Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flowers, friends, and an avocado top...

The Humble Bungalow Garden is starting to bloom...
May is truly a great month for flowers.


Lilacs in mauve and white
(same tree!)


Pure white lilacs

showy pavement series rose

Pacific Iris dwarf variety

 my current read
I did buy this book because of the cover!


Lily of the valley
I have masses and masses of this plant.
I could probably set up a stand and sell it to people as they wander by...

love the scent 
"muguet de bois"

If the weather holds I'll take my tea down to this wee table 
sit in the sunshine and soak in some vitamin D
after I've done my weeding.

Later perhaps I'll soak in the tub with some restorative epsom salts
and  I might pop on this new top with white capri's.

Green is my favourite colour and this avocado shade called my name.

It's from the Joe Fresh line
perfect for summertime
light and rather gauzy.

I realized that I "need" to go sandal shopping
I only have one pair of decent sandals and they are going into their 4th year of service.
Flip flops are OK for casual wear 
(and I have two pairs)
but with a dress or a skirt I like to have something a little more stylish.

I looked at lots of shoes but nothing really spoke to me.
I don't want anything too heavy or verging on frumpy
and a bright colour would be fun.
And why are decent shoes so darned expensive?

My BFF got a fabulous dress for the wedding
and we found an unconstructed cover
rather like a sweater alternative 
soft light cotton
with great details that add a chic effect.
She also bought a new Roots cross body bag
and we lunched at Rebar and both enjoyed a delicious quinoa and wild rice salad with beans and avocado.
If you are looking for a fabulous vegetarian spot to lunch do not miss this diner.

Nothing like a fun day with my BFF and some successful shopping 
to put a contented happy smile on my face.

Hope that your weekend is ticking along nicely.


  1. Your garden is so beautiful, I have planted poppies so many times and got nothing from them - someone call the Hattats ASAP!

    1. I have so many poppies that I am digging them out and giving them away. We have clay soil here so maybe that's the secret? Keep trying Tabitha and good luck.

  2. Oh how I envy that Pacific NW soil here is so lousy the tiny beds need to be completely overhauled. Maybe then I can grow lilies of the valley, which spread so nicely at my old house. But rather than lament, I'm going to try to reinvent that salad you described for lunches this week. Sounds almost as good as those flowers of yours look!

    1. I think if you google Rebar you might find their basil vinaigrette dressing which I think they used as the dressing.
      Cook the rice and quinoa and add some beans, avocado and dried apricots, dress and I think your ready to dine!

  3. Your garden is divine, as is the scent I suspect. The green top looks lovely and summery, Good luck sourcing sandals. Our school banned us from wearing flip flops, we now have to have a strap around the ankle. Was all good as I had an excuse for new shoes:)

    1. Banning flip flops sounds pretty harsh!
      How do the students like this ruling or the parents and staff for that matter?
      There must be safety issues around this rule...

  4. What beautiful flowers you have in your garden, Hostess!!

    Well done.

    SSG xxx

    1. I read that you have a yogurt thief at work...
      our staff fridge is stuffed chock full of food so I never use it.
      I bring my lunch in a thermal insulated ELLE bag with a freezer pack in it. You might try that so your lunch is ready when you are.

  5. Your yard must smell heavenly just now.
    I am with you on sandal shopping - I have a narrow foot with a very slim instep - makes fitting difficult. Love the cool look of your top. Today in our Valley you need a thin little covering sweater, but the sun will find us again!
    Happy sandal shopping and raise a cuppa to our dear Queen - she will soon knock Victoria's record off the books!!
    Peg - who is sipping on a cup of Paris as I write.

    1. Peg,
      I gardened in the drizzly rain yesterday and then went to dinner at our son's home.
      Isla and I had fun and she has really taken to grampa. When he was outside at the BBQ she kept shouting "Grampa" it was adorable!
      Cheers to the Queen.

  6. Your yard must look so beautiful! Wishing you a lovely week! Angie xo

    1. Just back from visiting your blogs...
      congratulations on your new venture.
      I love being organized at home and at work, even in the garden!

  7. Love your garden, its a wonderland. The shirt (chartreuse?) is fantastic, one of my favourite colours and you'll get so much wear from it

  8. Your blooms are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to hear your opinion on the current read. I've looked at it a couple of times. Have a great week. Bonnie

    1. I am only in the first few chapters and have been too busy this weekend to read more but I am enjoying it so far!

  9. Oh, I always love the poppies that bloom wild along our alley and the lilies of the valley are just too beautiful.

    1. We don't have many alleys here in town but there are two that we stroll along and they are full of interesting plantings and one can peek into the backyards that line the space. Rather like being a voyeur!

  10. Would love to join you at the table for coffee and enjoy your fragrant garden.

    The weather here is warming up in time for the Chelsea flower show.

    Wow! you seem to have a very large wardrobe of clothes to choose Summer clothes are still in boxes from my house move...think I had better check them out.

    Wishing you a happy week. Ida

    1. I'd be honoured to have you pop by for tea!
      My wardrobe has increased I'll admit it might be time for a bit of a cull...

  11. Your garden is beautiful! I hope you get a lot of time this summer at that table to enjoy it. Have a wonderful week!

    1. I will try to remember to sit a bit after working!
      Your garden is amazing Sunday, I'd love to have a walkabout with you in yours!

  12. Your garden is beautiful. I love the matte green pottery vase the lilies are in - is it a piece of arts and crafts period pottery?

    1. The vase is an arts and crafts English Langley Lovatt's Ware matte green piece.
      You can find lots of interesting matte green examples on ebay or in antique shops.
      Arts and crafts pieces are much more affordable now than they were in the past, unless you are buying Teco or Grueby!

  13. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day--like writing a poem or saying a prayer. -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  14. Holy moly, the amount of flowers. There must be a lovely scent in your garden too: ).

  15. Thank you for sharing your magnificent garden!

  16. Wow you flowers have come so fast! Ours are just starting to bloom!

    Hope you are having a great spring!