Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green Science...OOTD and a new book

Choosing the correct skin care products seems like a daunting task.
There are so many different formulations for every skin type.
Products are targeted to address a variety of concerns...
everything from wrinkles to luminescence.
I just want to keep things simple...

Over the past year and a bit I have been greatly influenced by the lovely
Janet from the gardener's cottage...
(go visit and you'll see for yourself!)
She is an Aveda esthetician living in sunny California and her skin radiates great health.
She practices Yoga, goes for daily walks and is a devoted and enthusiastic vegan.
She has a green thumb and grows the most amazing roses...

She uses and recommends The Green Science Line from Aveda.
So...with that in mind I have bought some sample sizes of the cleanser and toner.
I had hoped to buy the cream but it is back ordered and will be at least two months before it is restocked.
The tourmaline cream is very popular and was suggested as another option.

My skin feels hydrated and smooth
no irritation or redness
after 1 week
I am very impressed.


Eileen Fisher capris
white tank JOE
Eileen Fisher shrug/sweater
MeeToo NY shoes

and what's life without a wee bit of sparkle?
so I am going over the top and it's daytime here...

maybe Sophia Kinsella has had an effect on my attire!
I call this type of book...
"mental snack food"
pure escapism and entertainment...
one cannot read Proust 24/7

wishing you a little light in your daily round...
Hugs from the Hostess!


  1. I could happily wear your clothes, your colour choices are so calm. I was looking at my slightly yellowing white t shirts yesterday and your words about replacing them every year rang in my ears.

    Oh my back is just early onset arthritis of the spine, I've lived with it for years -since I was 30 but it's becoming unbearable a lot of the time these days. I can manage itnot too badly at home but travelling knocks me for six.

  2. I love the sparkle Hostess:).

  3. Hello:
    You are so right that one does need recommendations from others regarding beauty products as there is such a bewilderng range of creams, potions and lotions available today.

    It is also so good for the soul to dress up a little on an ordinary day. It makes everything seem so much better and we thought your outfit a perfect balance of the practical with a dash of style.

  4. I have been faithful to one skincare line ( HR ) for a long time. It seems ok for me. Surely there could be better, less or more expensive products, but I lack the interest to try new/different ones.
    Skincare is important, especially in extreme climates, like the ones we have.
    Your enthusiasm in trying and testing everything new, is admirable!

  5. Hostess,

    I was just thinking this morning that I need to find some new skin care products as my face isn't digging my current routine.
    Now I just need to find a place that sells Aveda around here.

    I was reading "Jane Eyre", but put it down for a bit to read some young adult futuristic fiction! Sometimes life calls for a bit of 'mental snack food'!

    xo, A

  6. Oh, love your sweater! I've been working my way through "Middlemarch" which is absolutely brilliant, but hard to read in short bursts.

  7. So happy to have stumbled upon your 'blog'. I have found a kindred spirit!

  8. Loving the sparkle! Your shoes make me happy just looking at them.

    Regarding skin care, there is not one perfect line out there that can be universally applied to everyone. In selecting my line, I quizzed people with pretty skin about their skin type and lifestyle. When I found someone with a similar chemical makeup to my own, she directed me to my current skin care line and it is working. Effortlessly.

    Last year for Lent, I went Vegan and used Dr. Haushka products. Awful. My skin was terrible for eight months, and the organic, gentle products compounded the problem. But for other individuals, this routine works just fine.

  9. Hostess

    I LOVE your shrug. It looks fab with those shoes and necklace.

    I have a love hate relationship with the Shopaholic series. The earlier books were very funny and easy to relate too but somehow things got a bit annoying for me in the later books. Shame but there you have it.

    New skincare sounds very good indeed.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  10. Like your colours & mix of textures.

    Am in the middle of reading The Other Boleyn Girl,interesting if you enjoy historical novels.Ida

  11. bourbon and pearls- I am sorry to hear about your back. Pain management is a tricky business and therapy can be all over the map depending on who you are taking to. Take care Tabitha.

    LPC- Maybe I am not totally a sturdy girl after all, there's an artsy cousin lurking in the wings!

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- With compliments such as yours I will need to buy a larger hat size soon!

  12. metscan- I'd rather have one routine that is simple and keep it that way but my skin has changed in mid life so I am experimenting a wee bit more than i would naturally care to do. If HR works well for you and your skin responds well I see no reason whatsoever to change. Sounds like you discovered a great line early on...well done!

    Adrienne- I find that when life is hectic I am drawn to fluffy paperbacks!
    One does need escape now and then...Jane Eyre should be on a must read list somewhere...it's a classic!

  13. une femme- Now that's a novel that I have yet to read...will you blog your thoughts for us when you have finished reading it?

    Mags- Welcome! I hope that you will come back and visit again and tell me more about you.

    Rebekah- I wonder if the change in your diet contributed to your skin changes. That must have been a difficult 8 months.

    SSG- I see the books that you read regularly on your blog and I am not surprised by your comment at all. There are so many wonderful novels out there!
    Kinsella feels like a formula writer now but I find it entertaining just the same.

    ida- Have you read the Girl with the Pearl Earring?
    Historical novels are my husbands' all time favourite.

  14. my mental snack food is Nina Garcia's 100 things a stylish woman must own. Very pleasant! The lentils recipe, including a "lesson" is online :-)

  15. Dear Hostess,
    I prefer 'green' cosmetics too, e.g. Origins with the creams etc by Dr. Andrew Weill, whom I estimate as a nutrition scientist too. Hauschka is great, but even Nivea has launched a 99% green sries of cosmetics now. A good developement, the market going green.

  16. Paula- Thank you for posting the lentil tutorial and recipe!

    Britta- I didn't know the doctor was involved in the Origins formulas, he gets a of of respect in the scientific community so they must be fabulous creams!
    It's high time that we can feel good about what we put on our faces. Green does seem to be leading the way these days.