Sunday, June 19, 2011

Whitewater Cooks...shrimp bisque!

Lovely daughter and I spent about an hour in the kitchen cooking the best ever shrimp bisque!
Rave reviews from everyone...
It's great for a lunch or a dinner party.

It's another winner from Whitewater Cooks.
I highly recommend their cookbooks...
if you love cooking and enjoy sharing meals with family and friends you will want to have these on your shelf.

I love what they say about the bisque...
Yes! we want to feel like we are in a Paris Bistro!

serves 6-8 as a starter

we ate it as our main 
served with a crusty baguette
smiles all round!

Prep bowls are great for recipes like this one

The Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry 
is leftover from the Christmas trifle


I love Le Creuset pots for soups and stews
they conduct such even heat and are oven proof
 (lifting them is a wee bit of weight training)

the clam juice has been added
and the aroma is making me feel giddy

I used my Braun hand blender to puree rather than the food processor
saves a bit of clean up 
be aware that it might splatter so wear your apron and be careful not to splash yourself

our lovely daughter
she agreed to have her photo taken and to be introduced
 on The Humble Bungalow Blog
Thanks honey!

I hope that you will let me know what you think if you try this amazing bisque.
I am so excited about it!
I can hardly wait to make it again...
it is the best bisque ever
I have sampled many many bisques over 56 years!


  1. That sounds yummy. Thanks for the tip about using the hand blender - I always forget about that little treasure.

  2. Your daughter is lovely indeed -- sounds like a great day together.

  3. Hello:
    One of our all time favourite soups. Absolute luxury, pure heaven. And to have it as a main course with plenty of crusty French bread sounds absolutely perfect for a summer supper.

  4. I always think that's such an indulgent soup , I agree with the Hattatts, it's absolute luxury.
    Your daughter looks fo familiar to me, she would fit in well round these parts.

  5. Oh, so! I haven't gone all home boy.

  6. Your daughter is lovely and the soup looks amazing. I may try it next weekend.

  7. Your daughter is very pretty! Looks like a lovely meal al fresco!

  8. One of my favourite soups deliiice,what a stunning girl your daughter is great way to spend time together.Ida

  9. Nom. And hello Lovely Daughter! Quite lovely indeed!

  10. What a beauty your daughter is! And so photogenic.

    Shrimp bisque is one of my favorite soups....when the weather cools off a bit (it's going to be in the mid 90's today and 100 tomorrow), I'll give it a go!

  11. I've never tried shrimp bisque, and yours sounds wonderful.
    Your daughter looks so much like you, and I'm sure she enjoys your blog too.

    I just returned from China, where Blogspot amongst other websites is blocked. I couldn't even access my own blog.
    Just as well, since I had no time to blog anyway! lol

  12. Absolutely gorgeous... the bisque and DD!

  13. Just the reading the list of ingredients makes me hungry. I love sherry with seafood, and the color of the finished soup is so beautiful.

  14. The food sounds fine, but I came over to admire your lovely daughter!
    Such a fresh looking young lovely woman!!!