Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kate Spade quotes...and snippets of Seattle

I found this card inside my new Kate Spade bag...

love this shade of green

For the record
 we used to have a blue Fiat Sport Spider convertible 
and it was a fun car...
I rarely drove it as I needed to sit on top of two pillows 
to see over the steering wheel and to stretch to reach the pedals...
Italians are obviously tall or at least a good bit taller than me!

it was a persnickety car
a lot of money went to the mechanic to keep it running!
Fix It Again Tony!

Seattle buys continued...

Brown and white striped linen trousers
wider legs cool for summer
Jones of NY
purchased at Macy's

I have seen a lot of stripes appearing in the fashion mags and in stores.
I like the stripes as they are vertical, they given the illusion of height
I can just imagine if they were horizontal...
I do not need to look wider than I already am!

 I remembered that I have a perfect partner in my jewelry chest back home
Debra K woven brown and burnished sterling necklace.

I want to wear these soon
I plan to team them up with a simple white tank and a sweater or a white shirt worn as a jacket

these crystals might work too
what do you think?

Exploring the shops near Pike Place Market we found ourselves in Sur la Table
their selection of cooking gadgets and gear was overwhelming
decisions are difficult when too many choices are available.

I was tempted to buy the pasta roller for my Kitchen Aid
but they were out of stock.

I found some basic napkins
I can always use more
as we use only cloth 
avoiding the toss away paper ones in an attempt to be more mindful
and Green.

and they were on sale...

So that about sums up the shopping 
I hope that I have not bored you to bits!

Dining downtown was varied and never once did we need a reservation
which as spontaneous tourists we really appreciated
I managed to eat only half of every serving 
as I found the portions large.

I have been very inspired by some of the unusual salads
and plan to recreate them here in The Humble Bungalow.

When we got thirsty we rehydrated 
at Starbucks
the first Starbucks in Pike Place had a line up out the door
 cameras were snapping madly capturing the images
of smiling tourists
in front of the sign
there is a Starbucks on every corner in Seattle!

Please stay tuned there's one more....


  1. Love that Kate Spade green - and the quote - next trip Italy??!! Gorgeous new pants/trousers am sure you will use them such a lot over the Summer .... x

  2. Ha ha! A former (long time ago) boss of mine used to have a Fiat. She said, "you know what 'FIAT' stands for don't you? Fix It Again, Tommy!"

    Love those pants; they will be great for summer wear, and they look great with both necklaces.

  3. i love the way kate spade puts those little note cards in the bags and sew little sayings in the clothing. i think it's a great marketing tool. i think the crystals look great with the outfit you bought too. love the linen stripes!

    have a happy 4th.


  4. I dream of the same things Kate S. does!

    Those pants are great for summer - wish I could find some like that in my length. They look super comfortable.

    I had an Alfa and it was very roomy for my tall stature. I can see that a petite woman like you would need a couple of pillows.

    Have a great weekend! Happy Canada day! xo, A

  5. my husband and i registered at sur la table and bed bath and beyond for our wedding

    sur la table is amazing!

  6. Thanks for the note about cloth napkins. That really struck a chord with me and I've added cloth napkins to my wish list. Thank you.