Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what I wore...

 India Hicks reed diffuser
creamy and dreamy

leggings, flats 

pearls and camel tunic top
by Soyaconcepts

this easy to wear pair 
have been getting lots of play
the paring down of my wardrobe has resulted in getting dressed faster
seeing exactly what I have 
the clothes are not scrunched too close so wrinkling is at a minimum
I've put them in colour groupings too
and dressy basics are in a separate area of my closet
It is very theraputic to go through ones clothing and edit

 I have been having lots of fun adding accessories
dressing should be fun and allow for a personal touch

2 tone gold and diamond pearl enhancer
a gift from my husband

I wore these to the weekend matinee performance of the Odd Couple the Female Version...
such a comedic feel good play
mother and I laughed often and loud
as did the rest of the audience

laughter is such good medicine
if you enjoy humour
and wit
please go and visit Blighty!
she's on holiday at the moment 
so read some of her former posts...
I always leave her blog smiling
and often laugh out loud 

Care to share any spectacular blogs?


  1. Well...you must have looked quite elegant. Your pearls are so beautiful. I need to get some tunic tops to wear with leggings; I really like the look. (-:

  2. The pearls are also creamy and dreamy!! Love the richness of that cream and next to the gold it is even richer. Luxe!!!xoxo

  3. Love the pearls with the camel, it's a luscious combination!

  4. I'm trying to pare down my wardrobe, as well, and you are so right - it really does making getting dressed in the morning so much easier! Now I just need to boost my accessories wardrobe...karin

  5. hi leslie,

    i've really been working on my tiny closet and it is so interesting that ones style can really be defined by the decluttering. i think you read all the same great blogs that i do so i can't really recommend any new ones.


  6. Beautiful pearls - and the enhancer seems to be so 'you' :).

  7. Glad to hear that you have done some cluttering. Decluttering is an endless project!

  8. Lovely Hostess...classic and beautiful. I am amazed by that last shot and wonder how you managed that one. Well done!

    Jeanne :)

  9. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    these pearls are beautiful! Reducing the wardrobe is a help - but then, I found, it's nice to buy a few things and fill up again :-) I love change - of seasons, of towns, of dress and so on - it's so adventurous!

  10. Dear Hostess, I was reading your blog and enjoying it very much, I love your pearl "enhancer" what a genius idea, did not know these existed, and then you mentioned me! Wow! What a shock! I am thrilled, really am, thank you so much! xx

  11. I go into the Crabtree & Evelyn store whenever I pass it, just to visit the glorious India Hicks range and put on some handcream. Maybe one day I'll be as lucky as you and have one in my own home!

    Love your oval-shaped pearls, and the pearl-enhancer too. So chic with the camel top.

  12. You are so lucky to have the colouring to combine pearls with camel. An enhancer will abrade pearls if worn often, but like chains (another abrader), I like the look so much!

  13. Am in love with the pearl enhancer (don't you have a lovely hubby).
    Maybe I would wear my pearls more often if I owned a little beauty like her.
    Loving your style Hostess.

  14. LaVieQuotidienne-Tunic tops and leggings are so easy to wear...I am loving them.

    LaBeletteRouge- I think pearls go with evrything....:)

    DejaPseu-I know that your recent ensembles have been stunning!

    Karin @lifeinsmallchunks- I am going to come over and visit your blog!

    Janet- I wonder how small our wardrobes could get...if you and i back packed what would we pack?

    LPC-How astute of you to notice :)

    metscan- I am always decluttering...my house doesn't show that well...my mother and sister are always saying that I am ruthless!

    Jeanne- I focused on the pearls and looked down!

    Britta- Have fun shopping and please show us what you have found!

    Blighty- Oh the pleasure is all mine...hope that you are having some fun with the boys!

    Fiona- Your home is where your heart is....it could be anywhere, and you do not need to own it outright...just put your stamp on it...and I know that you do.

    Duchesse- I had not considered that the enhancer could mar my pearls...if fits very snuggly on one of the silk knots and I am taking notes here...thank you.

    Anne-Marie-My husband is very generous....we both contribute equally to our marriage....my contributions are not much in the monetary area though...more like cooking and homekeeping:)

  15. Looking good hostess - love the pearls and your ballets - so cute! And so agree - Blighty always makes me smile! x

  16. Lately I've been thinking how I need pearls. So classic, chic, elegant, easy. I really like your comment about paring down actually makes it easier to get dressed up. So true and something I need to work on.

  17. Semi Expat- Merci! I am wearing pearls today but a short simple strand...been loving the way they look lately.

    Cherie- If you pare down your wardrobe you might consign or sell some of your garments to finance a strand of pearls...metscan has been very successful at this...


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