Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am not good at being sick
in fact 
I am the most impatient patient
the Bungalow has ever seen.

When the flu or the common cold strike
 I don my nurses cap and gear up to practise medicine
the only way I know
in a holistic and natural way
employing organic and healthy tonics and salves
Nom Jim cough syrup
hot honey and lemon
chewable zinc with vitamin C
hot water bottles
cold cloths
and the best ammunition
the biggest gun in the west
homemade chicken soup.

Mr. HB is stoic and brave and complains very little when he is under the weather
(I'd like him to let me "baby" him)
before they left home
my children would be happy to lie in front of the TV snuggled under their puffy duvets 
and they allowed me to dote on them
in fact I think they thrived on it!

I would attend to their every whim
buy them treats
( they had to be genuinely ill, not faking it for a day off school)

I have been sneezing all day
my throat feels scratchy
and my nose feels full 
like a wad of cotton wool is hiding inside

On the way home I picked up some chicken bones
 for making soup and stock
I like the breasts and backs for this purpose
and in case you have never bought these they are a bargain
for the 3 packages that I bought.

Humble Bungalow 
Chicken Soup

In a large pot put bones in 6 cups water in to boil
add several diced peeled carrots and simmer for an hour
separate bones from stock

Saute 1-2 large diced onions in a knob of butter until soft

cool until you can work with the bones without burning your hands

add chicken stock to the onions

add the cooked carrots

debone and add the chicken bits to thje pot

stir and season

I use about 2 teaspoons of salt
and a tablespoon of Herbes de Provence
and a generous grind of fresh pepper

stir and bring to a boil

add 2 cups dry noodles

Stir and simmer 
until noodles are soft

adding more water if necessary
and get well soon!

I think tomorrow will be a PJ Day for me...
stay home all day, read my book, blogs, drink tea, sup soup and maybe catch a chick flick on TV.


  1. Dear Mme Hostess, I hope you feel better soon. My youngest had a sore tummy today (but actually I think she was probably a bit overcooked as well). I wish I had thought of chicken soup! If I am ill I quite like rewatching a period drama - maybe the Pride and Prejudice series where Colin Firth jumps into the lake...

  2. My He-weasel has a cold and he is miserable. I should make him some of your soup. I feel sure it has many medicinal qualities that the Progresso I bought him lacks.
    Hope you are feeling much better already. Take good care!

  3. You need to relax completely Hostess - although thank you for the wonderful chicken soup recipe and I hope you feel much better soon... Keep warm! x

  4. Get well soon. That soup looks wonderful- you know my views on chicken soup- essential if you are poorly xx

  5. It'd almost be worth a cold to get some of that chicken soup!

  6. Dear Hostess, I am so sorry to read that you are under the weather. You must rest completely and yes, I totally agree that a nutritious broth such as your chicken soup, is the perfect way to fight off the infection. Keep warm and drink lots of fluids and give yourself the TLC that you are always giving to others!

  7. feel better leslie. when i'm down, i drink gallons of a vegetable broth that i make and it works wonders.


  8. Will you come take care of me? I've got a horrible cold and would like nothing more than to be tucked up in bed with my books and have someone bring me tea and toast. But alas, there is an 18 mo old in the house...no rest for the weary.

  9. Oh...you poor thing...there does seem to be something going around. The soup looks delicious. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Your chicken soup looks to be just the thing. Feel better soon!

  11. Linda in Chile- Colin Firth is my crush so yes I could use some Pride and Prejudice...I wondered if you have a blog that I could perchance visit?

    LaBelleteRouge-I think chicken stock is basic, Progresso or homemade...I hope that he gets better fast.

    Semi Expat- I am in bed under the down duvet...laptop and all!

    Faux Fuchsia-I am going to have another bowl for lunch.

    Rebecca-I'd make the soup in healthier times...

    Edith Hope- I am giving in and doing very little...and the sun is shining throught the slats of the wooden blinds...I am cozy under the down duvet...thank you for your sound advice.

    The Gardener's cottage- I think the secret here is lots of fluids...drown those germs!

    Genuine Lustre- I remember the days when my children were small and illness struck...and I had to press on...do take what time you can and rest up. I see by your blog that you lead a very interesting and busy life.

    LaVieQuotidienne-I think the soup is soothing and I will try to get better asap...thanks for your concern.

    DejaPseu-Thank you...I am feeling better already with all these comments!

  12. I hope you feel better soon. Your soup looks delicious!
    I do mine the lazy way, just putting a whole chicken, seasonings, onion,celery, and carrots in my crock pot. I later take out the chicken, let it cool down, and cut up the meat.
    It falls right off the bone.