Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The morning is grey and overcast
the sounds of birdsong are coming through the single paned window beside my kitchen nook
where I sit to blog...
a mug of steaming hot coffee is fueling my morning routine

Pepper is perched upon the window sill and she is chirping at the birds
the washer and dryer are in full swing
and it would appear that all is as it should be
for a Wednesday

as often as not 
is wash day here in the Bungalow

Whites are washed frequently
almost after every wearing
I love whites for summer
a crinkled shirt worn over a white tank top is a look that I embrace

I replace my white tanks every summer 
I look for cotton that is not sheer 
and buy in multiples
this year I found a very inexpensive tank at Superstore
the line is called Joe
the crinkle cotton shirt is also Joe
I feel fresh as a daisy!

Joe cargo pants
Bandolino sandals
Thanks so Muchness OPI

Anne Klein 
soft nightgown in Black and White
I suppose you are not surprised to see more black and white!
I know! I know!
is it boring yet?

Fasten your seatbelt...
there's more where that came from!

my passion for pearls
evident in my choice of buttons

an Opus is a creative work
often a composition

loosely constructed and somewhat deconstructed
Bohemian jacket in linen
a gamine option
which instantly energizes me when I put it on
(and it's perfectly packable)

a bit of Bling
Hi Ho Silver

a strand of pearls
I'm happy

Lily of the Valley is putting on a show 
scenting the bungalow bathroom

I love scented soaps and seek out lovely bars when shopping
it's a clean conscience purchase
and I have amassed quite the collection.

Mother instilled in me at a very young age how important it was to wash with soap and water.
I can still hear her saying soap is cheap and there's no excuse for being dirty!
(I think that was her nursing background coming out!)

Yardley's English Lavender Soap was her favourite
she used to keep it in her lingerie drawer to scent her delicates
 whenever I smell it 
I am transported back to my childhood 
memories and scents
go hand in hand.

What is the scent that takes you back to your childhood?

Hope that you are having a Happy Wednesday!


  1. You have just made me realize that lilies of the valley are the pearls of the flower kingdom!

  2. Lavender definitely brings me back. My mother used to scent all of our linens with it, she said it would bring on sweet slumber!
    I always love taking a peek into your closet, I adore those sandals!
    Thank you for popping by today, hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  3. If I had more clothes I would wear white every day in summer, it makes me so happy when i wear it.
    Smells, hmm, probably the tangy scent of rhubarb, around these parts children were given three stalks of freshly cut rhubarb and a poke (bag) of sugar as a treat in summer. I loved it, times have of course changed.

  4. My Grandmama's chanel 5 was her signature scent,and Elizabeth Arden's Blue Grass always makes me feel emotional as I wore it when I had my only daughter.

    When I smell those scents it brings back happy memories,have not smelt 'Blue Grass' for years!!maybe no longer manufactured?

    Always put lavender (from my garden) into muslin bags and place amongst my linen,lavender & clean sheets way to go!

    Happy month of June to you. Ida

  5. The ocean late in the afternoon, Coppertone, and Bain de Soleil... fresh cut grass and lilac bushes in full bloom when the wind blows.. those are such wonderful summer smells for me~ they bring me to a beautiful place.

  6. Love all of your whites...especially when they are paired with black. My favorite scent from childhood is of fresh sawn wood...that meant that my Father was working in the barn and all was safe and lovely in my world.

  7. Hello:
    We do so agree. Classic tailoring and a white shirt will take you anywhere. Dressed up or dressed down, perfect for any occasion.

    Peonies are, at present, giving a wonderful scent throughout our Budapest apartment. In our gardening days, a Peony Walk was one of the mainstays of our June garden.

  8. Lemon verbena soap takes me right back to my childhood. LOVE your silvery sandals and red polish! Very fresh and Summery Hostess. xx

  9. LPC- Oh what a lovely thought!

    Lily Lemontree- I have often thought that I should try some lavender water for linens. I enjoy your blog posts!

    Bourbon and Pearls- You'd probably need that sugar if you are eating rhubarb raw!

    ida- Blue Grass is such a unique scent...I hadn't thought of that for years either...your daughter will have that in her memory book for sure.

  10. So many floral scents and Chanel #5 a favorite perfume which I continue to wear along with Angel. Adore your summer picks!!Where did you find that cute nightie?

    Come and join my amazing Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

    Art by Karena

  11. Cheryl- Summertime, sunscreen, and freshly mown grass remind me of my youth.

    La Vie Quotidienne- What a lovely image...

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- I am imagining how lush your peony bouquet would look. A garden walk such as you describe would certainly be a highlight on June afternoon.

    Semi Expat- Lemon Verbena is such an energizing soap to use in the warm weather...thank you Sarah!

    Karena- The nightie came from Winners and I have also seen it at Macy's in Seattle. I'll pop over to see the giveaway.

  12. Scents of my childhood include my mother's perfume (Shalimar) and a fruit cobbler in the oven.

    Black and white is my favorite color pairing. My second favorite is charcoal and chocolate.

  13. Rebekah- My mother wore Shalimar too! She has become a Chanel No.5 gal since I left home at the age of 19. Charcoal and chocolate sounds like a fun duo!