Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soap Opera...a collection and a question...

I want to sing the praises of Soap...
lather up and get clean
a simple routine that we take for granted...

I am so grateful for indoor plumbing and hot water
my great grandmother had to haul and heat water so she could bathe by the stove
a porcelain jug and a basin filled with hot water were used...

Can you imagine what that would be like?

Just thinking about the work involved boggles the mind!

I love soaps...
and recently discovered this gem of a bar in a local Garden Shop.

words that popped into my mind
bar extraordinaire...
gave off wafting scents of lavender

almost too pretty to open 
I found myself sniffing the paper
 several times in anticipation
before the purchase

I happily extend my seal of approval 

if you have the opportunity to purchase a bar 
run don't walk
you'll be glad that you did.

Why not add some scent and sensibility to your daily round...

Triple milled
guarantees this bar is going to be around for a long time
provided you have a soap dish for it to rest in.

I am an avid collector
here's the cupboard where they lie in wait for their chance to serve!

Goats milk soap by Camus 
is the soap for every day use 
in The Humble Bungalow shower

I buy it in bulk from Costco
I live about a 45 minute drive from the local big box stores
so I do not go often
I did, however, go this week
oh and the line ups are long 
and people have their carts piled so high 
with all manner of merchandise...
my head spins at the thought!

I found some polished cotton Buffalo cargo pants in grey
and they fit perfectly!

my sister shared a tip with me when there are no change rooms...
take the waistband and wrap it around your neck and if it meets without being too tight
they will fit
I know it sounds odd
but so far it has worked for me!

great for casual outings 
grocery shopping 
to wear while doing heavy lifting required by the inventory in the library
stacking hundreds of textbooks in the book room

My question is...
what do you put in the pockets of cargo pants?

there are pockets front, back, and center!

For now they will remain empty...
any thoughts?


  1. Wow! Wrap them around your neck? Very interesting. I will have to try this method.
    Fine, scented soaps are the only types I buy these days. I find they last longer than the typical drugstore brands which often turn soft and mushy after a few uses.

    Lavender is one of my favorite scents but my husband can't stand it. I recently bought some nice French lavender liquid hand soap for the kitchen sink and he asked me to get rid of it. I moved it into my stepdaughter's bathroom - she likes the scent too.

    I found some good deals on fine European soaps at Ross, Marshall's and TJ Maxx. Have you ever looked there for soaps?

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. I was interested that you use Canus goat milk soap. I have never used this but will look for it. I recently became a convert to the Canus goat milk face lotion that I found at my local health food store. I was hesitant because I do not care for the flavor of goat milk at all, but this lotion is absolutely wonderful.

    I really enjoy your blog -- I too am such a fan of black, white and gray I always enjoy looking at the clothes you show!

  3. The only soap I can use for hand washing is pure vegetable soap with no added fragrance or colour other wise I break out into a rash,the same applies to bath products(sigh)

    My hb loves Lavender soap so always keep a stock in for him. Ida

  4. A lady after my own heart! I, too, am an avid soap collector. I love, love, love fine tripl-milled soaps. I just never took to the whole shower gel craze. I love trying new ones but love going back to L'Occitane, Crabtree & Evelyn, and other French triple-milled soaps. I have quite a collection going too!

    As for lavender, it's interesting because I've only come to love it as I've gotten older. Is it a more mature scent? Don't know. But once I hit my late-thirties, early-forties, I have found it to be a very comforting scent for me and I particularly love all of L'Occitane's lavender products. I think perhaps the smell can be off-putting when it is synthetic, not when natural lavender oils are used. Thanks for a great post!

  5. I find nice soaps and shampoos, that smell wonderful, are one of the least expensive and most effective luxuries one can have. Lavender is my absolute favorite, although I've come to appreciate rose more as I age.

  6. What is it about developing a liking for certain scents as we age? Maybe there's a reason why lavender- and rose-scented products are associated with older ladies. Food for thought.

  7. That is one crazy tip! I am going to have to check out my jeans and pants and see if they follow along.

    I have a few cargos for summer...I like them for when I dont want to carry a wallet or purse and I can just put my bank card in the pocket and go!

  8. I have a large glass canning jar where I store L'Occitane and Pre de Provence soaps. Besides lavender, I'm a fan of verbena.

    As for cargo lumpy thighs fill the pockets so much that I have no room for anything else! It must be nice to have thin thighs...

  9. There is something so appealing about these wonderful artisnal soaps, and they smell wonderful. I like rose and lavendar scented ones the best.

