Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mellow Yellow and an Award...

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Rebekah from Cupcake Caramel
Thank you for the nod I appreciate it!

A few things that you might not already know about me...
after 400+ posts I think my life is pretty much an open book!

Yellow is the colour of happiness here in the Humble Bungalow.

Sweet Pansy
colour me Happy!
In my opinion just about the best bloomin bargain in the plant shop.

Fragrantly scented Azalea
Rothschild variety
my favourite

Delicate petals
an infusion of sunny sweetness

I love the contrast of the bloom and the foliage
nature has got so many things right.

I took a mosaic course a few years ago 
and made many pots
for friends and family.
(the centers of these black pansies are yellow!)

 I love to start the day with a sunny breakfast
packed with organic free range goodness.

A piece of whole wheat toast 
and a glass of water

To cut calories I used to skip breakfast 
until I read that the metabolism slows down
if food is not eaten.

I must have mentioned a bazillion times that I am not happy with my weight.
I try not to obsess about it
life's too short.

I also detest sweating 
or perspiring as Mother calls it!
I think it was because I have had more than my share of Hot Flashes!

I guess that's enough about me...

Mellow Yellow
 by Donovan Leitch 
a song that I listened to in the mid sixties
I thought he was a super cute bloke back in the day

you can read more about Donovan on his website
he's performing at Royal Albert Hall June 3rd!

from the Hostess
Thanks Rebekah!


  1. Yellow is such a happy colour, isn't it?
    I love breakfast more than any other meal, it includes all my favourite foods.

  2. Heard Donovan perform in concert a few years back. He was terrific and charming and wonderfully nostalgic for me as I, too, listened to him back in
    the day!!! And, yes....those were the days!!!!!

  3. Hello:
    Many congratulations on your award!

    Although we have never cared for too much yellow in the garden, as the eye is drawn towards it and other tints and hues recede, we cannot but agree that it is such a sunny and cheerful colour and does add zest to life. We do like the way in which you have used it as a link here in this post.

    Breakfast, as you say, really is the most important meal of the day. Skip lunch, if need be, but start the day with something. And a free range egg sounds just the ticket.

  4. The black pansies look lovely. I have never seen one IRL.
    Please don´t worry about your weight, as you said - life is too short to worry about everything. Hugs!!

  5. Hello:
    For some reason our following of your blog does not seem to be working properly. We thought that we were and now do not appear to be. Is this another Blogger problem? We shall try again.

  6. Have to agree Pansies seem to go on for ever,love their little faces.Ida

  7. congrats leslie, you deserve it and many more awards. yellow is perfect for your bungalow - injected yellow in the form of flowers is just what it needs.


  8. Your flora pictorials always bring a smile to my face!

  9. Around Annapolis, the yellow forsythias signal that brittle winter is about to I have become partial to yellow! We've had Rebekah's weather lately, though, so I could definitely dream of being in your beautiful BC garden, admiring your handiwork...

  10. Bourbon and Pearls- I seem to recall you doing a post about yellow too...I think you showcased clothing.

    pavlova- It is amazing that these older musicians are energetic enough to tour and perform!

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- I see that you are following...blogger has been doing such odd things. I am following you as well!

    metscan- Black pansies have shown up the past few years in the garden shops and they sell out quite quickly. Thank you for your support mette!

    ida- Pansies have found their cheerful little faces on baked goods and salads...although I have never eaten one...have you?

    the gardener's cottage- Hi Janet! I am happy that your blogger comments are working again, and thank you!

    Rebekah- Oh and that roasted fruit recipe that you posted looks perfect!

    Gretchen- The weather has been very unusual hasn't it? Hope that your part of the country will warm up. I say bring on the sunshine summertime!

  11. Dearest Hostess, Your garden and flowers are just beyond lovely. Pansies are my most favorite bedding flower. They just have little faces that smile up at you! The colors are pure joy. I was having issues with my weight and although it's not a big problem, I was really frustrated. I have recently read an amazing new book by Gary Taubes, "Why We Get Fat". You will find out how wrong all the current dietary thinking is. Truly life changing. Fat is not the enemy, carbohydrates are! It's working for me. I'll never eat the old way again.

  12. It is so fun learning more about my blog friends!!

    I love yellow as well and would actually love to take a mosaics class!


    Art by Karena

    Be sure to Come and enter my amazing $250 giveaway from Tracy Porter

  13. So right about not skipping meals especially brekkie! Love your yellows and remember the Mellow Yellow song very well! Pansies have such lovely 'faces' I always think...xx

  14. Congrats Hostess on the award you deserve it.
    I like yellow as well and especially yellow roses.
    Breakfast is a meal I just can't do without!

  15. Margeurite- I have heard that book by G Taubes is good and happy to hear that you are seeing positive results!

    Karena- Mosaics are a lot easier than you might might find some online info to get you started.

    Semi Expat- Hope that you have a fun filled weekend!

    Anne Marie- Yellow roses are excellent...especially Jude The Obscure!

  16. What a charming post...beautiful yellow flowers and interesting little tid-bits about you. What fun! Have a great day. Oh!, I love your mosiac pot ~ very nice.

  17. You had me at Donovan! Seriously, he was hot. And I love the mosaics...I lived in Los Angeles and after one of our earthquakes we made mosaics out of all the broken crockery...there is a kit you can buy to make cement stepping stones decorated with glass, shells, or pottery and they're great in the garden.