Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grammy Talk!

I am feeling content...
our calender is full,
and work is winding down for the summer.
I have waged war on the weeds in the garden...
and I think I just might have the upper hand
(quite possibly an illusion!)

I have moaned and I have cocooned
and I have soaked in the lavender scented soapy suds of the claw foot tub.
Indulged in sleeping long and late...
and have generally given in to the "old bones"

There is a frenzy of activity in the Library, days pass in a blur.
I wonder where the year has gone...
prepare and be ready!

June is full of activity both at home, at work and on the boat.

Our darling granddaughter, Isla is celebrating her first birthday!
(12 days later her mom will celebrate as well)
Mother turned 84 last week...
June is a busy birthday month in our clan.

I have not posted pictures of Isla on the blog out of respect for her privacy.
So you'll have to take it from me that she is lovely beyond measure.
She is petite with fair skin, eyes of blue, and her hair is red!

She is standing on her own,
exploring her surroundings
she says MOM MOM
keeps herself entertained with toys and loves books!

When she giggles I feel that all is right in the world!

I had a fun afternoon with her this week
we sat on the deck and played in the sun.

Watching her play
is such a gift.

She loves my bangles!

she loves to put things into and out of containers
math and spatial experiences

I sense that she is very bright as she picks up on new things so fast.
I am her Grammy so I might be a wee bit biased!

She has weekly play dates...
social skills learned at a young age are of major importance
as children learn so much in such a short time

this year has flown by
and she has gone from a small swaddled bundle
to an active mobile toddler 
with a unique personality
that is developing before our very eyes.

I have the gifts wrapped and ready
there will be cupcakes and cuddles
with family and friends

Can life be richer or more appreciated?
I feel like a sponge
I am savoring all the goodness



  1. awww a baby's foot is alwys so cute and squishy!

  2. Hello:
    What fun to have a small baby to take care of, play with and enjoy without, of course, any of the ultimate responsibility. Isla must be a great joy to you and will, we are sure, continue to be so for years to come.

    We imagine that before too long now you will start the summer break away from the library. Do you have plans for a holiday?

  3. These pictures are adorable...the wee, little feet with their rounded toes...I am sure the the rest of her is lovely beyond belief. Enjoy, enjoy.

  4. What a wonderful post. She is indeed precious and I'm certain that she is quite bright...takes after her Grandma!

  5. Grandchildren - pure pleasure. Just this morning I received a new batch of photos (I find I need at least one a day) of my two far away in Kingston.
    Enjoy that sweet little one - you're so lucky to be withing hugging distance!

  6. I adore her pudgy toes & fingers want to kiss them all,'one little piggy went to market' sorry getting emotional,do you do that with Isla,s toes?

    Happy Birthday Isla,red heads are special little people. Ida xxx

  7. Thank you for sharing those little baby toes:).

  8. ohh, I can just smell that baby sweetness! I wait patiently for the news that my little sweet one will soon be a reality. No pressure to my son and daughter-in-law, lol! Happy Birthday Isla with your precious baby feet.

  9. Thx for your lovely post. I appreciate the fact that you respect Isla´s and her parent´s privacy, although I am sure that you would love to show her to us!
    Sometimes I feel that showing even my belongings, is not quite ok.
    To draw the line is sometimes difficult.

  10. Nice to hear you are feeling so happy!

  11. Even without seeing little Isla's face I can tell she is a real sweetie who no doubt is loved to bits. Having children around is a cherished blessing.
    Lovely post today Hostess.

  12. Hostess,

    Such precious little toes and fingers....I am glad to hear you are feeling so full of joy.

  13. Hello!
    Isla was such a great birthday girl...she smiled and entertained us...opened the gifts...played wit the toys.
    She loved her chocolate cupcake and icing!

    We have digital images...Iphone and camera movies...and keep watching them over and over again.

    Hope that your weekend was sweet...

  14. darling toes and fingers -- shocking how quickly they lose the pudge -- our little girl, 18 months older than Isla, has long slim limbs, at the moment at least. So rapidly they leave babyhood behind -- you're wise to embrace it while you can. Enjoy!

  15. materfamilias- I cannot believe a year has already flown by. Nola has changed so much too. It is so nice that you and pater get to see her often. What a wise choice that you have kept your place in Vancouver as well as your island home.