Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Music for my mood...

I feel low today...
I slept fitfully and really it feels like not much more than a wink.

I have called in sick...

as I sit here in a stupor staring at my coffee
waiting for the caffeine to kick in
I am trying to shake this feeling that has settled in and permeated my usual cheerful disposition.

I so rarely have days like this it feels strange...

Abraham Darby cannot cheer me...

nor the lovely white Lilacs that so sweetly scent the bathroom

I am planning on a quiet day
and a nap is on the agenda
a sleep deprived Hostess.

I want to share a lovely, haunting, and soulful musical selection...
Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber....

Perhaps you will play it in the background while you do something else...
(for it is 10 minutes)

Do you feel the powerful emotions captured and released by the violins?
What do you do when you have a day of low energy or a night with little sleep?


  1. Aw. Sending hugs. You might be coming down with something...

  2. Rest, liberally and without guilt. Everything feels so drab without adequate rest.

  3. Hello:
    We are so sorry to hear that you are under the weather and do trust that very soon you will feel more yourself. The music, as you say, is lovely - so restful and atmospheric - to be enjoyed at any time.

    The white lilac in the bathroom is an absolute picture. Perfect.

  4. I know the feeling! I had an awful night too. Tho I dont get to call in sick! Enjoy your day of relaxing :O)

  5. Hostess,

    A fitful night's sleep is an awful thing. How about a warm bath? Playing with Pepper? Read a book until you fall asleep? Just take care - like LPC said, you may be coming down with something. I sometimes feel like I need to always "do" something, but doing nothing can be good for us.

    I hope you have a restful night tonight. xo, A

  6. Sounds like your body is just telling you it needs more sleep, I am madame cranky with too little!! A nap and some fresh air? xxx

  7. Dear Leslie, That low feeling after a night of poor sleep is awful. Sometimes, I think we absorb too much during the day, particularly too much of other people's emotions, good and bad, and we need time to come back to balance. A day of quiet, enjoying the flowers of your garden, getting a little vitamin D from the sun, giggling at some nonsense of Pepper's and listening to some uplifting music sounds to me a perfect remedy. Oh, please don't forget some soothing cups of tea. I hope you sleep very soundly tonight knowing you were a good friend to yourself today. Lindaxxx

  8. You're so wise, taking the day to rejuvenate yourself and let your body tell you what it needs. Smart plan, laying in! On an odd note (pun intended), my local public radio station is playing the Adagio right this very moment! I adore classical music, and when you posted this piece, I knew precisely how you were feeling. Such an emotional piece. Here's to an allegro day for you tomorrow, sweet Hostess...

  9. Those white lilacs are incredibly beautiful! I have one white lilac but it blooms so high up I can't reach them (although it makes a nice place for the pink climbing rose to mingle in).
    previously pinkrosecottage

  10. Gorgeous white lilacs. Hope you feel better soon Hostess dear... will play the music in the background.. thank you. X

  11. oh, I hope you feel better soon! Maybe you feel the solar activites? GPS is said to break down tonight due to the acitivities.

  12. Feel better - I know the feeling. It's almost like you can't remember feeling happy or cheerful. It'll come back, but you have to wait it out...I don't find there's much I can do other than "cocoon" when it happens.

  13. I'm sorry you're feeling low and hope that you work your way out of that place soon. I hit spots of depression fairly regularly (seems to be a family thing, my mom, one of my daughters, a sister), and music's always a good antidote. Magazines, bubble bath, sitting in the garden. I find a walk helps as well, if I can stir myself. But sometimes you just need to give in to it, take the day off as you have, have some tea, listen to beautiful (if sad) music. Take care.

  14. LPC- Thank you for those hugs...I feel better already!

    Duchesse- Drab is it in a nutshell....it has taken me many years to figure out that I can rest without guilt...wisdom does come with age!

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- Flowers and music are such great mood enhancers!

    Suburban Princess- Sorry to hear that as you have a wee prince to tend to...hope that slumber comes easy for you tonight.

  15. Adrienne- A bath is a fabulous idea! I think I have overdone it in the garden...the Buddhist quotations that you posted are very inspiring...I felt so much stronger reading them, thank you!

    Belinda @ Wild Acre- I think my muscles were sore and they were in spasm You and I need to slow down in our overzealous gardening habits!

    Linda in Chile- I so wish that you could have joined me for tea in the garden...your words are so soothing here I can only imagine how much richer they would be in person.

    Gretchen- Oh that is a happy coincidence...I listen to the CBC...what station were you listening to?

    A Garden Near the Sea- Michelle...I imagine that your lilac and rose would make a perfect picture. I am following your blog as I love cottages and the sea!

  16. Semi Expat- Hope that you enjoyed the Adagio...have a fabulous weekend away and I love your new frothy attire:)

    Paula- I am a very sensitive person so perhaps those solar events have wreaked havoc on my sleeping pattern! I am much better now...I suppose the GPS is back on track now too !!

    Kathy Peck- Coccoon is a lovely word to describe staying in and laying low...thank you for popping by!

    materfamilias- I agree...I did not go for walk and really should have.
    Do you play an Operatic selection when you are sad and if so which one would you choose?