Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Squared silky....scarves.

Greetings from The Humble Bungalow!
I am posting and hosting from the bed chamber.

Feeling a bit better but not totally rushing back to work...
I do like to share with my co-workers, however I do draw the line when it comes to germs.

Isn't orange a dazzling shade?

Hermes signature colour...
I do have scarves that are not made by Hermes.

Hand rolled silk squares are my preference.

This Lanvin scarf is the only orange accent I have in my wardrobe.
I know the magazines are showing all manner of tangerines clothes
but I have to buck the trends and stay with what suits me.

I'd rather add it in small doses, a sprinkling here a sprinkling there.
An enamel bangle, a scarf or possibly some Havaiana's....

Not wanting to attract attention is probably why I shy away from brights.

This very large square by an Italian maker drapes softly and can cover my shoulders.
This scarf came to me via Value Village
and if memory serves it was under $20.

Black and banana yellow run riot in this detailed patterned scarf
another large square which has been hiding away for far too long.
I found this in the antique mall near Pike Place Market in Seattle.

The Coach scarf was a Christmas gift from my son and his lovely wife.
a very extravagant gift indeed!

I find the squares are the most versatile scarves to work with...
there seems to be a great supply in the local shops.

Silky scarves are a great way 
to add a splash of colour
for me they make me feel a bit more "dressed up."
If you've shied away from silky squares I'd challenge you to go to a local thrift shop and buy one 
with a pattern and colours "that speak to you"
play around tying it different ways in front of the mirror
and get comfortable with your tying skills.

On my last Hermes scarf shopping adventure
the clerk mentioned that I was very adept tying the scarves...
she said most women that come in are very tentative and shy.
I say this not to brag but to support the theory that "practice makes perfect"
well maybe not "perfect" but "good enough" to impress the Hermes clerk!

I watched "The Queen" with Helen Mirren last night 
she wore many different Hermes scarves
wrapped over her head in her signature style keeping her hair tidy.
(A look that works for her but looks silly on me!)

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee coverage will be starting soon on the CBC.
I hope to be watching...
will you?

Laying about these past few days has been tedious
the sun has been shining and the birds have been singing their little hearts out.
I long to be outside mucking about in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

I finished reading the Post Mistress and I highly recommend it...
the author Sarah Blake spent some time at the VCCA
which reminds me
I must ask my artist friend Cheryl Fortier if she met her when she was studying there.

I am off to read a classic...
the thoughts and musings of a woman who is struggling with finding balance in her life.
I always come away from this with a bit more clarity.
Solitude and meditation, 
a room of one's own,
is what Anne Morrow Lindbergh needs
and finds it on a small island on the East Coast
where she lives in a rustic cabin steps away from a sandy beach...

Seeking some comfort and serenity
an escape from the sneezing and coughing 
that I want to ignore...

Glorious lilacs
lift my spirits.

Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning 
can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day ~ 
like writing a poem or saying a prayer ~
Anne Morrow Lindbergh


  1. Glad to find you feeling better this morning. I always enjoy seeing your collection of scarves. I find my center when near the water. The quiet ebb and flow. Continue to rest and you will be out in the garden before you know it. Bonnie

  2. My favorite scarf is an oblong plum floral I can tie a few ways. It seems to go with nearly everything. In high school I loved wearing two large square scarves in red, white and blue. Sometimes I wore them gypsy style on my head and other times I wore them more like headband with the knot on the side. Mom gave them to me and I enjoyed them very much. I sewed two ascots and wore them around my neck a little like a man's tie.

    Scarves are wonderful to wear. I like tying them to a shoulder bag so I can say my purse enjoys wearing them, too.

    Get well soon, Sheree

  3. i would love to see more of your collection! I almost passed out when QE blew her nose into an hermes scarf!

    1. It was rather a shock but she must have hundreds of scarves...
      plus I doubt very much that she launders them!

  4. I have a lot of scarves but very few designer scarves. I have never even seen a Hermes scarf in person. I do love scarves and hope to wear more of them in the future.
    I hope you get to feeling great soon.

    1. Debbie,
      Hermes makes their scarves out of their patented twill weave and so they are much heavier than a lot of silk scarves plus the hand rolled edging makes the price point much higher. I think pattern and colour are most important when choosing a scarf whether it be new or a thrifted find.

  5. How fun to find you via Ciao Domenica.It's so nice to discover another 'lady of a certain age' who is out there blogging. Your photographs are beautiful. I will anxiously be back for a visit to the bungalow.

    1. Welcome Janet I hope you'll enjoy your visits here!

  6. It's wonderful to shift through your scarves and find something nearly forgotten... hope you feel better soon.

  7. I love the black and yellow scarf, colors I love together. I have been combing consignment shops recently, hoping that some unwitting soul will drop off an Hermes unaware of what it is. Fat chance, wouldn't you say? Oh, well. I did find a lovely Talbots large square navy and gold.

    1. I found one of my Hermes scarves in a local consignment shop...I gave it to my darling daughter.

  8. So happy to see you love Anne Morrow Lindbergh....that book, so small and compact, yet yielding such powerful messages has been a great source of inspiration for me throughout the years
    Retreating to isolation to discover joy in the simplest of things.....not a bad idea in this fast and hectic life we live!!,
    I have just become a recent follower and so enjoy reading your "musings" on your daily life, I hope you're feeling better soon.....with the assistance of Lindbergh, that should be easy!!!

    1. Welcome Susan...
      I just finished re-reading A Gift From The Sea...
      one needs to pause after reading.

      Time alone to rejuvenate is vital.

      Anne listened to her inner voice and took the time to discover what she needed to have balance in her busy life and she had the forethought to write it down and share it with other women. Such a great gift she has given us.

  9. Oh, Gift from the Sea! I read it when my children were babies and loved it. Thank you for reminding me - I will try to find it and read again. You have a beautiful scarf collection - the orange is my favourite.. stunning. Hope you are better soon!!

  10. I read on another blog recently about the 6th volume of Lindberg's diaries being released. If you like Gift from the Sea, you might like that book too. Be well.

    1. I'l see if the local library has a copy on their shelves...thank you Terri!

  11. Those scarves are great finds! Can't believe you found that one scarf at Value Village.

    I will have to make sure I tape all the Queen's Diamond Jubilee specials on TV!

  12. I hope you'll feel better soon . . . Your scarves are so lovely . . .

  13. You do it all so well Leslie, even when you are not feeling well! From one scarf lover to another...I love your scarves. Gifts From the Sea...right behind me, on my bookshelf. We are thinking along the same lines my dear. Here's to you...and hoping you feel better soon...
    Jeanne xx

  14. The Lanvin one with the blocks of colour is my favourite,especially the way you are wearing it + your pearls on the 'Lanvin and Countess Mara' picture.

    I shall be in London for the Jubilee,can't wait to see the Royal barge,1000 boats on the Thames....just hope this warm weather continues.

    Do hope you feel better soonest. Ida

  15. Love that quote from Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I will definitely be watching the coverage of the Queen's Jubilee. Can't wait! Hope you feel better soon!