Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seattle weekend....

We had a marvelous time!

We arrived before the hotel's check in time 
so we had the Mayflower Park store our bags and we went shopping!
(More about that in the next post!)

The weather was quite lovely, warm and sunny.
Seattle can be cool and rainy but she performed beyond our expectations 
as did our accommodations.

We were delighted with the suite
and the Love Thy Canadian Neighbour Package included breakfast and valet parking!
The service and the staff are amazing and we feel very spoiled...
I suppose that is why we keep returning to our 
"home away from home"

Oliver's is the lounge in the Mayflower and we enjoyed a cocktail
Mr. HB had an Oliverita which is like a marguerita
and I sipped a French 75
(the bartender filled the glass so full!)

We walked for many hours every day taking in the sights and sounds of downtown.
Seattle is such a pretty city located by the ocean and the snow capped mountains beyond
the people are friendly
the streets are green
  so many great spots to stop for coffee
cafes and restaurants galore
lots to see and do...

looking up at the canopy of trees

people were out and about enjoying the fresh air

a giant game of chess was being played in the square!

Open spaces and greenery
people friendly spaces...

We watched children as they ran through this water feature
giggling and laughing as the water poured all around them

Pike Place Market
and more...
in my next post.

Thank you for the many anniversary wishes...
officially our 37th is not until July 20th
I suppose we will be celebrating for a few more weeks!

I have been away from my computer for a few days
now need to catch up on my blog reading...


  1. Seems like you had a fine old time! I'll have to go look up your drink to read what's in it.
    Oh valet parking - I wish that would take on in Britain, we always get so excited by it, it removes so much stress.

  2. What a fantastic hotel! So roomy and luxurious. I'll have to remember the Mayflower the next time I'm in Seattle. Happy to hear the weather cooperated.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your trip!
    xo, A

  3. Hello:
    It is wonderful to have somewhere, such as for you Seattle, to which you can return time and time again and feel almost a sense of belonging. We too rather like getting to know one place really well rather than always going somewhere new and different.

    For years, when in England, we would spend weekends at Lyme Regis, a small seaside town on the South Coast.

  4. Remind me to travel with you from now on!

  5. Hostess I am so nosey what delights are in the chic grey bags??
    Like you I enjoy staying at a hotel which is almost as good as home.Ida

  6. Happy Anniversary, L!

    What a lovely weekend.

    SSG xxx

  7. What a great way to celebrate! I've never stayed over in Seattle - perhaps it's time!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I am glad you enjoyed your Seattle weekend.