Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank you so Muchness!

This past weekend I went to visit a friend who has retired to a wonderful idyllic island.
She and her husband have built a lovely home perched high above the waterfront with large windows capturing the expansive views beyond. If one is ambitious and energetic there is a steep staircase that goes down to the rocky beach which is great for beach combing or watching the eagles and wildlife frolic.
Rock walls, raised beds, large pots with plants and an orchard grace the landscape and more beds are being designed and planned.

I snapped this image before I commenced the road trip...

The interior of the car was infused 
with the intoxicating scent of lily of the valley.

I had popped this wee bundle of blooms in water for the journey in the morning
worked my usual day at school and when I opened the car to get in
I was met with a warm and heady atmosphere!

Traffic was surprisingly light
I employed the Cruise Control 
and listened to music
and the next thing I knew
I was at the ferry terminal.

A short ferry ride later
I arrived
on the island

here life moves slowly
a state of balance and ease is embraced
people have time to stop and smell the flowers
no rushing about
 friendly moments to chat with friends and neighbours
even strangers
(as I found out)

lush gardens 
superior birdsong
 warm sunshine
a comfortable bed
great friends
and fun

wisteria canopy
it's sweet scent wafting

Slumber was long and deep in the still and quiet night
I awoke each morning early and refreshed
I lay in bed waiting to hear that my hostess was up and about

I took the book I am currently reading
(which is well written and utterly fascinating!)

 I would read a few chapters 
I felt that my hostess was ready and expecting me to join her for morning coffee.

We went off island for some sightseeing...
 a vineyard,
a country bakery / coffee spot
and we indulged in
a pedicure at an Aveda salon

I chose Thank you so Muchness!

We also did some shopping...
there were many interesting boutiques and home decor shops
dotting the small streets.

My hostess knew all the "hot spots" and directed me accordingly!
I found much to tempt me...
but I did not succumb until I saw these..

Canadian Company

I was very pleasantly surprised by the comfort and fit of this garment
it does flatter a size 12 woman's curves!

There is some flaring at the bottom and the hem is uneven
jersey knit
3/4 sleeves
 fitted through the bodice
so it doesn't look enormous and baggy
I will pair this with...

The Sympli waterfall jacket in a jersey knit
and skinny black knit pants.

Such great basics
and they are reasonably priced.
I will have fun accessorizing these
as they can be worn casual or for dressier occasions.

We enjoyed sharing meals
sipped cool cider on the deck overlooking the ocean
played a few games of Cribbage
went for long hikes on the island trails
watched a DVD
visited the Sunday Market
and drove to the nursery 
where we loaded up my car with plants for both our gardens!

It was a weekend of laughter
which all too soon 
found me sitting in the car at the Ferry Dock

 As I sat alone
I realized how happy the past few days had been
and how sad I felt that it was at an end.

I suppose that is how one measures a great getaway.

Thank you so Muchness
to my Hostess

I am forever in your debt...


  1. What a wonderful weekend, Hostess!

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. A good friend's sister teaches on an island out there...I wonder if it's the same one!

  3. SSG- I do so admire the trips that you take....

    Suburban Princess- Email me! It might be the one!

  4. That really does look utterly idyllic.
    I would love to retire somewhere like that.

  5. Hello:
    Weekends away such as the one which you describe here are always a joy. And this seems to have been utterly delightful, packed with all manner of goodly things. Indeed, you seem to have struck a very agreeable balance between activity [exploratory walks, shopping trips, and beach combing] with leisurely pursuits of Cribbage, reading and, of course, conversation with you friend. How quickly indeed does the time pass on such occasions.

    Your purchases look very splendid and we are certain that you will have good use of the little black dress.

  6. What a wonderful girl's weekend, Hostess. I would truly love a visit to your part of the world for it's lush, aromatic goodness. I have recently read The Duchess of Devonshire's book and enjoyed it immensely.

  7. Is this Saltspring? What a delight, your new clothes and the happy memories of shooing with your friend.

  8. I think that it is great, that you are able to allow yourself the small pleasures life offers. Small trips, spas, good food, shopping.
    i am just learning all that, often hesitating. But I am learning. Thank you for showing me the way.

  9. What a lovely, lovely mini-trip. You're making me a little homesick for the Pacific Northwest...

  10. Oh, I nominated you for a Verstaile Blogger award - you have such a well-rounded site and impress your readers with your sublime descriptions of life you encounter with all your senses.

  11. Bourbon and Pearls-It is lovely but Tabitha your Venice trip really looked amazing...I have a smidgen of envy!

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- How nice of you to drop by and comment...I read many of your comments on other blogs that i follow and I am most impressed by your attention to detail!

    Margeurite- The book of memoirs show just what an amazing life Debo lived...she accomplished so much, I was yearning to go and visit those stately homes.

    Duchesse- It was not Salt Spring Island but one farther north and smaller. Have you ever lived in BC Duchesse?

  12. metscan- I came to the realization that I could indulge in a few of these treats when I hit my 40's...and I have never looked back!
    I hope that you will find less hesitation is necessary as time goes on.

    Rebekah- Thank you for the nomination, I appreciate your kindness.
    I was homesick for 2 years when we moved away but fortunately we is the house hunting coming?

  13. Hostess,love,laughter and friends what joy,and of course trips.ida x