Friday, October 15, 2010


Recently I had the opportunity to visit a wonderful museum at The University of British Columbia...
the Museum of Anthropology.

The building is exquisite.
I am in awe of it's beauty.
Words fail me here...
I will add images so that you can appreciate the amazing space that the architect has designed to house the collection.
The architect responsible is the late Arthur can read more about him here.

 in the parking lot we see the banners hung from the lamp standards

a water feature near the front entrance

I like the grey of the rough concrete wall
as a backdrop to this organic First Nations Totem

First Nations Boxes were made from one piece of wood.
The wood was heated until the it could be bent and fashioned into shape
carved and painted

Boxes inlaid with abalone shells
carved totem, figure, mural
 and a dugout canoe

The designs used by local tribes are recognized world wide
the art and skills are being passed down and work is currently available locally.

Floor to ceiling windows create the feeling of being outdoors
there is nothing about the building design that competes with what is on display.

I happen to be at the MOA with a partner in a local architectural firm...

someone who has the inside knowledge of structure, design, construction, and engineering
 who is rivited
 observing the intricate details that have been employed to erect such a world class structure...
he's asking me to take photographs
and I happily oblige
I think he's overwhelmed!


it is a vast and open space

carved wood posts and beams were used as an entry feature by the First Nations people in their architecture

the contemporary concrete and glass structure alludes to the carved wood posts and beams of the traditonal first peoples entry feature

I will be posting more from the MOA
stay tuned...


  1. Wow, those are incredible pictures! Next time we're in BC this is definitely a "must see." Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

  2. What a beautiful museum. I recently went to an ethnographical museum for the first time and it was fascinating. This architecture reminds me of Stonehenge. Wonderful

  3. Isn't this a great Erickson building? With the new reflecting pool and the renovations overall, it's even better than before (and it was already spectacular!) I posted on this a year or so ago, and meant to after a visit this summer but didn't get 'round to it. But we were inspired to buy memberships so we can pop in whenever we get a chance. I'm looking forward to more of your photos.

  4. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    thank you for these most impressive photographs! (They remind me a bit of the very modern Parliament of the Scots in Edinburgh). Anthropology is a very interesting study - in a very - well, let's call it entertaining form, not dealing with the subject itself, but with antropologists, Barbara Pym has a very fine view on people's behaviour. I think her books are underrated.

  5. DejaPseu- Do you travel to BC often?

    LaVieQuotidienne- It is very massive and organic so I can see the connection...I hope it stands as long as Stonhenge!

    materfamilias-I love and appreciate all of Erickson's buildings and was saddened when one of his smaller homes was destroyed on the North Shore even though there was an organized campaign to save it...sad indeed.

    Britta-Barbara Pym is an author who has escaped my radar...I will seek out and find some of her work. Thanks for the tip.

    LPC- It's so easy taking photographs of something that is already beautiful...from any angle it is pure delight.

  6. Thank you for showing all these beautiful pictures!

  7. metscan- I enjoyed your images of Helsinki as nice to travel vicariously through another bloggers eyes!

  8. These are sensational kind of place. I would love to stand by those totems!!

    Jeanne xx