Sunday, October 3, 2010

Escape from reality....and what I am taking...

My minimal weekender bag contains
my skincare and make up products,
a lint roller,
night gown,
2 artsy necklaces, statement pieces from Debbie Kay Designs
these pieces

black bathing suit for lap pool and hot tub
black leggings, 
black dark denim jeans
camel tunic top
ecru loose weave scarf
black bag
black flats
gold low heeled shoes
black Tee
white Tee
print top in shades of heather and grey
beige V neck knit jacket
with ruffled fabric detail

it's a casual getaway
hand holding 
time to relax 
with Mr. HB
add my black trench
an animal print scarf
and I am ready
it all fits into a "carry on" size suitcase

our hotel has robes and hair dryers so no need to pack those

Hermes is on the horizon
will be posting
stay tuned


  1. I wish my closet was filled with items that all go together. I'd have a heck of a time coming up with what you did. Have fun!

  2. A wonderful wardrobe for a wonderful time. Have a gorgeous trip!!

  3. Have a wonderful time and make sure you show us the new 'goodies' when you get home! Angie xo

  4. Oooh how lovely.. You have the perfect capsule wardrobe there Hostess... Can't wait to hear all about your Hermes experience... enjoy! x

  5. Love the sound of Hermes on the horizon. Enjoy!

  6. We could safely pack each others bags Hostess!

    Have a fabulous get-away and rest up.
    Retail therapy is allowed and a must.

  7. You have a sensible amount of clothes there. Where are you going and how long are you going to stay? So suddenly. Where ever, enjoy!

  8. Dear Hostess, I often travel light - it is so liberating and what you do not have, you have to live without. An impromptu time away - how perfect.Enjoy!

  9. If I was as stylish as you, that would be my getaway packing too. Have a lovely time.

  10. You need a treat. Is that your new bag?

  11. Daryl@Vermont Cottage- I choose neutrals because they are so easy to mix...and lots of black!

    La Belette Rouge-I am home now and we did have a great getaway.

    Angie@Echoesof Laughter-I have posted my goodies!

    Semi Expat and Blighty-Hermes is such a great place to shop and browse.

    Anne-Marie-It sounds like we have similar wardrobes!

    Metscan-We went to Vancouver and had planned this weekend away before our recent eldercare crisis..we are home now.

    Edith Hope- My clothing all worked well time though I will pack a pair of serious walking shoes...we were on foot many hours every day and my feet got sore.

    materfamilias-It was a great time to have some well needed R&R.

    Fiona-I am absolutely certain that you are stylish and more so than myself...and you Fiona are young and beautiful.

    Frugal scholar-This new-to-me bag was the $10 thrift shop bargain! A guilt free green purchase.