Thursday, May 24, 2012

Salad daze....

In the spirit of health and weight reduction I am working my way to a more healthy style of eating.
Salads and proteins are my new go to partners in crime.
Colourful meals that could come from a spa are finding their way into the Humble Bungalow
a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Salad daze
look at the colours!

Romaine and red lettuces, red onions, radishes, yellow peppers, black olives, tomatoes, and shredded carrots. 

There's lots of chewing involved so it takes longer to eat
add some lean chicken or steak
(about 3 ounces)

a small amount of dressing for added flavour
and lunch or dinner is ready.

Rebar basil vinaigrette
I made a batch and keep it in the fridge for a few days and use it sparingly...
olive oil is the base with lots of spices and basil leaves
it is delicious.

I am avoiding bread
although I did have two slices last evening with my bowl
of vegetable beef and bean soup.

No hunger pangs after dinner.

I have also been moderating the amount of wine I am consuming.
Funny that I could convince myself that a liquid could be calorie and sugar free!

Yesterday afternoon when I walked home from work the sound of dueling chainsaws could be heard before I rounded the corner and saw the chipper truck.
Our tree is gone...
the large acacia tree was felled in the garden yesterday 
so after work
we were dong some clean up
and Mr. HB stacked wood!

I did not get a long walk in but I did get a work out in the garden.

Thank you for all your emails of support 
on my recent post about the frustration of post menopausal weight loss.
They really mean a lot to me.

While life may not always be rosy
you can always grow roses!

Your Humble Hostess


  1. That is ONE good lookin' salad. I looked up the Rebar recipe you mentioned and have added a few of its ingredients to my shopping list. I'll definitely look forward to making a similar salad.

    You (and I) can lose this weight. Summer is a PERFECT time to do it, too!

    1. With all the farmer's markets and roadside stands we have plenty of fresh produce to keep us healthy and getting leaner. Better weather for walking outdoors too :-)

  2. Oh that salad looks amazing, I'll be back on my diet on Monday, my waistband is so so tight today, I loathe that feeling and have been avoiding the scales. I don't think bread is an evil though, I really think it gets a bad wrap.
    Wholegrain "real' bread is very good for you, a slice or two isn't high calorie wise, even when I diet I include it as it fills me up.

    1. You are very dedicated to keeping in shape and I admire your discipline.
      I suppose everything in moderation fits when it comes to our diets.

  3. Your salad looks wonderful! I've never thought of adding black extra taste! You might try the whole grain sandwich rounds if you crave a sandwich at lunch. I have also toasted one to have as a side with homemade soup. Sometimes you just need that texture to satisfy. Persevere ... and enjoy your food!

    1. I know that I crave bread and once in awhile as a treat I like the occasional french fried sweet potatoes.
      My sister says it the 80 /20 rule...80% of the time one eats conservatively and 20% is a splurge!

  4. I walk to the store almost everyday for our food. Today I may saute some mushrooms and onions and serve them with beef. I would love to buy very good red wine and and a big bouquet of roses but I shall content myself with your beautiful photo and something more affordable. Seeing a long baguette towering out of my bag makes me very happy but again it may be wise to go with a smaller panette. I may loose that battle, however. Ah, my poor husband will suffer for it, I'm afraid. I find the most important thing is to REMEMBER my house key. :)


    1. Sauteed mushrooms, onions and beef sounds good...what time is dinner?
      The house key is very important!

  5. Your salad looks delish! Salads are a prime staple meal in our household.

  6. Oh that salad looks too delicious!! I too try to stay away from the bread but sometimes my willpower loses the dreaded battle!

  7. Your salad looks delicious! You have inspired me to make something similar for dinner. We overindulged in NYC so I'm right with you on reigning it in!

  8. I love that last sentence! Your salads look so good! Yes, I have been through this also, and it's just so frustrating. I roast a lot of veggies, and sometimes I put roasted butternut squash on arugula with some lemon juice and olive oil. So filling and delicious! I eat a lot of that and it's healthy and filling. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yum that sounds like a tasty meal...
      thank you for the inspiration.

    2. Sunday - that really sounds so good. Going to try that tonight.

  9. You build a beautiful salad!

  10. The salad looks amazing, and I'm about to begin to rein it in on our food too. Dinner is the usual downfall time for me, but when I make a salad (not quite as spectacular as yours), put some roasted vegetables, and about 3 oz of protein on it, I do find it satisfying. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I am doing some reading on The Paleo way of eating. By dinnertime I am usually weary and so I often give in to temptation...having a salad with lunch and dinner seems like a no brainer.
    Good luck on your healthy eating.