Saturday, June 18, 2011

David Austin Roses...

Greetings from the Humble Bungalow Garden...
a bouquet of blooms await...
grab your secateurs and follow me!

frilly and fragrant
Abraham Darby

I forget the name of this rose and have lost the tag!

Clusters of flowers cling to this bush all summer long
it is so easy to make a fabulous arrangement 
all you need to do is cut a bunch and sit them in a vase full of cold water
they look spectacular by themselves.

This sweetly scented rose is an old variety
and was an orphan on the garden club's sale table
I scooped it up as there was a bloom in a wee cup advertising it's scent.
It loves the sunshine and is a greedy drinker
I would call this a high maintenance rose.

We all know someone whom we consider to be high maintenance 
don't we?

Citrus scent
peachy petals
do you recognize this one?
It's a David Austen winner
Abraham Darby 
I bought two of these temptresses
one could never be enough
as I snip them 
so they can spread their scent in the main rooms of the Humble Bungalow.

I love Roses
they are children in the garden
I feed and nurture them...
tend to their particular tastes
show them off
take pictures
and brag about them!

One year I won Best Bloom in Show at the local Horticultural Show.
I had my name engraved on the silver rose bowl
and could keep the bowl for the year until the next show
when another bloom was voted more beautiful.

The Bungalow Garden

The first Jude the Obscure rose

Gertrude Jekyll

The Humble Bungalow Front Porch

and meet Molineux
she's the new kid on the block
I'll be finding a suitable spot for her 
I can hardly wait until she puts on a show!
be prepared as I will be showing her off when she performs!

I once had a rose named after me and I
was very flattered. But I was not pleased
to read the description in the catalogue:
no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.
- Quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt

On that note...
I'm signing off

Enjoy the weekend, whatever you do...

I hope that you will take some time to stop, look, and smell the roses.


Anonymous said...

I love your porch and your garden shed, the porch must be such a lovely place to sit and chat in the evening. My roses are still a few weeks away, but oh the rain hasn't stopped here, I think it's been 4 weeks of constant rain, well, bar one day, I'm back to my autumn clothes now.
Today I'm wearing - a hooded anorak and wellies!

materfamilias said...

Fabulous quotation! Your garden, as always, looks wonderful. Although I'm getting tired of it, the cooler temps and extra rain don't seem to have bothered the roses much at all -- I'm off with my secateurs to grab a vase-full of Constance Spry.

Pondside said...

No roses worth cutting up here. A few Rugosa blooms but none of the Austin or Explorers are doing more then showing off buds. I'm glad for the overnight rain as it will help everything along.

Judith said...

Your Gertrude J looks in better condition than mine they have all suffered from the heavy rain urgh.

We had planned to visit DA's headquaters down Bowling Green lane HA,HA....long story about this!
as we are keen to see the finished rose gardens,plus a visit to the divine tea rooms/garden shop. HB has suggested if the weather improves we will go for my birthday at the end of the month & hopefully I will take loads of photos,maybe if I ever manage to find time to start a blog will then share them.

One of my favourite roses is Teasing Georgia a small climber at the front of the house,highly scented.
yes I know how Tabitha feels still wearing Winter woollies here!

Hee,hee like the quote by ER!!!
Thanks for sharing your lovely garden. Off to do a bit of dead heading now the rain has stopped.Ida

Jennifer said...

love the flowers and sitting on the front porch is a lost art! have a rock for me!

Guess she wished she had the funny headstone...She was good in bed!

Suburban Princess said...

You just reminded me...I have a new rose! It's called Her Highness :O)

Your porch is so cute!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Just Divine Divine Divine! The Abraham Darby is beautiful... Long for a rose garden some day xx

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love David Austin roses! You have some beautiful ones and I love the picture of your garden. I was afraid my Abraham Darby died over the winter, but it finally sent up new growth and is close to blooming now.

Semi Expat said...

Adore David Austin's roses. Particularly his Moss Roses - there is a most beautiful dark almost purple one that I cannot remember the name of but I love it.... Yours look fantastic espec. the G.Jeykell - stunning. xx

Faux Fuchsia said...

Your garden is STUNNING!!!!! Lucky you x

Sue/the view from great island said...

I can never get enough photos of roses, they are spectacular.

Britta said...

Dear Hostess,
so lovely, lovely roses! They look perfect - and when you sit beneath them, enjoying a beautiful summer day, you might read "Roses for English Gardeners" - best to sit beside its author (you have it in your garden): Getrude Jekyll. She has a very unique way to write, that Victorian Lady - stern, no-nonsense, beautiful.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Your garden is so all the roses, even the high maintenance ones! Love the photo of your potting shed on a sunny day! Enjoy!

mette said...

I keep saying OMG, OMG as I go down on your blog. What a tremendous amount of beautiful roses, flowers. You are a real pro on this field, as on so many others too. I don´t think anyone could possibly spend a dull moment in your company!!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Thank you all for popping by and taking the time to say such lovely things...I'd love to send you all a perfumed rose as a token of my appreciation.