Friday, June 10, 2011

Hostess approved...

I am thrilled to bits when Mr. HB cooks a meal.
There is nothing that says love like having your sweetheart plan and prepare dinner...
it is tops in my world.

I highly approve of his skill on the grill.
You might be shocked and surprised to learn that I have never ever ignited our BBQ.
It's true...
The BBQ is exclusively "HIS"

On a recent sunny evening we shared this meal together.

These Reidel glasses have large bowls 
 so perfect for the red wine
which we opened ahead of time to allow it to breathe

produces a bold and smooth Merlot
it has great "legs"
which you can see 
when you swirl the wine in the commodious bowls

on the menu
steaks wrapped in bacon
(Vegetarians look away!)

Steaks need mushrooms
like bread needs butter!

The Hostess loves...
when Mr. HB cooks
 he is King 
of the BBQ!

Grilled steak
 baked potato dotted with butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese
dinner is served.

Thank you darling.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hostess,

    Do you know that I live in Kenwood? The man who started Kenwood winery in the early '70's, Mike Lee, was a friend of ours. He sold it to the Korbel family back in 1999 or 2000. Sadly, he passed away suddenly in early May. He was one of the kindest people I have met.

    Kenwood Winery is literally within walking distance of our house. It's right behind the strawberry patch I visit almost daily. If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, I would love to show you around our little town.

    I love it when my husband cooks for me too - he's is strictly a barbeque guy like Mr. HB. I stay away from the grill. I usually burn everything and find barbeque rather unpleasant with all the smoke and heat.

    Have a wonderful day! xo, A

  2. Hello:
    Today the HB grill, tomorrow who knows for surely Mr. HB will have been head hunted for his culinary skills?!!

    What a wonderful evening you spent, and so really thoughtful of Mr. HB particularly as you have not been well, and at such times treats like this are doubly valued. Your supper menu looks to have been delicious and clearly was accompanied with an excellent wine.

    We do hope that you have a happy and relaxing Pentecostal weekend.

  3. So impressive! Mr B&P can't cook anything. I'm still in the south of France but can't wait to get back to my old homestead. It's so lovely catching up with blogs when one is away.

  4. Such a cute, fun post...and boy! does the dinner look delicious! Have a great day!

  5. Dear Leslie, To be served a fine meal by one's beloved is truly a treat. Mr HB sounds like a treasure. Mr LiC is under strict instructions not to use any unauthorised herbs or spices when cooking and I am only ever allowed to go away if he promises the girls that 'he will only cook from a cookbook'. Poor man, we don't appreciate his creative culinary impulses!

  6. I have no idea how to use the bbq either lol!

    Have a faboo weekend!

  7. Looks delicious, but I would leave the meat ad wine out.

  8. Commodious bowls, I love it!

    Oh and dinner looks fab too.

    I think there is something about the Misters of the house and their love of red meat.

    SSG xxx

  9. Steak, mushrooms and red wine is one of my favorite meals at home. Mr. Cupcake grills three times each week, and I'm happy to let him control that portion of our nutritional needs.
    He's more of a poultry man than I am, so when he grills steak for both of us it really is a labor of love.

  10. Cheers, and have a relaxing,happy weekend Hostess & BBQ chef. Ida x

  11. I saw you come up as a new follower and just had to come over for a look around. With so many bloggers far away, it feels strange to know that I enjoy reading one from very close by.

  12. yay, Riedel! A colleague at the radio will visit their manufacture soon. Most of their glasses are pressed but they still produce by hand and lung. :-)
    They are sooo delicate. I like it how they bend when you squeeze the rim, did you notice it bends a bit? Probably no wonder most of my Riedel glasses broke.In case you wonder how Riedel is pronounced: "Readl".
    They are located in Tyrol, just like Swarovski. We might not feel proud about Mozart, but when it comes to manufactures we surely are!

    The steak look delicious. Did you prefer it medium?

  13. What a great way to start the weekend -- can't beat that classical meal!

  14. Awww. . .what a nice husband! The food looked delish. I just love your blog!!


  15. Dear Hostess,
    that sounds very, very great! Congratulation to such a good Barbecue Cook! Everything looks delicious - so: have a great Week-end!

  16. That looks wonderful-you deserve it!!

  17. Hello Leslie,
    I've been lurking for simply ages, as I cannot post a comment on blogger blogs. Wordpress gets so pernickety at times.
    So, as I've just told FF, A-M, Janet and Paula, I've crossed the street and opened a Blogger comment account.
    Your garden is loving Spring and Summer (is it summer there yet?) and the flowers look amazing.
    I loved the soap post too!
    I must go try and bend my Riedel glasses (under Elisabeth's supervision) as suggested by Paula.
    I've just put a boat on my blog you might like to see, (as soon as I saw it I knew I had to capture it for you).
    Louise inTownsville

  18. Adrienne- Oh what a coincidence! The wine was delicious.

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- He knows when to pull out the stops and be of service!

    Bourbon and Pearls- You must be sharing an amazing holiday.

    La Vie Quotidienne- Bon voyage!

  19. Linda in Chile- Oh I hope that Mr. LIC cooks! Recipes and spices can be personalized!

    Suburban Princess- Faboo so far!

    metscan- you are probably much healthier for it!

    SSG- Red meat and men are forever linked...

  20. Rebekah- 3 times a week? you are a lucky gal!

    ida- hope that you are enjoying a great weekend too!

    Pondside- Oh this could be fun!

    Paula- You do live in a great spot! I tried to gently bend the obvious flexibility! I must be weak!

    materfamilias- I have read that pater cooks for is such a loving gesture! Hope that you are enjoying a great weekend,

  21. His Way or Her Way- Thank you! He's a "keeper"

    Britta- I love those images that you posted!

    louise- merci beaucoup!

    Louise- I am happy that you have decided to blog!

  22. Hi Hostess! You probably should not try to imitate my silly experiments if you want to life a long life with your glasses :-)

  23. Very sweet... does not matter really what a beloved cooks, it's just such a loving gesture.

  24. Paula- I think the stems are too tight for your suggestions!

    Duchesse- I agree....the grand gesture works every time!