Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garden walkabout...iced tea and a weird dream!

As to my recent low...
the low that one experiences when spending a night tossing and turning.
I am happy to report that I had a better sleep  but it was broken
punctuated by periods of wake and absolutely crazy dreams!

I was in a store in a frenzy of handbag shopping...bags were whirling around in the air and I was frantically trying to catch them to take to the checkout!
I wonder what that means!

(Maybe there is a bag expedition in my immediate future!)

I had watched an episode of the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills. I had never seen the show before but was drawn in by the homes, their clothes and the appearance of chemically enhanced large lipped smiling faces. These are real's a reality show but so far off of my radar!

The jury is out as to whether I would watch this again...

So back to my conservative world...
My camera and I walked about in The Humble Bungalow Garden....
it is a calm spot to just sit and be.

This is situated in the SE corner of the garden 
below the deck 
and has a massive honeysuckle growing above 
which acts as a natural canopy for shade.
It's a wonderful spot to sit and sip tea

Iced Tea 
is a great way to use up cold the from the pot
and it is so refreshing on a hot day

Put a few ice cubes into a tall glass 
add cold tea
1 tbsp. of lemon juice and 1 tbsp. of sugar
stir and sip
if you have a sprig of fresh mint handy
pop it on top!

SW back view of garden

looking East from the back of the garden
the fence is on the North side

Looking South

Garden shed at the back
situated NW

North patio
the wooly thyme has covered all the slate pavers

boggy garden North side of Bungalow

Boggy garden again

the bees just love purple
they seem to congregate here
I will be planting more to encourage them to visit.

Looking at these images I have not captured many of the blooms
just the bones of the garden
bear with me there will be more as the season gets into full swing.

I am curious...
Do you remember your dreams?


  1. Dear Hostess,I tried to post 4 times yesterday,& again this morning blogger horror was on the prowl!!

    So pleased you are feeling better,a walk in the garden does tend to raise the spirits.

    I love Alliums the butterflies also seem drawn to them had a Red Admiral on mine this morning.

    I dry the Alliums off later,do you? either to mix with Winter foliage,or by themselves they look good.Ida x

  2. Hello:
    We are so pleased to read that you are on the mend.

    It is, we feel, so important to look at the garden from a number of angles, viewpoints and seasons in order to fully appreciate what is and what is not working as well as it could.

    Your purple alliums look wonderful. Are they A.a 'Purple Sensation'?

  3. What a lovely and enchanting garden! It's nice that you appreciate the bees.

    I very rarely remember my dreams, and when I do, it's only snippets or a vague feeling.

  4. Oh, yes! I often remember my dreams...
    Your yard & flower beds are so beautiful. Thanks for the tour! (That glass of iced tea sounds very tempting right now, by the way.)

  5. Your corner of the world is a bit more real than the RH franchise. But, I must share with you a dirty little secret. The Purse Forum website has a blog section wherein they recap any episode of RH: New York, OC, New Jersey, etc. The recaps are far more entertaining than the episodes of those horrible women, and it takes less time. And it is usually my comic relief for the week.

    Now, if I could just find a witty recap of any of the Kardashian shows (which, sadly, I find facinating from an anthropologic perspective - at least, that's what I tell my husband), I'd be set!

  6. I would love to be having an ice tea in your garden right about now! I love all the different areas of your yard and I if I ever have enough land (it won't be living at the beach)I would love to have a garden shed like yours. Do you work in it, potting things or is it mainly for storage of tools and things? Can we see the inside?

    Oh, and love your beautiful!

    xo annie

  7. Your garden looks wonderful -- very well kept! I've also been noticing that the bees love purple, buzzing happily around the allium globes as well as the nearby cornflowers, then working their way to the rosemary. And the bees make me happy -- their sound and motion really completes the garden, imho.

  8. What a lush backyard you have. And so well manicured.

    I sometimes remember my dreams. I have heard you only remember dreams if you wake up during them. I don't know if this is true or not. But I do know we have many, many dreams throughout the night, most of which we never recall.

    I had a dream recently I was shopping for used Hermes scarves with Diana Ross in a consignment shop in Las Vegas. It was a fun one!

  9. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    you have a beautiful garden!
    Thank you for those pictures - to sit under a honeysuckle is bliss (I have one still blooming on my balcony)
    As to dreams: I often remember them (as you wrote: especially when one wakes up a few times in one night) - and we had the discussion, wether one dreams in colours (often) or black&white (sometimes)?
    (For a long time I wrote a dream-diary - really interesting!!)
    So: maybe you just want another handbag - or: you want to catch something elusive - or: so many possibilities!
    (PS: Another "oops we're sorry" from blogspot - but I had copied my comment - and now I try it via Firefox, not Chrome. The same happens at IGs blog - every other one works well!)

  10. ida - I am sorry that blogger is giving you grief. I have dried alliums and I dry the large christophili (spelling?) variety...they look amazing and they are still going strong in a large copper vase!

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- I am not sure of the variety...they have been growing for quite sometime and the name has been forgotten. I really must start writing these details down in a garden journal!

    Annie- The shed is very small, basically a storage spot for garden gear and the moment a bird has made her nest on the self inside and there are a family of birds flying about when I open the door! I'll try to snap a few photos next time I think about it...great idea.

    materfamilias- bees make me happy too, it does ones heart good to be outside in a place of beauty. If I lived as you, with the ocean as your doorstep I would glean much strength from the tides ebbing and flowing.
    I also feel that one cannot know joy if one does not know we are merely preparing ourselves for more Joy!

  11. Adrienne- I think you must be in the market for a new scarf! What a wild dream...I hope that Diana sang while she shopped!

    Britta- What an interesting idea of dreaming in colour or B&W! I'll need to pay closer attention from now on! The hummingbirds here love the you have birds or bees buzzing around your balcony plantings?

  12. I love the alliums, and didn't know you could dry them...I'm going to grab my shears and go get some. They remind me of Dr. Suess. I try to remember my dreams, but the harder I try, the quicker they fade. So frustrating!

  13. Sue- Hi and welcome! I will post an image of my dried alliums soon. Hope that you enjoy yours too.
    I rarely remember my dreams but this one stood out.