Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday morning...

I woke up early only to discover that I am coming down with a cold.....
but it's not a pity party here in The Humble Bungalow.
I jumped into the shower and let the hot water run and steam my sinuses
the kettle was put on
and tea was poured by Mr. HB.

I am sipping my second cup of tea...
planning to do a few necessary errands...
we are almost out of tissues and the fridge needs restocking.

Saturday morning and the weekend is about to begin.

The vegetable seeds were planted last weekend.

In the right raised bed are sweet peas
in the left we planted peas
yellow beets, swiss chard, zucchini
clematis is in back to lure the bees.

Fortunately we have a garden full of mason bees
 a heavy clay based soil that cracks 
and a shingle house
which provide many crevices for these bees to live has turned out to be a bonus.

These Mason bees have been in our garden since we moved in 30 years ago.

the lilies are thriving

 native camas in the park

a sea of blues

I ordered some black pants from Lands End and bought the large 
but when I put them on I was swimming in them!
I have re ordered the medium and hope that they fit better.
I wonder if perhaps the walking and mindful eating is paying off?
(one can hope!)

Pepper loves to sleep on our bed and she sleeps on my side at night.
My legs get cramped sometimes trying to accommodate her furry form.
When the bed is made she sleeps on my side too!
If I snuggle under the duvet this afternoon I am sure she'll be at my side.

This weekend will be a slow paced one so that I can rest up and get rid of this cold.
I am seeking comfort in the simple things
a warm mug of tea
cozy socks
a scarf
a soft sweater
some magazines to lose myself in
a novel
(The Post Mistress)
a blanket to wrap myself up in 
perhaps my Steiff bear will join me in bed...

I think I'll skip my walk.
I may buy a bar of really good chocolate
I have not had any chocolate for what seems like months
but in fact may be weeks.
(I'll allow myself one or two squares at the most)

Tell me all the exciting things that you'll be doing this weekend 
as I 'll be living vicariously through your adventures!
Be Well.


  1. Sorry you're sick, and hope you recover soon. Rest is the best thing. Sounds nice to cozy up with Pepper.

    1. Pepper has been doing a great job keeping the quilt down and in place!

  2. Sounds like a nice cosy afternoon planned. Hopefully your cold will not really develop and will disappear fast. I am enjoying a nice piece of chocolate now. I do prefer milk chocolate , British Cadbury's is my favourite. I am tidying up my house this morning and doing my dog blankets and hanging them on the clothesline . Tomorrow we are going to Uncle Steve's (my brother) he is in Cobble Hill.We being my dogs and I , my BFF and Steve have a lovely relationship so it is always a special visit, my dogs get to visit and play with his little dog.We call it "Cousin Camp" We are going to get them a turtle pool and sprinkler to have fun in too.On Mother's day weekend my children and 3 grandies were up there and my GrandDog .The weather is beautiful today and I have some painting i am going to do out on my sundeck. I have a new technique with aging and distressing I want to try so I am going to practice Frenchifying on frames . I hope you and Miss Pepper have a good rest this afternoon. I have inherited my Mothers 15 year old cat , we have recently bonded so she sleep with me every night. She has gotten used to my dogs considering she had never been around them ever. She rules the roost . She is Miss Callie . Donna blah blah blah , yammer on lol

    1. Donna,
      Thank you for your cheery weekend plans! I like that you elaborated with detail :-))

  3. In your working place, the school, you are bound to get colds more often than the rest of us. But having one in the spring/summer is extra unpleasant.
    Wishing, that it will be over, as fast as it came!
    I have been painting today. The paddock fences need replacing = new painting. I´m surprised how tired I was afterwards. Napped for half an hour ( wished to sleep more..), but it was too early to go to bed.
    The Eurovision Song Contest (?) is on this evening, but I have no interest in listening to the songs. They are all so odd - once again.
    Tomorrow- maybe going to wash horse rugs, after I brush them. Big operation ; ).
    Please get well soon! Chocolate is allowed.

    1. I never did get my hands on any chocolate...
      a little voice in my head said behave and keep your eye on the scale!

      I hope the weather was warm and sunny for your painting project.
      I napped for 45 minutes and for me that's quite a feat.

      Your weekend sounds very busy.

  4. I hope the cold doesn't get a hold on you Hostess and I agree with Mette, since I finished working in school environments (touchwood) constant colds/flu are no longer an issue for me.
    My little bundle of fluff is curled beside me on the bed this Sunday morning in the antipodes. A cup of green tea and toast just went down very nicely, load of washing is churning then off to visit my mother while my hubs is at work.

    1. Life at Red Roses sounds like it's ticking along nicely.
      Have you retired Annie?

    2. I suppose I have Hostess. I resigned while undergoing some medical treatment and never returned to education. I miss certain aspects but certainly not catching the circulating germs!

  5. sorry that you aren't feeling well, hope you get better soon.

    Nothing too exciting here, just tons of work in the garden and the on-going restoration of my Mother's house to get it ready to rent. I would much rather be basking in some exotic island. But I did buy some lovely plants today and that is always a good thing.

    1. Are you overseeing the renovations or doing them yourself?
      Your garden is such a magical place it must be more exquisite than an exotic island.
      I'd love to sit amid your roses with a cup of tea and just listen to the birds and the bees...

  6. Sorry to hear you are unwell; chocolate is definitely medicinal under the circumstances. Our long hot summer is finally over, and we have enjoyed a morning drive in the crisp winter sunshine - through the countryside and along by the river, followed by toast and coffee. Lovely. Also enjoyed singing again with my church choir after a 3 month absence due to illness. That made my heart sing too! Off to do a bit of sewing now. Keep warm and well.

  7. Hope you are feeling a bit better today.

    Yesterday watched HB play cricket with the village team,typical village scene,with the ladies serving tea/sandwiches/cake from the pavilion, bliss.

    This morning watched the sheep dog trials...they are so clever,and thrilling to watch how well the dog & farmer work as one. Ida

    1. I am feeling a bit better thank you ida.
      Sheep dogs are so clever, I love how their trainers use whistles and hand signs to direct the dogs.
      Salt Spring Island has a Fall Fair where the farmers get to compete with their border collies and it's really riviting to watch them go through their paces.

  8. Get better soon! Chocolate is always a good idea. Remember Jeanne Calment?


  9. Jeanne's lifestyle was quite privileged but she did employ some great habits which must have contributed to her longevity. Two pounds of chocolate a week is a bit much though!

  10. We're all fighting colds at my house too. I find tea is so comforting when one has a scratchy throat. Feel better soon!

  11. Oh, and my mother used to give us warm honey with lemon juice for a cough. It seemed to work, or maybe we just liked the taste.