Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scarf tying tutorial #2 and pearl love.

If you have been around for awhile you know that I am crazy about scarves.
I stumbled upon a lacy one that has a vintage quality and is so pretty and feminine that it could be worn to a wedding and I couldn't wait to show you.
I found it at French Vanilla Home, a shop that I regularly frequent and it was surprisingly affordable.
(I will write a post on this shop later)

Many random lacy features and details make tying this one as effortless as can be.
This scarf practically ties itself!

place scarf in front of neck
take the two long ends
put them over your shoulders to the back cross them and bring them over opposite shoulders
then forward and tie loosely
what could be easier?

move and arrange those features that you want to see most
play with your scarf
have fun
be confident
never let doubts about your ability to wear a scarf stop you 

once you wear one a few times you'll be a pro!

this soft piece of cloth reminds me of a cloud

here the ornate bead like details are in front 
while the long lacy edges are in the back
can you imagine how this scarf could dress up a simple dress?

I won't need to wear pearls with this scarf but I will 
because I love how they look together
if you look at the photo you can see I have "big hair"
that photo was taken on one of our anniversaries
many years ago
in the '80's
we are on our way out for dinner.

I am wearing pearls 
as I have done for years
the pearls on the scarf were a Valentine's Day gift from Mr. HB several years ago
the pearls on my neck in the photo are a baroque opera length strand I picked up at the Antique Mall.

Mother and Father gave me pearl studs early on and I still have them and wear them often.
I'd love a pair of gum ball sized studs 
lovely daughter has some and they are her signature look so I hesitate because I feel that might just be wrong.

I really do not "need" any more pearls
I have plenty
as I do scarves...
but that doesn't stop me from looking

Duchesse has a firm grasp on pearls
visit her here.
She loves pearls and has done her research.
I love her pearl posts!

My question is...
what accessory do you most enjoy wearing?

(Perhaps you are a scarf and pearl girl like me.)


  1. I love your scarf - and I love French Vanilla. It's my 'go to' shop for special girlfriend birthdays.
    I'd have to say that my signature is a pair of pearl earrings that I've worn for everyday for more than 25 years. Those, and a vintage Gucci watch.

  2. Love the pearls and mixed with the scarf with pearls. Best of all . . . I like that because you do it because you like it that way.

    My signature . . . One single bracelet on my right wrist. Every day . . . But different one each day.

  3. Yes, yes - you definitely are a pearl and scarf and a flower girl! It makes me happy to read how excited you are about this new scarf and pearls.
    Somehow, the baroque pearls ( imo ) are perfect for you!
    My favorite accessory - diamond studs. I´d feel naked without my studs.
    ( I prefer shawls - for the psychologic and physical warmth ).

  4. Thanks for the link, yes, on same wavelength today. I wear pearls most days, today 14 mm pink baroque drops, matching the large raindrops falling steadily.

  5. What a lovely scarf! I adore the ones that just seem to arrange themselves. And your pearls are divine; you've really captured their natural glow in that picture.

  6. Lovely scarf. I've been meaning to visit that shop since we moved back to town, but haven't made it yet.

    I love scarves, and earrings. I have 4 or 5 pairs I wear regularly - pearl drops, pearl studs, gold/silver creoles, and crystal studs. I love wearing pearl necklaces, too, but not every day.

    1. I am posting about the shop so you may want to pop by and see what she has in stock...perhaps you'll buy a scarf!

  7. Simply beautiful scarf and ita cn fit any occasion - just wear it with attitude.
    I love my pearls and also my silver hoops. I have a silver chain and had a jeweller take a pin from my late Mom and put a carrier on it to wear with the chain. It is art deco and I love it.
    When life is trying, as it has been lately, I tend to wear the little bits and pieces from my Mom. Just wanting her near I guess, and it works.
    Hope you still have some Paris tea. I will see if the tea shop folk are back from their buying trip soon.

    1. I love vintage jewelry and your mom's deco must be lovely to wear.
      I do have some Paris tea left...I am savouring it!

