Saturday, May 12, 2012

OOTD X two.....

It's been ages since I have posted an OOTD.
I must confess that I have been out of the fashion loop.

It took a men's shirt to get my game back on.
I feel so naughty wearing a man's shirt.

I wore this around the house 
this morning
and it's all I wore
well I don't count the pearls!

I cannot wear a men's shirt without pearls
I know it might sound silly 
but it's true.

This huge shirt leapt off the hanger
and landed smack dab in my arms at the thrift shop
I thought of Annette Benning in The American President
I love that film!

check out this scene here

Annette and Michael are fabulous
I think this is classic.

it looks unassuming here
 it has the power to transport...
you'll have to trust me !

I did get dressed for the theatre matinee
Mother would not want me to show up in a shirt and pearls.

Black and white was on the menu.

Pants by Talbots
tank by Symplii
shoes Roberto Vianni

I know it's not rocket science
black equals 
pearls squared...

invite Eileen Fisher
to tag along and we are good to go

I've placed an order for a new frock at Land's End 
Dani showed us some new dresses and I need one for a summer wedding...
I hope it's OK to wear black to a summer garden wedding.

What do you say on the subject?
Black frock yes
Black frock no....

Please vote.

THe Humble Bungalow Hostess would love to know!


  1. Black Yes anytime !! I wore black to a wedding today and of course with my two strands of pearls , pearl earrings and pin . I have many different sets of pearls to choose from and I wear something most days . Mens shirts are comfortable too . I hope you had a nice afternoon at the matinee . Donna

  2. Oh, the shirt with the pearls is fabulous. It's a trick I'm going to try on a guy I know...

  3. A few years ago, I would have said don't wear black to a wedding, in any season, but times change. If you love the dress, and it is comfortable for the weather on the day, I vote YES, wear the black. If you think it looks too sombre, add a pop of colour.
    Lovely shirt + pearls = v.chic!

  4. LOved the over - sized man shirt... with pearls.. That is perfection... xv

  5. Voice of dissent here I'm afraid, black is for mourning and personally I would never wear it to a wedding.
    I love those pearls, they are really beautiful.

  6. It depends on the time of day of the wedding and the dress code, I couldn't see any reference in your post. if it is in Daylight- with a luncheon, then absolutely no black, but night time- go for it! Is the dress code formal (if it is night time)? If it is a formal code Black is certainly acceptable. We do heaps of garden weddings here in rural Aus. Sometimes the ceremony is in a church at around 3pm and the reception in the garden, other times it is both. Black in the daytime in the summer heat here would be a killer.

  7. Am with Tabitha on this one no black for weddings,maybe a Brit thing.

    Did Mr H enjoy your naughty shirt (laughing).Ida

  8. Yes Leslie, wear black. I have worn black to several weddings. My daughters wore black lace dresses as bridesmaids for their sister's wedding. Love your classy and feminine. Jan

  9. Love your saucy men's shirt with pearls. Thanks so much for mentioning me, I'm anxious to know how you like the Lands' End frock.
    I'm with Tabitha on no black for a wedding but it is done all the time these days. I was at an afternoon wedding last summer and the mother of the groom wore a black dress covered in jet beading, I have to say it didn't seem quite right to me.
    Of course it seems from the comments here that it is quite acceptable and done frequently, one thing I know for certain is that you always look beautiful and appropriate!
    Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mother!

  10. happy mothers day leslie!

    i love black but i would not wear a black dress to a wedding. i just think of weddings as so bright and joyful, i wouldn't want to be the "one" in black. but that's me. i think anything goes these days. xo

  11. I know I'm old-school, It used to be the social rule that if one was in deep enough mourning to wear black, then one didn't attend a social event. Black at a wedding sends a bit of a somber message, don't you think? Weddings should be happy events - bright and cheerful.
    I agree with "gardener", regrettably, " anything goes" these days.
    I do love your pearls with a gentleman's shirt.

  12. Although I too like black and have black pieces of clothing, I would not wear bold black to a garden wedding, especially in the summer.
    I´m sure you have something in your wardrobe, no need to buy anything new. Just go over what you have, mix and match - and you will find something beautiful.

  13. Loved the clip of The American President. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that movie!
    I have worn a black dress to a wedding, as has my daughter. I see it done all the time. I do believe some of those rules are loosening....

  14. I know people do wear black to weddings now, but it still feels wrong to me. My vote is no.

    Your shirt looks very comfortable, and I like that you add your pearls!

  15. I haven't been to a wedding in a long time, but I do know that people will now wear black and it seems to be accepted. I adore your men's shirt! You could wear as a tunic with leggings too.

  16. I would choose navy instead of black. Have worn navy as mother of the bride and to other summer weddings.

  17. LOL I am the naughty mother of the bride then 2x . I wore black for both of my daughters weddings. My first daughters wedding was very formal and her bridesmaids all wore black , she accented with burgurdy. Afternoon wedding too and a garden wedding at the lake. I wore all black and accented with a burgundy patterned jacket .My second daughters wedding I wore black again and her bridesmaids were in burgundy . I wore a blck satin jacket tone on tone and my accents were my jewellery which were Austrian crystals and emeralds , this was a daytime wedding at mandalay Bay . There were guests that wore black as well and the wedding I was at yesterday was a day time wedding and an evening reception. There was lots of black there too. I think we are at the day and age where pretty much anything goes . I have been to funurals and not everyone wore black either , I have seen many bright colours there too. Wear what makes you happy and black is one of your signatures , whatever you wear you will look great. Happy mothers Day to you. Donna

  18. Black frock, yes. It's not the color, but the fabric choice that dictates the seasonal suitability. Flat black sparkly sandals with a red or off-white pedicure, lots and lots of pearls, and a straw hat with a white chiffon scarf tied around the brim screams Audrey Chic for a summer party.

  19. Sorry, I vote no as well, no black to a wedding. But, as so many have said, rules are changing. Many people don't even wear black to funerals any more, although I do feel that's wrong. In any case, I'm sure you will look very chic, as usual Hostess.

  20. It's a yes from me. My daughter had black bridesmaids' dresses for her wedding with scarlet accessories. The MOG wore black with red and I wore electric blue with black (she bought hers before I decided!!). If you feel comfortable in black there is no reason these days not to wear it. I have worn black with cream, black with cerise and black with red to weddings in the past. It all depends on the material and the accessories. Just don't wear white!!!!

    Loving the shirt with the pearls. Did you wear leggings as well?

  21. Oh, black is always appropriate and classic. Wear a bright pair of shoes and throw on one of your fabulous scarves for the day...pearls for night. I'm in the south and we wear black to everything. I love men's shirts.

  22. I've worn black to weddings, especially black tie weddings, and most of the female guests were in black also.
    For a summer garden wedding, I really think it depends more on the dress. I probably wouldn't wear all black, I'd lighten it up with nude or colored shoes and bag, pashmina, etc.
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  23. Unless it is actually a Black and White Wedding I would not! I just think a summer garden wedding is the opportunity to wear something fun even bright, just not black. I do love some of the Lands End Dresses after Dani highlighted them!

    Art by Karena

  24. Black has become very common at weddings. You might want to break away from the crowd and go for some colour!

  25. Black for a wedding is ok, but only with "happy" accessories and a happy spirit.

  26. I say it's OK, especially if it's a daytime wedding, and I say I like your blue striped shirt!

  27. There are so many wonderful colours to wear for such a joyous occasion. So, a big NO to black.