Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Flowers....

Friday Flowers...


Smilacena racemosa

and beyond
 Pride of London
a superb ground cover

White Lilac

A carpet of wooly thyme

where would we be
without the hard working honeybees?

Thank goodness we have the local Mason Bees
the honey bee population 
has been
severely depleted
continues to be 
at risk...

Burt's Bees
produce products which I use 
and recommend
the cuticle cream and lip balms are favourites of mine

go here 
and see what Burt has to say about Bees.

The demise of bees
and the collapse of their colonies
scares the heck out of me...

I really dislike what's happening to Mother Earth
and that's one reason that The Humble Bungalow garden is totally pesticide free.

donate things 
we no longer use

This weekend 
I challenge you to try to do something "Green" 


  1. Lovely, Hostess, and may we all treat the Earth as well as possible.

  2. Hello:
    What glories are in your garden at the moment. Everything looks so floriferous and luxuriant. The cool whites are so lovely, and what a wonderful sky blue your Clematis is.

    It is absolutely essential, as you say, that we all recycle wherever and whatever possible since not to do so is such a waste. We rather like the phrase 'preloved' which has a rather prettier ring to it than 'secondhand'.

    Wishing you a happy gardening weekend!

  3. You have so many varieties of flowers and plants on your property. It's so colorful!

    I have been doing my best to be kind to the earth by using cloth napkins, minimizing paper towel use and recycling everything I possibly can. It's the little things we do that add up.

    Happy Friday, Hostess!

  4. I'm swooning over your wooden house! Is that clapboard? I would love a house like that, we don't have any here, I've always wanted to live in a house like that.

  5. Having recently moved to the New England from Los Angeles I'm getting used to new particular ginormous ones that buzz about at all hours of the day and night...even thumping against my windows at night! They are out working away even in heavy rain. I have to admire them. Beautiful flowers.

  6. Many people have beehives around here we buy honey from them + honey combes it helps a little with hb's hay fever the fever season has just started here!!
    Love your Hostas' ours are a constant pray to slugs! I do enjoy a walk in your lovely garden.Ida

  7. I'm curious how you care for/prune your lilac? I have a beautiful 12ish foot tall lilac at my new house and I don't want to do anything wrong! It just finished blooming, and I'd like to just trim it enough to keep it out of the eaves, but I just read if you trim a branch where there was a bloom, it won't bloom again on those branches next year?!

  8. Your garden is beautiful Leslie and I agree, so sad about the bees. I use Burt's Bees the honey and milk body lotion. I promise to do something green this weekend. I just popped some nasturtium into the veggie garden and watered my garden. Nearly ready to start eating the lettuce :)
    Summer is here!
    Best wishes for a fab weekend ...

    Jeanne xx

  9. Dear Leslie, Lovely flower piccies. I am worried about the collapse of beehives too. Both the Chilean and Australian authorities have very strict quarantine laws to try to stop this syndrome from affecting their honey industries. I hope the scientists get to the bottom of this problem soon. Lindaxxx

  10. The collapse of the honey bees is a real concern, I still have quite a few bees in my garden...thank goodness. I don't use any pesticides either, only natural products and lots of chicken manure. Your garden is looking just beautiful, so prettty!

  11. Wow, the amount of flowers. I´ll consider your challenge for the weekend, just now I am ready to fall asleep ; )!!

  12. Oh, the lilacs!!!

    We use cloth napkins, I hang the laundry outside to dry, I turn off the shower when shaving my legs, we have one car for two people and consolidate errands, we've opted out of all paper bills, and our proxy voting packages and brokerage statements are done electronically. Hopefully all of that makes up for using air conditioning!

  13. Greetings to all you lovely commenters... am working like mad in the garden and have been away from the computer.
    I hope that you will not be offended if I do not address each and every comment...

    Bourbon and Pearls- Our house has wood siding I do not think it is known as clapboard.

    Elena- I have a professional arborist tend to my trees so I am at a loss to answer your question...I hope that someone can answer that one for you.

    Rebekah- It sounds like you could write a book on green living!

    I'm off to the garden...cheerio!

  14. Your garden looks beautiful and without any pesticides. I love your hostas...we had hostas in CT, but I guess they do not grow in Southern California.