    I just bought a pair of cargo pants yesterday at Marshalls: Jones of New York for $29.95. They are really cut, comfortable and the perfect light-weight for summer. I think of the pockets as embellishments.(-:

  10. I love beautiful soaps. This one is wrapped so beautifully. I recently received a trio of soaps made my pretty, I can't bring myself to open them. I always save soaps from luxury hotels. I think it's okay to take them so long as your not robbing the cart in the hall!

    love the cargo pants...I wonder if they will have them at my Costco. California Costcos has strange stuff...lots of glitter, yuck!

  11. I splurge on french olive oil soap from Provence - I like classic scents like lemon verbena.

    I've never owned a pair of cargo pants. But I do love your bathroom tile - and your nail color!

  12. Adrienne- I would not use a soap that bothered my spouse either...
    there are plenty of options out there as you have discovered...
    In Canada we do not have those shops. Winners here is like TJ Maxx and they have a great assortment of soaps.

    Jessica- Welcome and thank you for your following!
    I have never tried goat's milk...I do love the soap and I might just run out and buy some of the might be nice to layer on the luxe and soft feel of milk. Cleopatra had baths in milk...can you imagine that?

  13. ida- Oh you must be careful if you have sensitive skin...Dr. Bronner's is a gentle soap I have no idea if it is available in the UK...the health food shops stock it here and it is very pure.

    anonymous- I have always loved lavender as my Mother bathed in it after her long days in the it smells like home and comfort to me. It is an interesting thought about it being a scent than a mature woman might appreciate...L'Occitane have lovely products as do Crabtree & Evelyn.

    LPC- Oh please share a rose scented soap that you love and I will buy it and try it....roses are lovely. I agree that scent can be a luxe treat at a great price :)

    anonymous- I can only speak for myself... I would say that I scent is a very important sense and as we fade from youth to wise women we embrace what makes us to choose and without apologies.

    Suburban Princess- I hope that you have found this sisterly tip will work for you too!

  14. Rebekah- I'd love to see a picture of your soap jar...
    BTW my thighs are not small.

    La Vie Quotidienne- We might wear these in the garden and put our secateurs in the pockets!

    Annie- I must look for the MOR soaps...Molton Brown are some lovely hotel soaps that i love but they are usually liquid ones and attached to the wall

    Aunt Snow- Hello and welcome to the Humble Bungalow!
    Provence soaps are incredibly long lasting...I have tried the Lemon Verbena and feel so energized when I use it in the bath.
    The polish is OPI (thank you so muchness) I love the tile too and never tire of the in floor heat...

  15. Hostess

    I love soap too. My current obsession are the Crabtree and Evelyn ranges. I always keep a few in the bathroom cabinet. Does make life just a little more glam when you've got special soap in your day.


    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  16. After wearing my 2 pairs of cargos 12 months/ year/ daily, I am an expert on this one.
    My cargos have a pocket right front for the cell phone. On the left side a small zippered = lighter. Big pockets = nothing, back pockets = nothing, the low right pocket = alternative cell phone pocket.
    If I had something in every pocket, I guess the cargos would fall off. To prevent this from happening, I wear a cotton belt.

  17. First time here & love it!June 10, 2011 at 10:04 AM

    I initially observed the pockets as decorative until I found myself searching for an easy way to make a trip into Costco, sans purse. I've since found them wonderful for hands free shopping! I place ID/Credit card in one pocket, car keys in another and cell in yet another. They really can be quite utilitarian!

  18. SSG- It's the little things in life that really make a difference!

    metscan- You are the expert! Good idea about the belt...saves one from possible embarrassing moments:)

    First time here & love it!- Welcome !
    You and mette are way ahead of cellphone fits perfectly and the house keys too for walking hands free.

  19. Oh no---nothing in the pockets of cargo pants, that's an absolute no-no!
    I have recently re-discovered the joys of scented soaps after years of using liquid soaps and body washes. I can remember my grandmother had a huge glass jar filled with soaps she had collected from her travels and I used to love to open it and breath in all the wonderful smells and look at the beautiful wrappers. Fun post!

  20. Sue- Ah Yes! memories of our grandmothers!
    Certain scents transport us back to our youth and time spent when we were together.

  21. Nothing in those cargos unless you want to look like a shipping container.
    We love good soaps too; one of our treats now that we are empty nested. Did not buy when I had two boys who 'forgot' to keep soap out of shower's spray, they could go through a good cake in two days. Now we enjoy them, our later-year indulgence.

  22. Duchesse- What with my extra padding I need to keep things ship shape so I will not stow any cargo below deck!

    At least your boys enjoyed getting clean! I wonder if they remember those soaps antics!