Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Humble Bungalow May 2012

It's a sunny warm morning and I took my camera and walked about in the garden.
Preserving images of the garden in all it's glory keeps me motivated to maintain the weeding and pruning.
We watered for the first time last evening as there has been no rain and things were looking rather parched.

The peach coloured Rothschild variety azalea 
is putting on quite the show 
it's sweet, almost tropical, fragrance is heady.

The wee chartreuse euphorbia has filled in the front bed
(it's invasive so beware!)
The box wood has grown since I put it in last year and is looking rather sharp.

The azalea was purchased many years ago
we were inspired by Veronica Milner's estate and garden near Qualicum Beach.
Prince Charles and Princess Diana stayed there when they visited many moons ago.
The garden is now open to the public and I must get back up there sometime soon.
Perhaps this summer for a tour and some tea
you might like to visit...

Chairs at the ready 
tea on the porch 
sitting and watching
listening to birdsong
chatting with the passers by...

Gardening requires stamina and I find now that I can only toil for a few hours before resting.
When I was in my 40's I could work for 8 hours in a day
now that I am nearing 60 I am more comfortable working 3 or 4 and then taking a break.

Gardening is particularly hard on the hands and though I wear gloves I need some extra help.
Lotion is often applied before putting on my gloves and there is a warming effect that takes place when working
and the lotion is absorbed at the same time. 
( a mini spa treatment! )

Here's a helper
I rub it into my cuticles and let it soak in.
I keep it by my lap top so it's handy
and then I remember to use it.

There's a long weekend coming up and I plan to plant seeds in the vegetable garden
and go shopping with my BFF for a dress suitable for a summer garden wedding.

What have you planned to do this weekend?


  1. Strictly pots now that I only have a balcony so I will go to the market and consider begonias. Your garden is lovely- all that work has paid off!

    1. Begonias are star performers as they last all summer. What colours will you choose?
      Happy shopping!

  2. I love your house, I love your porch, I'm coming to yours for cocktails on the porch - so envious that you can do that!

    1. Tabitha I'd love to see your home would you consider doing a post about your home and garden?
      If you ever visit I'd be more than happy to serve you cocktails on the porch...
      BTW May and June are the best months for the garden...
      I think I'd serve you a French 75!

  3. Beautiful home and garden. I always say each year that I will mark spots in my garden and each week I will stand there and take a photo of it. Never seems to happen - but as the farmer says, "There's always next year!". Never tried Badger's cream, but will keep my eyes open.
    We plan to just enjoy our yard, maybe BBQ and go to the Farmers' Market. Also raise a glass to our Queen!


    1. Peg that idea sounds like a wonderful project. Perhaps you might find a beautiful journal and snap some pics and add words and thoughts. Sounds rather romantic to me.
      Cheers to the Queen!

      Thank you for the Paris tea, I am on my second cup!
      Hope to meet you soon.

  4. Love your porch what fun to sit there and chat to people as they pass.Ida

    1. People often stop by to chat when I am weeding and look frightful...
      dirt is usually smeared on my face and my hair is a tangled mess. I am sure some of the neighbourhood children think I am a witch!

  5. I'm not generally an azalea fan, but I really love yours. Such a gorgeous color. So - I take it you decided no on the black dress for the wedding? Will be fun to shop for something. This weekend, we're going with my daughter and her fiance to help them register for their upcoming wedding (otherwise they'd never get it done.)
    Your home is so charming.

    1. Funny thing but I am not an azalea fan either! Just this one.
      I am looking for a dress and have not totally decided about the colour scheme...will see what the shops have to offer.
      My BFF is the one who needs a dress as it is her niece that is getting married and she and her husband are hosting the wedding in their amazing garden. I will ask her if I can do a blog post on her home and garden. Their arts and crafts home is probably 4 times larger than ours and has vast expansive water views with 3/4 of an acre of lush mature plantings, a tea house and pond. It is magical. Our son was wed there as well.
      Please tell me more about the upcoming wedding I love weddings and all the planning, the flowers, the dresses etc...

  6. your garden is so beautiful leslie. i love the way the beds wrap around the lawn. so pretty!

    1. Thank you Janet!
      when we moved in there were just brambles and weeds and a haggard lawn.
      It has been a labour of love for 30 years.

  7. Dear Hostess: I very much enjoy reading your blog. Today there is a very nice article in Cheryl Richardson's newsletter, dealing with rudeness in the workplace, etc.

    Regards, Helen - Toronto

    1. Hello Helen,
      I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog.
      It's a bit of this and that, whatever percolates in the moment!
      Thank you for mentioning the newsletter I'll try to read that article.

  8. Lovely garden Hostess. I'm planning to go to the greenhouse this weekend to check out plants.

    1. Sounds like fun. There's always something new and different at the garden centre to tempt us.
      Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. I love your bungalow. I, too, own a bungalow, but the former owners "renovated" by putting up aluminum siding. Would love to take it down, but right now is not the time. As we speak, my husband is putting the wicker chairs on the porch and deck. I love getting the outdoor space ready for our very short, but beautiful summer. The public market opens tomorrow and I will attend looking for fresh produce and perhaps some hanging flower baskets.

    1. Re-doing or un-muddling the exterior is a huge job. We took asbestos siding off our bungalow and had to rework all the wood trim on the windows and then replace many boards and of course repaint.
      We knew this would be a major undertaking and are so happy that we uncovered a sleeping beauty!

      I'd love to see your bungalow. Do you have a blog?
      I looked at your profile but couldn't see a link to one.

      Hope your market day is enjoyable.

    2. No blog, but am contemplating one. Just need a little inspiration and education. I will email you pictures of last year's window boxes. This year's won't be in until next week. Different design each year.

  10. You really love gardening, which is visible in the lovely pictures and the posts!
    So you have decided to buy something new for the wedding. Hopefully it will be something, you can wear later on too.
    There will be work at our place for the weekend, this and that needs fixing. Sigh.
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. My BFF is looking for a dress as it is her niece that is getting married and they are going to be wed in my BFF's beautiful garden. If I find something suitable I will buy a dress and I would most certainly wear it more than once! I only have one dress that I ever wore once and that was my wedding gown!

  11. Replies
    1. Thank you Lisa! I imagine you've planted tomatoes by now and your white garden must be blooming.
      Hope that you have a relaxing weekend.

  12. What a lovely home and garden, thankyou for sharing:). In reference to your previous post, I think your stunned reaction and lack of response is a reflection of your wonderful character, it seems to just does not come naturally for you to lash out or lower yourself to their level. Good job.

  13. Dear Hostess,This weekend I'm hoping for dry weather so that I can get some long overdue seed planting done in the veg, garden. My hands are a disgrace, but I shall have to scrub them up well because we are out to dinner with friends on Saturday evening.
    Looking forward to seeing what you choose for the wedding.