Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lighten up and beat the heat...keep your cool!

Hooray it's sunny!
A fond farewell to wooly layers of cashmere sweaters, socks and scarves!
Welcome to sundresses, tank tops and flip flops!

James Perse pants
black V neck top Sympli
Print linen jacket Opus 204 Seattle
silver sandals Bandolino

In summer when the temperature climbs I wilt if I am not dressed in natural fabrics like cotton and linen.
Those fabrics breathe and allow air flow,
I opt for styles that are loose...
I bought some fabulous James Perse linen pants last year in black that are the coolest pants in my wardrobe.
They have a drawstring waist and wider legs...
maybe not the most flattering for my short frame but they keep me cool.
Comfort is imperative...
(I am not a slave to fashion)

Eddie Bauer Linen top
(last year's purchase)
a bit baggy
but a lifesaver when the mercury rises.

Water water water
when I feel a flush
it's water to the rescue.
If I am hydrated I avoid that feeling of "fuzzy brain"

Air conditioned spaces are few and far between here
so we open windows
have cold showers 
sit in the shade!

Salads are on the menu for the season.
Crisp lettuce, fresh herbs and veggies.
eating light seems right.

Accessorizing has taken on a lighter note

a little arty
a little BOHO
lots of fun!

cooler than a scarf
easy to wear

adds a little something 
 not too serious

 beads like these are easily found
thrift shops here are full of beads and baubles

I like to cruise through import and ethnic themed shops
and survey the wares
and summertime is a great time to try something a little different
give yourself permission to take a risk
be a little more of that "artsy cousin"
rather than that sensible "sturdy girl"
to understand these types you must hasten over to Lisa's blog
she is the High Wasp who has a firm grasp on Fashions for the Privileged!
say hello
who knows you might become a follower like me.

I owe a lot to Lisa
hers was the first blog that I followed 
and a few months later I became a blogger myself
Thanks Lisa!


  1. Aw Hostess. You really are so kind. Thank you. And may I request that you show us the jacket in all its glory? Even on you, if you feel comfortable with that?

  2. Love the beaded necklace! I agree that warmer temperatures require more strategic dressing and accessorizing. Your black-and-white wardrobe foundations have been an inspiration to me.

  3. Hello:
    We do so agree with you that at last summer really does seem to be here, although having said that we understand that the weather in the UK is still wet and chilly. Here in Budapest we are currently enjoying temperatures of 30C+ and,we are told, it is to become much hotter in the next few weeks.

    Like you, we have been able to put away all winter clothes and are enjoying the freedom which summerwear somehow gives. We particularly like your linen top so practical and so useful for so many different occasions.

  4. I've never been this late putting away the last of the winter wear and there are still a few summer items to pull out of storage -- got out my white linen pants yesterday (not nearly as practical as your black ones, sadly) and I'm hoping it will soon be warm enough for my long white linen dress -- accessorized with a G&T!

  5. I am just about to light the log burner sooo cold here especially the evenings,still wearing my Winter tees with a thick cardie ecck!
    Have enjoyed looking at your Summer wardrobe,love the colours of the necklace.

    Enjoy your lovely weather.Ida x

  6. I ventured out this afternoon in capris and a linen jacket, and by the time I came home at 8:30 I was chilled through. The sun can be deceiving.
    I love the ropes of beads!

  7. Ins't it funny, how you feel connected with the person that made you start blogging. I started to blog because I did not want to comment anonymous any longer.

  8. And here I am Hostess rugged up in my woolies in front of the heater!

  9. LPC- Here is the link to my previous post and an image of the jacket.

    une femme- I am pleased that you like the B&W basics. I had a comment once from someone who suggested that I dressed like a maid or a waitress!

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- You are having a hot summer! I hope that you can find a cool spot to sit and relax and enjoy a cold drink.

    materfamilias- Oh the power of suggestion a G&T as an accessory...such brilliant thinking mater!

  10. ida- I hope that you keep cozy by the fire.

    Pondside- We have had some strong gusts of wind and because we live so close to the ocean it cools off quite quickly. You are just across the pond and must experience something similar.

    Paula- Blogger really is an interesting way of staying connected...

    Anne Marie- I know when I read Faux Fuchsia's blog I often forget that our seasons are opposite. Keep warm!