Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recipe for Pepper Delight

                                           Pepper Delight
One cardboard box
 one stuffed mouse
 one small Pepper
 one wool carpet

the "Hunt" is on...
fierce jungle behaviour ensues

swift movements
dexterity of paws
result in 
the capture

one tired victor
one mouse defeated

These cat and mouse games continued for hours
on and off
between short cat naps
 until she crashed
beside me on the couch!

I remember many days when my babies would play at my feet on the kitchen floor 
wooden spoons
pots and pans
tupperware containers

the floor was littered with kitchenalia

exploration ensued
small things put into larger things
larger things were pushed into smaller things
they didn't fit

spoons and pots became a drum set
first noise...
then a rythmn
 and music is born

such sweet memories
 observing their learnng 
of space relations
and math skills

I had no idea back then what I was facilitating
it just felt right

we were all in the kitchen together "working"
I was able to keep them safe and snug
I was snooper-vising

just as I am today
Pepper is darting about the kitchen
mouse is running for her life
Pepper is in hot pusuit!

Hugs from the Hostess

Purrfectly happy Pepper
Chirruping from here!


  1. There is nothing as entertaining or cute as a kitten on the prowl. They are so playful that they can wear you out! (-: Enjoy

  2. I miss watching the joy of a cat with a box. Really, they are so happy with a box or a bag or some other non-bought toy.;-) Pepper is adorable!

  3. Pepper has really striking markings. I'm sure she has already brought a lot of laughter into your life.

  4. Your happiness makes me happy : )!

  5. Your little Pepper is very cute!

    My son loves playing with all the kitchen stuff when I am cooking, cleaning etc.

  6. She is BEYOUTIFUL!!! I adore the kitten time - enjoy every joyful minute. Like kids they get big so fast...

  7. LPC-She feel like a new baby too! Great cuddles.

    LaVieQuotidienne- I am having a divine time, she is such a character!

    LaBelletteRouge- I am thinking of all the items I normally recycle and wondering if they'd make a great cat toy...and I agree she is adorable.

    The Duchessof H- Pepper does make me smile...pets are such great company.

    metscan-Happy that Pepper has spread some joy!

    Suburban princess- Kids, pets and guests all seem to want to congregate in the kitchen...It's such a precious time when your children are small...I often wish I could go back...enjoy!

  8. MissKitty-Cat- Welcome! Your bee focus jewelry finds are splendid, I saw Faux Fuchsia's bee brooch on her blog and thought how
    "bee-autiful" ...
    I will be taking lots of photos to record her along the way...and hope not to bore everyone too much!

  9. Kitchen-alia, great term! And what wonderful hours of satisfying play could be enjoyed for no extra funds. . . We hauled the same things out for Nola last year, as you probably are now for young Isla.

  10. She is so lovely - no wonder you are captivated Hostess... particularly love the second photo. And what lovely markings she has. Remember very well playing pots and pans with my daughter when she was little too. Happy days. x

  11. What a delightful post!! Cats do love a box to play in ;) Thanks for sharing your kitten joy, she is a beauty.

  12. materfamilias- I have gathered together some toys and books for Isla, the pram has been used and am looking forward with eager anticipation for a chance to babysit!

    Semi Expat- I hope that I do not become a boring blogger...Pepper has become a major focus!

    Northmoon- Our 18 year old cat was quite sedentary so I had forgotten how much kittens like to play and explore!

  13. You can never have too many cat photos on a blog in my opinion. I love the first one - you can tell she's all tensed ready to go nuts. What a sweet and fun girl Pepper is.

  14. Fiona- I must break away fom the pepper maddness!
    I might need an intervention!

  15. I love that sweet little face! And "Pepper" seems to fit her very well.

  16. What an adorable, alive little cat-person! Tabbys are my favourite. Best wishes to all of you.


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