Friday, October 22, 2010

T.G.I.F. and a few random snippets...

 I am so looking forward to some R and R this about you?

I hope to sleep late, read, and go for some walks...the weather has been very mild and is so conducive for strolling.
The leaves are warm shades of seasonal autumnal colours and the air is cool and crisp.

A "much younger" co worker showed me this video
and it made me smile...maybe you'll like it too.

I follow Deja Pseu's blog and this morning she posted a how to tutorial on scarf tying...
watch it here

and one last snippet...

a hostess gift 
I received this from a friend who recently dined here in the Bungalow

 a felted bar of soap
so pretty
I am not ready to use this just yet

I wonder where creative minds get their ideas
I never would have thought of this!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Hi,

    Here I hope to spend the weekend in the garden...that's if it doesn't rain. Amazingly it has been raining here all week. Thank you for the fun video on scarf tying, something I can always use help with!

  2. Hope your weekend is filled with creativity, beauty and wonder.xo

  3. Thanks for the link, hostess! The "wrinkled ladies" video is a hoot!

  4. hi leslie,

    a lot of cooking/baking and RElaxing.


  5. Hostess love your dried seed heads,have some in my inglenook.
    Tomorrow we are going to prune our white rose that grows up the front of our house 15ft high!
    We live near & visit often David Austin's nursery,as I note you love his roses.

  6. A beautiful gift of soap and washcloth Hostess. So useful and pretty all at once.
    Today I'm travelling to the beach for a girls weekend away. Lots of laughing, sharing, eating, chocolate and champagne!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. LPC- There is a bar of soap inside a felted cover and you just add water and lather...we'll see how long it performs and when the soap shrinks what the felted cover does!

    LaVieQuotidienne-Raining? I hope the sun shines down on your patch...we have had fog but not much is forecast for the weekend though.

    LaBeletteRouge- I hope so too...those sound like great things to ook for.

    DejaPseu- I love this version too!

    Janet- I'll bet the baking involves apples from your recent orchard visit!

    ida-Welcome to the Humble Bungalow ida.. I love inglenooks...and would like to see a photo of your rose bush before pruning!
    You are so fortunate to be close to the David Austin rose nursery...if I lived close I'd go browsing and take my you have a blog?

    Anne-Marie-Girls weekends are such fun...if your friends are like mine when we get together we all start talking and it's hard to get a word in sometimes. Enjoy yourself at the beach.

  8. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    first: you do have creative ideas: look at your blog, look at your bungalow!
    second: what does R& R mean (I make a wild guess: Rest and Read?) And what means T.G.I.F.?
    I love new expressions - just learned TTFN - so tell me!
    TTFN Britta

  9. Britta- I am not very creative in the craft arena...
    I find gardening and cooking much conducive to create as they are so forgiving if one makes a mistake!
    Thank you for your positive feedback, I do appreciate the comments.

    R and R is rest and relaxation, "read" would work well here too!
    T.G.I.F. means Thank God it's Friday!

  10. I have just found your lovely blog via metscan and find we have lots of shared pleasures like Austin roses which I have posted about. I look forward to following. belinda x

  11. what a cool hostess gift - thanks for sharing!

  12. Hostess I have no blog as yet,& though I have loads of photos have no idea how to download I must try & learn how to!!!!!
    Today in the Welsh Marches it is raining so hope to prune tomorrow....Hope you are having a restful w/e.
    Ida x

  13. Hostess I have no blog so far,& have no idea how to download photos!! must make time to find out.
    It is raining in the Welsh Marches so no pruning today.
    Have a happy restful w/e.
    Ida x

  14. Belinda- Your blog is lovely. and I went back quite far and see the beautiful arrangements that you make...I m following you now...and your patch of England looks like it has leap out of Country Living UK!
    (my fave magazine)

    ida-I was surprised at how easy getting a blog up and running was through Blogger. A rainy day is often a gift...time for a pot of tea and a good read!

  15. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I worked yesterday so mine is just one day but it is very relaxing catching up on blogs etc. Thanks for your comment Hostess, and yes maybe it is time for you to get a Bungalow cat again - am sure Stickley would approve. X

  16. Semi Expat- My weekend is a very lazy one...I am blog reading in bed!
    I think I have found a kitten! If all goes according to plan you'll get to meet her soon!