  8. That scarf will look so elegant + pearls with your little black dress.
    Prefer pashmina's for myself.

    Grew up wearing pearls with twinsets that was the sloaney uniform.

    Now wear my pearl ear clips most days,have a selection of pearl necklaces which I wear when the mood strikes. Ida

  9. beautiful scarf leslie. it looks like a wedding dress!

    my favorite accessory - esp in the summer is my turquoise cuffs.

  10. What a lovely and feminine scarf. I bet you can't help but feel flirty and girlie in it.

    My favorite accessory is a cuff or lots and lots of bangles. I find that I don't care about earrings lately - weird!

    Have a wonderful day! xo, A

  11. this scarf is just beautiful--the word that comes to mind is "frothy."

  12. When it comes to pearls, roses, and champagne, "need" is not part of the vocabulary!! I love how you wear your pears, with insouciance. The baroques and this lovely set you draped across your scarf are fantastic. Wear them with joy, and why not go for the larger pair? You can always will your original earrings to the darling Miss Isla...I think an inherited set of earrings is so much nicer than a newly-bought pair. The patina, the memories, the connection between two, three loving and loved generations. Go for it!

    1. I am on the fence about buying larger studs because my lovely daughter wears hers every day and they are "her signature" accessory. I feel it might be wrong for me to steal her look!

  13. Oh! As for accessories, beyond pearls, does perfume count?! I wear both every day. Along with my watch, an antique gold watch chain with two charms, and a gold link bracelet, these have become my "signature," yet au can't help piling on more bracelets on the other arm. Gold bangles, jade bangles, cheesy rhinestones, hand-strung big chunky beads, cheapy resin bangles...I mix it up and jingle my way through the day, which makes me happy but drives my teenage girls nuts. As long as I don't wear the whole jewelry box at once, it's fun!

  14. Love the scarf! Very nice photos of same. My favorite accessory is gumball size pearl studs, like your daughter. They are my signature jewelry item. I also love pashimas and wear them constantly in all colors. I'm also apt to wear fresh flowers in my hair -- whatever's in bloom in the garden, but gardenias and camellias are my favorites. On those days, leave the earrings off because there would be too much going on up there!

  15. Beautiful scarf and gorgeous pearls. Very feminine. I love watches, and have been wearing a men's stainless steel Rolex for a few years now ~ so I guess that's my favorite?

  16. I really like the vintage vibe of that scarf! It's so you.

    Besides my wedding ring, I feel naked without my watch. It's a stainless Omega Seamaster that is informed by masculine design yet still feminine. The face is cream and has tiny little stripes like a teak deck of a yacht. Since moving to Texas I'm more focused on wearing white and navy rather than the black and grey I always wore in Seattle, and the watch brings a little lightness to my arm.

  17. The scarf looks so pretty on you and I send the best wishes for your MIL.
    I love my pearls which were my Mother`s. I wear them all the time and I think of her and can still smell her perfume on them. I feel very close to her when I fasten them. My other favourite thing is my Aran sweaters as I love to think of all the trips I`ve brought my knitting needles. We just visited our son in Waseda University in Tokyo and I knit on the trains. My son was rolling his eyes but I think he got a kick out of his old Mom!

  18. The name of the store sounds delish Hostess.
    Gorgeous scarf and the colour is flattering. I have a similar style in grey and likewise I find it very easy and versatile to wear.
    I wear two bangles constantly and feel naked without them. My husband says he knows I'm approaching because he hears them tinkling. Actually I think the tinkling drives him just a little bit crazy!

  19. Your new lacy scarf is perfect! I visited the French Vanilla Home site and am sorely tempted. I am also a "pearls lady" and was lucky enough to inherit a number of strands from my mother.
    BTW I totally fell in love with your Peinture Fraîche Hermes scarf highlighted in a previous post. You definitely chose the loveliest colourway. Have you seen your scarf featured in "The Vivienne Files" in her most recent post?

  20. Lovely daughter read my blog and said get those gum ball studs Mom you know you'll love them!