Friday, June 17, 2011

Pepper's back...

I cannot bring anything home that Pepper does not approve of
she has particular taste
she is so high profile in The Humble Bungalow...
I think we defer to her!

Beware of silly cat posts....
seek only authorized feline opinions.

She is lurking and waiting on the sidelines until she pounces.
It might be an innocent fashion watch that Mother bought on holiday and has had second thoughts on....
Pepper is giving it the taste test.

It could be the Hostess's
 new hat...
to wear onboard the Chris Craft 
for riding in the BMW convertible

Pepper is the Fashion Police

she has put her paw down

she knows what she wants

She is hungry...
(our recent vet visit proved that she is still gaining much for tough love!)
she loves to play

and after...

there is always time for a cat nap

Sweet dreams Pepper!
your job today is done...

And Next...
I have something that I think you might like to chew!

Look at the weave
the yarn is loose
you could really get your claws in and scratch !

Please do not shred this one
it is my summer shrug

I can wear it belted too....
what do you think?

I'd like to dedicate this post in the memory of Parker
my son and darling DIL's cat
who died this week

Losing a pet is so sad
we love them so much
my heart aches


  1. Beautiful post, I'm so sorry. I have two dogs and have not experienced the loss of a pet yet in my life. I know it won't be easy. They are such a unique element in our lives. It looks like you enjoy pepper very much! Love the grey, black and white photo theme.

  2. Yes, it is so sad. And you are a wonderful example of how one can mourn and never forget a beloved cat, yet then make room in the heart for another,

  3. Oh, so sad to hear about Parker. Losing a pet is just heart breaking.

    On a lighter note, your Pepper is such a sassy girl. I like how she stretches out her arms. It doesn't look comfortable, but she seems to be enjoying it.

    Happy Friday, hostess!

    xo, A

  4. Pepper's so cute and she has VERY good taste! (I wonder where she gets that from...hmmm?) I love you EF it long or short?

    I'm so sorry about the loss of Parker. He was certainly a magnificent cat.

  5. So sorry about Parker. It's always so hard.

  6. so hard to lose a pet leslie. that sweater and hat are gorgeous and i bet they look even better on.

    have a lovely weekend.


  7. Sue- Pets are family...what kind os dogs do you have Sue?

    Duchesse- I really think if one loves having a pet be it a dog or a cat that getting another does help with the grieving process. There are so many animals in shelters just waiting for a home so it is a no brainer!

    Adrienne- She sleeps like that sometimes! I see your little dogs have their summer cute.

    unefemme- The EF sweater falls just below my waist. I have to keep Pepper's claws trimmed or everything I own would be in tatters!

    Suburban Princess- Parker was 7 years old, too young to pass on.

    the gardener's cottage- Thank you for your kind thoughts.
    The hat works really well in the convertible Janet! No chance of it flying off...and it keeps my long hair from getting tangled.
    Enjoy your weekend in the California sunshine.

  8. Love your Pepper posts and so sorry about the loss of your son and DIL's cat.. Very, very sad. X

  9. Sorry to hear about Parker, Hostess.

    Pepper, though - what a star!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  10. Semi Expat- If Pepper could talk I am sure that she would thank you!

    SSG- Pepper has no idea that she is a star...but she has grown to expect lots of TLC.

  11. I'm so sad to hear about Parker... He was such an amazing cat. I'll never forget that sweet little face... xx

  12. AIF- It's very sad...thank you for your thoughts.

  13. I'm sorry about Parker kitty. That's very sad.

    Your Pepper visually reminds me of our tabby kitty we call Gray. He's still feral, though we did our best to domesticate him and his litter mate Brownie, both kitten rescues. Brownie is a fully rehabilitated cat, complete with Pepper's cat nap posture -- love those adorable extended fore paws.

    Gray remains skittish.

  14. Susan Tiner- Greetings! Welcome to Gray and Brownie too!
    I have some info about clicker training via my vet...and I will try it with Pepper and post soon.
    She goes ballistic when we try to trim her claws!
    I would really hate to lose the best vet that we have ever had..besides the fact that she and I are trying to arrange to get two Goldens from Edinburgh in a year or two!