I continue to seek out the slightest spot of sun that will allow the wonderful rose. Oh, I once had a sweet kitty named Pepper. I have wonderful memories of her. Yes, with age comes higher maintenance costs. I just returned from having a facial with a bag full of new product. Oh me. I hope you are feeling better. Bonnie

    1. Bonnie you must be feeling very pampered after your treatment.
      What products did you buy?

  4. Enjoyed all of your references there. Pepper is just adorable; I'm sure I'd be able to forgive her anything. And your roses are beyond spectacular, just wish I could scratch-and-sniff my monitor and inhale a bit of that fragrance too...

    1. I could send you some petals in the post if you want!

  5. Thought of you when I heard that David Austin has a new pale pink rose called Rosa 'Royal Jubilee'.My roses are still in bud (did not help that we moved them to their new home)
    Your AD looks nicer than his new one.....must get more difficult to find all these pink roses. Ida

    1. Seems like the growers are all competing for the Jubilee titles. Chelsea Garden show must be all abuzz with Queen Jubilee Diamond tributes. Gardens Illustrated arrived and I've had a chance to quickly browse through and I see there are a few articles on the designers and their plans.
      It's been awhile since I purchased a Davis Austen rose and I must go and visit the nursery that carries his specimens as I think I could squeeze in another one or two!

  6. pepper is purrfect. i have been thinking of getting a gardener just for the spring b/c my allergies are so bad. the garden is exploding in color and i cannot get out in it. it's killing me! but like you say, we have to accept our limitations.

  7. Janet,
    I've also tried saline nasal spray and it seems to help with seasonal allergies.
    I love your recent post and am so very envious of your all white bedroom...
    once we finish the downstairs reno I think I might tackle the bedroom. I might be able to do it myself.

  8. Glad you are feeling better. Smiled to see the geese...we had them in our house- Canadian icons.

  9. Your roses are gorgeous! I think if you can still spend 4 hours out there you do not count as high maintenance:).

  10. Such a cute kitty, and your roses are divine! We need gardening help here, at "our age" - spending 4 hours at it is brilliant, I agree with LPC :)

  11. Glad to read that you are out and about again!
    I had the intention of commenting on your post before, how amazed I am, that you are able to read and do other things from your sick bed.
    When I´m sick, no reading is possible, I just turn from side to side in my bed.
    Luckily, I too feel better already. Work is calling!
    P.S. I do know, that cats can mess around the house too, maybe even more so than dogs ; ).

  12. I'm not generally a huge cat fan, but I just love Pepper. So much personality. We're in the middle of a reno and I think I've found a spot where I can have a rose garden - so happy. Your roses are heavenly.

  13. pepper is just showing you he's natural instinct to kill birds!

    I wish my garden was smaller. I have over 100 rose bushes in a bed that just seems to require so much attention. It needs a huge amount of mulch as you can imagine, and that job is the hardest! I like to use the sugar cane mulch as it is so manageable, but it just doesn't last. I am going to look for something longer lasting, like a tea tree mulch. I have used lucerne hay (30 bales) in the past which was wonderful , but again broke down really quickly. I think that is my hardest job, doing the mulching. we have a ride on mower for the big expanse of lawn and paddocks around the house, so that is pretty easy, just time consuming.